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Instructions: Craft toilet paper pie yourself - DIY toilet paper pie

  • The basis for the Klopapiertorte
    • 1. The instructions - How to proceed:
    • 2. Different decoration ideas

A toilet paper cake is a gift that lends itself to many different occasions, such as a wedding or a birthday. It is made quickly and inexpensively and can be decorated at will. In combination with a self-written poem, a story can be told about each topic. Read in our guide how to make, decorate and hand the cake. The manual contains both the materials and the work steps.

The Klopapiertorte is made of simple materials and requires no great craftsmanship, but creativity. The more detailed the decoration, the greater the radiance of the toilet paper cake. Ornate objects almost no longer show that this is not a "real" cake. They are decorated with ribbons, toys, figures and flowers. Especially nice are small gifts or references to larger gifts that are placed in the cake. Surprise your loved ones with a trip, a car to pass a driver's license or money. But even without these additions, the cake provides a great surprise with its intricate decoration. Emotional moments are achieved through the poem.

The basis for the Klopapiertorte

You need these materials:

  • a round piece of cardboard
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • cords
  • Construction paper
  • Foil wrapping paper
  • decoration
  • Glue
  • scissors

1. The instructions - How to proceed:

Step 1: First you have to cut the cardboard to the right size. The larger you choose the diameter, the higher the cake will be later. If you decide, for example, for a diameter of 40 cm, then a 50 cm high Klopapiertorte.

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Step 2: Glue the cardboard with colored craft paper. It forms the basis for the cake and should be decorated accordingly. In the design, you can orientate yourself to the occasion, to which the cake is given away.

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Step 3: Place the individual rolls in a circle on the cardboard. To fix the lowest level, use the cords, for example a wool thread. Wrap this around the toilet paper rolls and thus provide additional support.

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Tip: In general, it is best to select toilet paper rolls of the same brand because they have the same thickness and height.

Step 4: After finishing the first shift, start with the second level. Stack more layers on the cake until the top layer consists of only one roll. To do this, reduce the diameter of each layer. You can stabilize the individual layers of cake with the strings and also with a vertical attachment of the threads to each other.

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Tip: Be sure to place the individual layers in a centric position so that the cake is straight. By a slightly staggered stacking of the individual roles, the cake also gets a higher stability.

Step 5: Decorate the toilet paper cake according to the occasion.

Step 6: Wrap the cake in clear foil wrapping paper.
On which occasions is the cake given away ">

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The poem as an encore

The poem can be written by yourself or selected from the internet. It is often written in a longer form and tells a little story. As a result, this encore provides entertainment and delights not only the recipient but also the audience. It therefore remains open what the actual gift is: the self-written poem or the cake.

2. Different decoration ideas

Birthdays are a common occasion to make the cake. In any case, should be on the cake an indication of the age of the birthday child. The cake is decorated in principle like a "real cake". The crowning glory is, for example, a golden "20", "30" or "40". The outer surfaces are provided with roses, bows or other ornaments. After the decoration, the toilet paper is covered in most cases or shimmers through in its white form.

A "real" wedding cake, for example, for the 5 -year or 10-year-old wedding, is eaten quickly and looks no longer decorative after cutting. A toilet paper cake is therefore the ideal complement and can be placed as an eye-catcher on the table. With a little skill and a pompous decoration can make a deceptively genuine duplicate of the edible cake. On the top you can either put a little wedding couple in the shape of dolls or sugar figures or you work with the anniversary number of the wedding. For the ornament loops and roses are suitable.

Tip: Artificial flowers are the better choice in this case. Any existing water in real flowers would soften the paper of the toilet paper rolls and the cake would lose shape and stability. Even if the flowers are dabbed before, the stem still contains moisture.

When decorating anniversary cakes, you have many different design options to suit the occasion. For example, if it is a company anniversary, then you integrate the industry into the design. An indication of the anniversary number is also an advantage. If it is the 25th anniversary of a bank, you can print enlarged (and clearly recognizable as copies!) Copies of banknotes. The size should be matched to the size of the bills. Now stick the individual banknotes on the toilet paper pie before you assemble the cake according to the instructions.

Passed exams
Tests are also a popular occasion for the Klopapiertorte. The theme of the cake should also in this case be attuned to the reason of the celebration. Your child passed the Baccalaureate? Then you can also give him a gift through the toilet paper cake. Integrate the selected gift in the decoration.
Some examples of gifts on the toilet paper pie:

Fold the notes into small flowers and attach them to the cake. Tie the individual bills together with a wool thread or string. In combination with artificial roses on the cake creates an attractive and at the same time for the recipient profitable design. Of course, you can stick the bills on the individual roles, which, however, optically strong in the foreground.

A travel
If you want to give away a trip, it is very nice if the cake is thematically dedicated to the destination. On a trip to a Caribbean island you make little starfish, decorate the individual levels with a replica of a beach and put small figures in swimwear on the cake. The journey leads to Berlin or to another city? Then you can incorporate elements typical of the destination, such as the Brandenburg Gate.

driver's license
Passing the driving test is an important step in the life of young people and is accordingly celebrated. You would like to give your child a vehicle to pass the exam? Then present this gift through the cake in a fun and exciting way: The theme of the toilet paper cake in this case is "Automobile". They decorate them with small toy cars, integrate the logo of the respective car manufacturer or other references to the subject. There are no limits to your imagination, so you can also work with small lego figures, for example, and reproduce the skenes from the road or racing on the individual levels.

Friends or family members have just moved into a new apartment or have successfully completed the house construction? Then surprise her with a decorated cake. For example, you can wrap the individual rolls of toilet paper with wallpaper or cut and paste small cardboard windows.
So tell a story with the cake

The decorations on the cake allow you to tell a story, which is reflected in the poem recited. An example is the passed Baccalaureate exam. With the help of Lego figures, you train at the lowest level for enrollment. On the other levels follow funny or groundbreaking stories from the schooldays of the recipient. The story concludes on the upper level with passing the Baccalaureate. You can also refer to the advanced courses or favorite subjects and integrate, for example, known physicists (physics LK) or animals (biology LK).

Which toilet rolls should I choose?

The color and the pattern:
If you want to opt for a neutral base design, you should select white toilet paper without patterning. If, on the other hand, certain effects are desired for the decoration, you will also find yellow, blue or other colored toilet paper in the trade. On the other hand, a pattern can often be difficult to integrate into your own design and is therefore not an advantage. They would act too dominant and the toilet paper character would remain too strong, which is usually undesirable.

Use different colors of castors:
For a toilet paper pie, it can be exciting to work with different colors. Use blue toilet paper for the lower level, yellow paper for the first level, and pink paper for the next level. As a result, different "flavors" of the cake are modeled and can be integrated into the decoration.

The stability:
An important point in the selection of the material is the stability of the individual toilet paper rolls. They form the basis for the basic structure and must carry the construction. The softer the paper is, the worse the cake carries heavy decorations. In general, it is therefore advisable to pay attention to a high number of layers of toilet paper. Fragrances and balsams are often found on soft paper, so they should be avoided. Simple and therefore usually cheap toilet rolls are therefore the best choice for the cake.

How much is a toilet paper cake?
The cost of the cake is relatively low. Mostly, the cardboard can get relatively cheap. The expenses for the cake itself depend essentially on the decoration chosen and the number of rolls used. On average, you have to reckon with costs of around 3 euros for 12 rolls of toilet paper. A medium-sized cake can be made from about 36 rolls, so that the investment is less than 10 euros. There are also costs for the crafting foil, the gift wrap and the ornaments.
Present poems together with the cake

Whether for a birthday, a wedding or any other occasion - the poem is an integral part of the toilet paper cake. So that the recipient still receives a beautiful memory of the festival after the celebration, you can print the rhyme on decorative paper and decorate accordingly. Hand over the verses after the lecture so that the recipient can watch them for a long time. It is especially nice when you make a photo of this after the completion of the cake and stick it on the printed poem.

Here is a list of links for poems:
//www.chefkoch.de/forum/2, 22, 15362/Zur-Toilettenpapiertorte-ein-passendes-Gedicht.html)

Tips for quick readers:

  • round piece of cardboard forms the base
  • Cardboard is covered with craft paper
  • Toilet paper rolls must be stable
  • Place toilet paper rolls on the cardboard (circular shape)
  • Stabilize first level with wool thread
  • next level a little bit smaller
  • possibly stabilize vertically with threads
  • Pie can be glued on cardboard
  • Select topic according to the occasion
  • Decorate cake
  • wrap in gift wrap
  • Write poem and recite
  • Print poems and give them away
  • Photo of pie on poem sticking
  • Integrate gifts into the cake
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