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Make a farewell gift for a colleague - 4 DIY ideas

  • Tinker farewell gift
    • DIY idea 1 | Framed saying
    • DIY idea 2 | Emotional photo album
    • DIY idea 3 | Alternative bouquet
    • DIY idea 4 | say thank you
    • Print templates "Thank you"

An esteemed colleague at work or in a club leaves the company or the club and you want to make her a nice, as individual as possible gift to say goodbye ">

Tinker farewell gift

In principle, of course, there is the option to buy a great farewell gift for the work or club colleague. However, in such finished presents by far not so much love, commitment and individuality as in a homemade gift . For this reason, we advise you to lend a hand for the farewell gift - especially since the implementation of our instructions is really fun. Choose your favorite one out of the following four DIY ideas and start playing!

DIY idea 1 | Framed saying

A picture is worth a thousand words? That's true in many cases. With the first of our DIY ideas you turn words into a picture - and a picture into words. It is important to choose a spell that suits your colleague (and best of all you too) and always reminds you to be with and interact with you.

You need this:

  • Picture Frame
  • Construction paper or possibly cardboard
  • Fineliners
  • colored pencils
  • saying

Tips on the material list:

  • The size of the picture frame is up to you - but to be neither over nor understudy, a 10 x 15 model is ideal
  • the length and width of the cardboard should match the dimensions of the picture frame

Here are a few inspirations for potential sayings:

  • "How happy I am to have someone who makes it so hard to say 'goodbye'." (Winnie the Pooh)
  • "Do not cry because it's over, but smile because it was beautiful." (Proverb)
  • "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." (Confucius)

Logically, you can also use any other spell.

How to proceed:

Step 1: Pick up a piece of construction paper of your choice, paint it with a decorative motif, or paint the front of the cardboard with colored pencils. The color (s) you choose to taste.

Step 2: Write your favorite saying in a beautiful, preferably somewhat ornate script on the cardboard so that it fills it in an appealing way (like in our picture). For this purpose, a Fineliner is optimally suited in your desired color.

Tip: Make sure that the color of the fineliners stands out well from the background. You can decorate the card in addition, if you want.

3rd step: Cut out your written saying with motive with scissors.

Open the picture frame, take out the sample picture and then insert the painted cardboard with the saying.

Step 4: Close the frame again. Finished!

DIY idea 2 | Emotional photo album

Our second DIY idea for a fine farewell gift requires that you have taken or received some photos related to her and the company (or association) during the years spent with her colleague. Ask other colleagues if they have pictures.

Note: Not only shots of your colleague can be considered, but also general photos of the company or club as well as the employee / teammate etc. are perfect. An emotional and fully designed photo album is wonderful as a farewell gift of the entire team.

You need this:

  • Photo album
  • photos


  • Do not opt ​​for an album to stick, but one for gluing, in addition still adhesive pads are required
  • If you do not want to speak the photos for yourself, but also want to include a few words or different sayings, you also need a pen (fineliner or pen)

How to proceed:

Step 1: At the beginning, think about a suitable order of the photos and put the pictures in such a way that you just have to insert them in the next step.

Step 2: Insert or paste the photos into the album in order.

Step 3: Finally write the supplementary lines / sayings to the respective pictures - if you want. Finished!

DIY idea 3 | Alternative bouquet

Real flowers are really wonderful - but the obligatory bouquet of flowers is definitely not a very creative farewell gift . And apart from that, he implies the next farewell right from the start, because it does not take too long for the flowers to wither. Much more suitable is therefore an alternative bouquet of flowers - for example made of paper.

You need this:

  • colorful craft paper or construction paper
  • Wooden handles or shashlik sticks
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • pencil
  • Flower wire or copper wire
  • possibly a flat-nose pliers (turn each other into a wire)
  • possibly Falzbein (for tightening the folds)

How to proceed:

Note: We'll explain how to create a paper flower. To make a larger bouquet as a farewell gift, simply fold several flowers according to this principle, ideally in many colorful shades to create a colorful bouquet.

Step 1: First conjure the flower of your flower. Cut a rectangle about 8 x 4 cm out of colored craft paper. Use ruler and pencil as a tool to draw the measurements on the paper.

Lay the rectangle horizontally in front of you.

Fold the bottom edge to the top.

Pull the folded edge with your finger.

Open the paper again. Fold the lower left corner to the centerline.

Fold the three remaining corners to the centerline.

Fold the bottom edge to the centerline.

Fold the top edge to the centerline.

Fold the lower half over the upper one.

Repeat the previous steps with two more rectangles of the same size.

Lay the three elements together - each with the "open side" facing up. Cut a piece of wire. Bend the piece of wire in the middle.

Put the wire over the folded strips of paper from the top. Make sure that the wire is exactly in the middle. Twist the wire under the paper elements. Use a pair of flat-nose pliers to make it easier to turn the flower wire or copper wire into each other.

Open the first petal by inserting your thumb from the top and pressing it with your index finger from the bottom.

Repeat the procedure with the other five petals.

Correct the total of six petals (if necessary). They should all have the same shape as possible.

Step 2: Glue a wooden handle to the flower with a swab craft glue. If you have used slightly thicker wire, you can also twist the wire ends further into each other and so give the flowers in a vase. Finished!

Tip: Once you have finished all the paper flowers for your alternative bouquet, just put them together in a bundle and fix it with a piece of flower wire. Use a color that picks up either the flowers of the bouquet or the stems.

DIY idea 4 | say thank you

In our fourth tutorial, the DIY part is to individually refine a purchased present. You say creative, thank you 'to your colleague with delicious' Merci' chocolate treats containing your messages. This is a farewell gift that you are always right with.

You need this:

  • Box of Merci
  • paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • Fineliners
  • tesa tape

How to proceed:

Step 1: Cut out as many small rectangles from white or colored paper as your chosen Merci pack contains chocolate tokens. A good measure of the small rectangles are 4 x 6 inches. You can also set your own custom rectangle size.

Tip: The paper pieces should each be half as long as the chocolate tokens and more or less fill their width. If necessary, work with ruler and pencil.

Print templates "Thank you"

You can also use our print templates and label them with features that you particularly appreciate about your colleague. The wide stripes in the print templates, in the color orange, serve as a small labeling field, in the pattern templates.

Free Download: Artwork | Make a farewell gift for a colleague

In our article "Basteln zum Vatertag | Proverbs and Poems for Dad + Templates "you will find the detailed guide to Merci Candy Box Decorating!

Step 2: Label the rectangles with all the things you want to say thank you to your colleague - according to the scheme "... for great collaboration", "for your engagement" and so on.

Step 3: Glue the labeled paper rectangles onto the chocolate bars with Tesa tape.

Note: One rectangle per bar!

Step 4: Sort the chocolate tokens back into the pack.
Step 5: Close the pack and fix it with tape. Finished!

Tip: You can also customize the pack if you want. To give the result when farewell gift tinker a more personal touch.

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