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25 New Year's Eve - from classic to funny

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How fast does the time go by - New Year's Eve is on! The last days of the year are an invitation to us to look back, to be grateful and to show this to loved ones by taking time for them and for ourselves. And with our New Year's Eve sayings, you can send a little message to loved ones and relatives who are further away. The New Year's Eve is from our own spring and are certainly not known to your loved ones yet.

Many of the New Year greetings and wishes can also be downloaded as an image file and sent to friends via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

In the first part you will find classic New Year's Eve and in the second part funny, funny and short New Year's Eve greetings. A small but growing selection of business slogans at the turn of the year can be found at the end of the article.

Classic New Year's Eve Sayings

The 3 basic principles
Survive! Laugh! Love! Keep this recipe!
Make the New Year your feast,
that lets you enjoy life!

Good luck in the new year
The new year should bring you good luck!
Your heart should sing happily!

Only the best for you!
The corks pop, the rockets echo,
the old year is saying goodbye.
I wish for the new only the best for you!

When the year tilts
The year is almost over,
on New Year's Eve we come to rest,
the past year it brought suffering and joy,
too much work, too little time with dear people,
we'll get together: more laughter, more love,
talk more, live more, have more peace among themselves,
from today!

The magic of the new beginning
Everything has an end,
Every New Year's Eve holds a turnaround,
a magic of a new beginning,
let it be,
start tomorrow!

Pure motivation
Start the new year with courage,
it will be fine.

Perseverance is rewarded
Start the new year with power,
experience it with passion,
bring it to an end with perseverance,
so you have done much good.

Quotes and interpretations

There are already all good intentions, we just need to apply them. (Blaise Pascal)

Free to Blaise Pascal: What should I use intentions, if I could protect myself from such life pressure!

New Year's Eve is like a reboot, only crass!

Funny and cheerful sayings

WhatsApp Greetings
Many New Year greetings come with this WhatsApp:
Stay healthy! Love! Laugh! Have fun in the new year!
See you soon in Real Life, that's for sure!

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris can make a one-hour New Year's Eve firework with a single match and a stone - underwater.

Chuck Norris has no good intentions. He is the good intent of others.

The old year
The old year is gone,
Let me tell you something else: Happy New Year!
Let the corks pop, the glasses sound,
and sing together next New Year's Eve!

Everyone has a reason to celebrate
Are you young and single,
Remember, your beauty does not go away.
But alcohol does not last forever!
Are you happy,
you can experience the intoxication together!
Do you anchor in the marina,
364 days belong to the Braven,
Tomorrow you can sleep in your pleasure rush!

We start
Kisses, blasts and sparkling wine,
are what everyone tastes today.
So we start together,
to what no one can take us.
The new year is coming!
Now let it in, it's only yours!

New Year's Eve greetings

With these New Year's greetings you are always right with your business partners. Classic, elegant and neutral, you welcome companies in the new year.

We thank you for the successful cooperation and wish you and your family a great joy, health and success in the new year.

At the turn of the year, we wish you quiet days for a look inwards and forwards. We look forward to a successful cooperation and wish you all the best for the new financial year.

Dear business partner! We would like to thank you for the excellent cooperation and wish you a lot of health in the new year, the right feeling in the company and good luck.

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