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Craft Ideas for Spring - Simple Crafting Tips

  • Many simple craft ideas for the spring
    • Decorated flowerpots or bottles
    • Make flowers
    • Türkranz
    • Springy cress
    • Decoration for the garden
    • Other small craft ideas

Spring evokes typical associations that are explored and used to craft ideas. However, as spring often comes earlier, and therefore quite unexpectedly for many people, simple craft ideas follow, quickly bringing spring mood to your home.

Spring: Laue breezes, sprouting green, finally colorful flowers after a long, drab time - and what does it actually have with the fluttering blue ribbon on it ">

Spring lets his blue ribbon flutter again through the air;
Sweet, familiar fragrance strips foreboding the country.
Violets are already dreaming, want to come soon.
- Listen, from afar a low harp sound!
Spring, yes it's you! I heard you!

Mörike has included a lot of spring associations in his poem, blue skies, clear air, and fragrant flowers - though it is not certain that the sweet, well-known fragrances come from the violets or Luise's 25-year-old Engaged in the same year ...

The color "blue" is a symbol of spring and should therefore be reflected in your decoration. But that need not be. Other, friendly colors and pastel shades go well with spring. In any case, the spring has to do with growth and flowers and from this fact, some of the most beautiful craft ideas for spring arise:

Many simple craft ideas for the spring

Decorated flowerpots or bottles

One could say that it is THE crafting idea for the spring: flowerpots, which are painted spring-like and in the z. B. fresh spring herbs are sown. You need simple clay pots, of course, with coasters that are also decorated.

The colors for painting:

Acrylic paint: Acrylic paint covers very well and can be wiped / corrected when wet, not in the dry anymore. One drawback is that this makes the clay of the pot denser after drying, whose porosity is actually good for plant growth.

Plaka Color: ... is the brand name (Pelican) for casein color. This covers the tone of the flower pot with open pores, but is not necessarily weather and moisture resistant.

Casein or lime color: This color, eg. B. Cretaceous, is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Water and tinting paint: ... you can buy almost anywhere, but has the disadvantage that they do not cover so well in case of doubt.

Zinkin buckets, which you paint with acrylic paint, are also ideal . These are water-impermeable anyway - so the motifs can be fixed with clear lacquer and made waterproof.

But even old glass bottles, from which you have removed the labels (best soaked in hot water), can be colorfully decorated, painted and are particularly decorative. Acrylic paint and glass paint are best for this.

If you have no colors in the house, you can also wrap the pots and bottles with yarn or wool.

Your flowerpot collection grows into a harmonious "decoration show" if you are looking for a motto for the painting. For example, monochrome with symbols (simplified birds, hearts, flowers ...), desired colors in playful patterns or a whole theme world.

Make flowers

Spring and flowers belong together like pitch and sulfur. The advantage for all hobbyists is, flowers can be very easily tinker and fold. Often you only need plain construction paper or crepe, as well as scissors and glue.

Paper flowers:

Paper flowers are quickly made from solid cardboard, paint or colored paper and glue.

Origami lily

• Cut flower shape, paint from both sides or glue it in color
• A wooden stick can be inserted as a stalk through two small cuts in the middle area

This paper flower can be really big, then a few magnificent flowers are enough as a spring decoration.

In design households, origami made of white or pastel-colored paper could fit better than crepe. Folding origami flowers is not easy - start with simple instructions. For example, with this origami lily following this folding guide: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/origami-lilie-falten/

Or a real daffodil - certainly not the simplest craft idea, but definitely suitable for spring:

To compensate for the difficult daffodils, there is still the origami spring bouquet from "Sticky Notes". The small sticky notes are available in soft spring colors and therefore fit very well with the motto:

Water lily from a napkin

Bring spring to life in your table decoration and fold your napkins, whether made of fabric or paper, into a water lily: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/servietten-falten-seerose/

Crepe flowers:

Crepe is very versatile. Above all, with its corrugated surface and the large selection of colors, you can use crepe to make all kinds of flowers in a wide variety of shapes. Here is an overview with four craft instructions for you: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/blumen-aus-krepppapier-basteln/

For the beginner, the rose blossom at first glance is certainly a challenge, but this guide proves you the opposite. It's so easy to make roses out of crepe paper.

Roses and lotus flower made of crepe paper

Or make large, flat flowers reminiscent of a water lily or lotus flower. Only crepe, cardboard, as well as scissors and glue are all you need for it.

Flowers made of polymer clay:

The crafting material Fimo is an all-round talent and can, among other things, be useful for spring-like decorations.

Brief instructions: Roll a 1 cm diameter roll of colored polymer clay. Cut these again into 1 cm pieces, which then form into balls and flatten them. Now just cut out the outline of a petal or cut it out with a cookie mold. Place a different colored ball in the middle and press down. Now with a roulade needle, pierce the hanger hole. Bake the flowers on a baking tray at 130 ° C for about 30 minutes. Then they must be cooled and sealed with clear lacquer. Now only pull through colorful ribbons and hang anywhere in the living room.

Make a lot of flowers, either a flower tone on tone or really colorful mixed and put them everywhere in the house as a decoration. Spring is here, even on a rainy day!


Wicker wreath with origami butterflies

The classic door wreath enjoys unbroken popularity and preserving old customs is always worthwhile. You can make a spring door wreath very quickly - it is enough to combine some green and a few flowers:

  • a branch wreath of bare winter branches decorated with greenery and flowers brings real early spring into the house
  • Bind branches (possibly around a metal ring), plant branches with hedges etc., attach spring flowers as desired
  • Use freshly-picked branches and flowers with stems
  • Tie up flowers because they do not last forever, when you put them on and tie them up with a nice ribbon, the arrangement can be quickly renewed
  • Combine the wreath with other crafts such as paper flowers, butterflies or birds

Origami butterflies folds goes like this: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/origami-feathers-folds/

The greeting at the door, which welcomes spring, does not have to come as a wreath. There are many other options, especially when it comes to being quick and easy - you can just tie the spring bouquet to the wreath you got yesterday. Also particularly decorative are small planted baskets or just a whole vase on the door.

Springy cress

Spring and sprouting green are a unity and with cress you can let it sprout something different. Cress makes a lot of "nonsense" with it: Cress grows on everything that could theoretically provide a breeding ground for a plant: It grows on cotton wool and rock wool, on loose felt and on other things that cut into shape and put on figures to let.

You could draw a heart of cress and decorate with colorful flowers. You can remind too many working partners that spring is ...

... and you can treat every discarded toy of your kids secondarily in the spring, simply by sticking it with a piece of cloth and then sowing watercress on it.

Decoration for the garden

Of course, you can use all previous ideas in the garden and decorate it with it. But now follow decorating tips that are particularly suitable for the outdoors.

You can make many small colorful windmills made of waterproof material and distribute them throughout the garden: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/windrad-selber-basteln-anleitung/

Fast and easy spring mood bring also colorful loops on branches, from simple gift ribbon or banded band that flutter in the wind. Equally decorative are birds painted on cardboard and then cut out, which you can attach to trees.

Colorful wax torches provide for the first, balmy evenings outdoors for mood lighting, as well as lanterns and fairy lights in spring colors.

Other small craft ideas

For example, you can easily make rattan balls yourself with plain natural fiber tape and paste. For this you first blow up a balloon in the appropriate size and wrap it around with the sliver. Coat well with wallpaper paste and let it dry. Once the whole thing has dried, blow up the balloon and the specially made rattan ball is ready.

candle containers

Tealight containers made of paper tinker with our craft template as PDF - cut a piece of paper and cut as in the instructions and cut. The tealight is then placed in the middle. For the paper, look for spring colors and the scent of the candle for a typical, fresh floral fragrance. Done is the perfect spring tealight!

Click here: To download the instructions

Click here: To download the craft template

Make your own sundial - for the cheerful hours at the beginning of the year, a sundial is very convenient. Just have a look at what you need to consider when crafting your own sun clock: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/sonnenuhr-basteln-ausrichten/

Painted branches as deco and suspension rods are very easy to make yourself. Just pick up a few fallen branches on the next walk through the forest and then paint them in the desired color. Acrylic paint is suitable for this. The painted branch only has to be fixed to the ceiling in the right place in your apartment. Small birds or paper butterflies look particularly decorative on this one.

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