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Crochet Baby Gloves - Free Guide for Mittens

  • Instructions - crochet baby mittens with thumbs
    • Material and preparation
    • Crochet palm
    • Crochet your thumbgrip
    • Crochet cuffs
    • Crochet your thumb
    • Crochet mouse teeth
  • Adjust glove size

You would like to crochet baby gloves for your little ones ">

In winter, small baby hands are exposed to pretty hardships. The stupid finger gloves crawl and without cold hands the little hands are quick as ice. We will show you how easy it is to crochet baby fist mitts.
You do not have to be a crochet pro thanks to our detailed crochet pattern. Have fun trying!

Instructions - crochet baby mittens with thumbs

Material and preparation

  • crochet hook
  • two different colors of wool
  • scissors

For the baby mittens we use a wool made of 100% cotton and 100 g on a length of 220 m. The matching crochet hook has a thickness of about 2.5 to 3.5.

For the crocheted baby gloves you need the following crochet techniques: the thread ring, fixed stitches, warp stitches, air stitches and whole sticks.

  • Crochet the thread ring
  • Crochet tight stitches
  • Crochet Knittmaschen
  • Crochet
  • Crochet whole chopsticks

But you also learn more here - we also show you how to crochet mouse teeth.

Crochet palm

1st round: The baby fist gloves start with a thread ring. Then crochet 5 strong stitches into the ring and close with a slit stitch.

2nd round: Start round 2 with an air mesh. Then double all five stitches in the first row - crochet two whole sticks into each stitch. Then close the row with a chain stitch.

3rd round: Start this series with an air mesh. Then every other stitch is doubled - crochet one stick and then two sticks into the second stitch. Repeat this alternately until the round is also closed with a chain stitch.

Note: Doubling the stitches spreads the glove - the more rows you crochet with doubling, the wider the mitten becomes.

4th round: Since the baby glove is small and petite, is already crocheted from the fourth round without doubling. Crochet in this round so in each stitch even a stick. Do not forget to start the round with an air mesh and close it with a chain stitch.

5th to 7th round: We will now make a color change. Simply cut off the thread of the color just used generously and crochet with the new color. Crochet only chopsticks in rounds 5 to 7 as in round 4.

Note: Just crochet several rounds with chopsticks to extend the glove even before the start of the thumb.

Crochet your thumbgrip

After the sixth round we start crocheting the thumb.

1st step: Hit 10 air meshes.

Step 2: Skip two stitches of the previous row and crochet a whole stick into the third stitch.

Round 8: Crochet the sticks now. If you have arrived at the chain of stitches while crocheting, simply crochet over this chain.

From now on crocheted in this color in spiral circles. This means that the rows are no longer started with an air mesh or finished with a warp stitch. It is always crocheted.

9th and 10th rounds: These rounds are crocheted like the previous eighth round. There is only one difference. As soon as you reach the base of your thumb, make one stitch at the beginning and end of the bow.

Crochet a chopsticks and before continuing to crochet as usual, pick up the thread again and prick the next stitch. Now instead of three loops, six loops are on the needle. Continue crocheting as if it were a normal chopsticks. This is how you made one of two stitches. Repeat this at the end of the thumb hole.

In both rounds, two stitches are mopped in this way.

The tenth round is then closed exactly where once was stabbed with the chain of thumb for the thumb hole. Right there, just three rows above, complete the round and the color with a slit stitch.

Crochet cuffs

Round 11 and 12: Now put on the first color and crochet the cuff. Start again with an air mesh. Then crochet chopsticks all around and close the round with a slit stitch. Crochet the eleventh row as well.

Round 13: So that the cuff is a little firmer, the 13th round is crocheted with strong stitches. Again, start the series with an air mesh and finish with a chain stitch.

Now the thread can be cut off and the end stiched.

Crochet your thumb

Step 1: Crochet the thumb of the baby glove in tight stitches. Insert into a corner of the hole and start the thumb with an air mesh.

Step 2: Now crochet a round, which is then closed with a slit stitch.

3rd step: From now on, two stitches are made in each round. The number of stitches is therefore reduced by two in each round - the thumb thus runs around the top.

4th step: When you arrive at the end, the thumb is closed at the top with a chain stitch. Cut off the thread and cover the end well inside the glove.

Now the baby glove is already done! Just crochet a second in the same way.

Crochet mouse teeth

For beautification, you can decorate the cuff with a cute border - with the so-called Mäusezähnchen. These are especially cute when they stand out in color again.

The mouse teeth are crocheted according to a specific pattern. This goes like this:

  • a sturdy stitch, 3 stitches of air, a tight stitch in the newly crocheted stitch
  • then a stitch is skipped and the pattern is repeated
  • close the round with a chain stitch

Adjust glove size

Of course, for the right glove size, it's an advantage to know how big your baby's hands are. Because exact size specifications are speculative for a given age, you should measure your hands.

Decisive for this are length and width of the hand. In our case, at the age of six months, the baby has a hand size of 8 cm x 5 cm . Also measure by how many centimeters the thumb pack is.

When crocheting our instructions, you can of course adjust the crochet piece to your measurements:

  • Measure the width of the glove after the third round and decide whether the crochet piece still needs to be broadened. You will also find a hint in the third round.
  • The length should already be adjusted before the start of the thumb. The larger the palm, the later the thumb set. So crochet more rows in front of the thumb tab than we did in our guide.
  • For larger baby gloves, increase the number of thumbhole thumbs. This can be done by eye.
  • Also measure the total length again after crocheting the thumb pack. The cuff should go slightly beyond the wrist.
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