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Tie Advent Wreath - Instructions step by step

  • Make Advent wreath itself
    • Materials: classic Advent wreath
    • Tie the Advent wreath properly
    • Fix candles on the wreath
    • Festively decorate the Advent wreath
  • Make modern Advent wreath itself

In the Christmas-decorated home, an Advent wreath must not be missing traditionally. His sight increases the anticipation of Christmas Eve and immerses every single one of the four Sundays before the presentation in atmospheric, romantic candlelight - a wonderful symbol of the most contemplative time of the year. With the necessary will, a little sense of creativity and the right materials, you will be able to bind your Advent wreath yourself. We will show you step by step how to master this magical task perfectly!

The idea is tempting: Just walk into the next supermarket, drive to the furniture store or stop by the florist around the corner and buy a ready-made and decorated Advent wreath. However, if you think a little more carefully, two drawbacks of this seemingly comfortable variant will quickly become apparent: For larger wreaths, you are happy to put down 20 to 30 euros. In addition, one sees many versions of their mechanical, impersonal production - apart from the fact that the designs sometimes do not meet their own wishes.

The worthwhile alternative in many ways: tie and decorate the Advent wreath itself. So you can adapt the traditional element of the pre-Christmas period completely to the individual ideas, work creatively and often even save money. First of all, we present you a basic, logical guide that helps you to create a classic Advent wreath on your own. Then you will receive one or the other additional inspiration for concrete designs - such as Nordic-fresh and modern. By the way: To bind and decorate an Advent wreath itself is easier than most people think. In this sense: Let's go!

The crafting of an individual Advent wreath is the ideal pastime for long, gloomy autumn evenings. However, there are some questions associated with creation: which branches are best suited ">

Make Advent wreath itself

Materials: classic Advent wreath

The following materials and tools are needed to create a classic Advent wreath:

  • Blank of straw, polystyrene or willow branches
  • possibly green crepe paper
  • green flower wire
  • tongs
  • secateurs
  • possibly hot glue gun
  • Pine, spruce and / or fir branches
  • possibly false cypress, thuja, juniper or boxwood, holly, ivy twigs
  • 4 candle plates
  • 4 candles
  • Decoration elements (eg ribbon, orange slices, cinnamon sticks etc.)

Which branches are best suited? Conifers such as pine, spruce or fir are especially recommended for the self-made Advent wreath. It should be noted that these branches lose their needles after some time. If the branches were not fresh when collecting, this process is likely to start very early.

Thuja branches

Therefore, it is advisable to consider good supplements or alternatives in the form of cypresses like the cypress, thuja or juniper. Although these branches also dry out over time, they do not need to be needled.

Furthermore, evergreen deciduous trees are suitable materials for making an Advent wreath. The evergreens include, for example, book, holly and ivy.

Incidentally, a combination of different coniferous and deciduous trees looks particularly lively and fresh. Why ">

Tip: To extend the life of the Advent wreath, you can give it a small amount of water from the spray bottle every day.

Tie the Advent wreath properly

Styrofoam ring

If you are using a bright Styrofoam blank, you should wrap it with green crepe paper beforehand. This will prevent the blank from showing through the dark branches later. In a blank made of straw or willow twigs, this show through is far less dramatic, or not at all dramatic: The natural fibers may remain partially invisible - as a rule they flow into the overall look in a successful way. In short, you need green crepe paper for a styrofoam blank, but not for a straw or willow blank.

Depending on how big the Christmas wreath is, cut the branches with the secateurs to a length of about 15 to 20 centimeters. Then place the cut branches in bundles on the blank. Fix the branches two to three times with green flower wire.

Tip: The wreath appears particularly abundant if you bind the branches in advance to small bouquet and then attach to the blank.

In order to achieve a nice overall picture, it is very important to arrange the branches or posy like fish scales or roof tiles always a little offset. So the blank is covered evenly all around.

Note: On the outside you should work in longer branches, but shorter ones on the inside.

Anchor the wire ends in the blank. This measure serves on the one hand the optics. On the other hand, it also minimizes the risk of injury.

Tip: If you want to make a table wreath, then leave out the bottom, so that the Advent wreath can just rest. On the other hand, if you want to create a hanging wreath, you should also populate the bottom with twigs - especially if you want to hang the Advent wreath freely and you can see both sides.

Fix candles on the wreath

You can see it again and again: candles that are attached to the wreath with wire only. You should avoid this reduced installation - for a good reason: The risk of fire due to the unsafe condition associated with this method of attachment is too great. It is best to use so-called candle cups for your candles, which have a large spike both at the top and at the bottom. So you make sure that the candle holders are firmly and stably anchored in the Advent wreath and the four candles have a good, relatively safe stand. Place the candle plates evenly on the garland and then add the candles.

Tip: We strongly recommend that you use self-extinguishing candles. These contain a special patent that prevents hot wax from leaking and then igniting. In addition, the flame goes out in such a self-extinguishing candle by itself, which of course significantly reduces the risk of fire.

If you still want to use only commercially available candles, you should not blow them out. Instead suffocate the flames with a candle extinguisher. Sparks could fall on the branches or even the decoration elements and ignite the Advent wreath.

Basically, it should be noted:

a) Never leave candles unattended.
b) Do not place the garland near flammable materials.
c) Position the garland so that it is out of reach of infants.
d) Place the Advent wreath on a fireproof base.

If you follow these instructions, you are likely to enjoy your Advent wreath accident-free.

Festively decorate the Advent wreath

Once the branches have been tied around the blank and the candle plates and candles are fastened, the wreath is finally decorated. Here you have countless possibilities - there are almost no limits. For example, you can make your Advent wreath very symmetrical or largely free and wild decorate. Prepare the required decorative elements in a specific case in sufficient numbers. Some tips:

  • Make colored ribbons with elegant ribbons.
  • Make cute bouquets out of various Christmas balls.
  • Cast stars and angels out of paper or cloth.
  • Use orange slices or cinnamon sticks for the garland.

In any case, you should attach your desired accessories with wire and / or hot glue. So you can move the wreath later without any problems or it does not hurt if he (hanging) swings in the wind: He will not lose his decoration.

The selection of usable materials and colors as well as their combination options are extremely varied. So you have the opportunity to tinker different Advent wreaths. To conclude our DIY guide, we will give you two short, crisp ideas on how to create your wreath as an alternative to the very classic variant that we presented to you in detail.

Make modern Advent wreath itself

You need this:

  • white branches or a bought wreath
  • big and small, red christmas balls
  • Fabric ribbon and string
  • binding wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • red craft felt
  • star template
  • scissors
  • pen

How to proceed:

Step 1: Bundle the nature branches and turn them into a wreath. Work carefully!

Step 2: Wrap the binding wire around the branches at regular intervals to fix them.

Tip: In selected craft and hobby shops you will find already bound natural wreaths for little money. If you use such a, you can save yourself the binding.

Step 3: Glue the small red Christmas balls evenly on the Advent wreath. Use a hot glue gun for this purpose. At a diameter of 30 cm we needed 17 balls. Of course you can use more or less balls.

Step 4: Now you can attach Christmas elements in the middle of the wreath - we have chosen stars. If you can draw stars free hand, you need no template. Otherwise, simply print out our star template:

Click here: To download the craft template

Step 5: After you have printed out the stars and decided on a motif, they are cut out.

Step 6: Then transfer the outlines of the stars directly to a sheet of craft felt or, like us, make a sturdy base of thick paper. For this we draw the outlines of the three stars on a piece of soundcard. Then they are cut out.

Step 7: Now the stars are also transferred to the piece felt - with each star twice. Then cut out all six stars.

Step 8: The star of clay cards is now covered with hot glue and the two felt stars. This is what you do for all three stars.

Tip: If you wish, you can spray the stars with snow spray - this will give the whole thing a natural look.

Step 9: Using a thick woolen needle and wool or another sturdy ribbon, fasten the stars in the middle of the wreath.

If you like it a bit more rustic, you can easily wrap the stars with a piece of string and then fasten them to the wreath.

Tip: The stars look especially nice when they all hang at different heights.

10th step: Now the wreath must be attached to the door only with a thick cloth tape.

If you want to drape the wreath on the table, simply leave the stars in the middle and place four Advent candles in it.

Tips for quick readers:

Simply tie a classic Advent wreath yourself

  • With pine, spruce and / or fir branches
  • And / or: false cypress, thuja, juniper branches
  • And / or: boxwood, holly, ivy branches
  • Bundle branches and fasten with green flower wire
  • Apply candles with candle plates
  • Decorate garland with decorative elements (cinnamon sticks, etc.)
  • Alternatively: Make a modern or Nordic wreath
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