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Handicrafts at Easter in kindergarten - Simple craft ideas for children

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Easter is coming - you work as a kindergarten teacher and are looking for inspiration for simple craft ideas ">

Easter in kindergarten

Brace figures

You need:

  • Working creatively
  • Pens (felt, crayons, crayons)
  • wooden clamps
  • filigree craft scissors
  • glue


Step 1: At the beginning you need our crafting template. They print on conventional printer paper.

Click here: To download the craft template

Step 2: Then the figures and motifs are painted - whether with color box, felt-tip pens or colored pencils.

Step 3: Since cutting out such small items is still too difficult for the children in kindergarten, adults should take that step.

4th step: Afterwards the two elements are glued to the sides of a wooden clamp. Wait long enough for the glue to dry.

The clamps are perfect for decoration or play.

Easter Egg Cup

Easter crafts are very popular, especially among children. We have put together for you in this article beautiful craft ideas that are very suitable for crafting at Easter in kindergarten. For example, conjure small egg cups made of paper or a cardboard roll. With this guide, you can create small decorative treasures with the children quickly and easily.

You need:

  • Construction paper, sample paper or even paper remnants
  • Crepe paper in the colors green and orange
  • Papp role
  • scissors
  • Bastelleim or hot glue
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • black fiber pen
  • small felt balls (pompons)
  • Wackelaugen
  • Cutter knife

Egg cup made of construction paper

Step 1: Pick up a piece of construction paper in the desired color and draw on it a strip measuring 3 cm high and 14 cm wide.

Tip: You can vary the paper strip in height and width at any time and adapt it to the conditions of the egg shape. You create custom eggcups.

Step 2: Cut out the paper strip with the scissors and then a few centimeters from the edges a few centimeters on both sides. Now insert both ends into each other at the cut points. So you can close the eggcup ring without the use of glue.

Tip: Alternatively, apply glue or hot glue to one end of the Tonpapier strip and glue the strip together as a ring. For both variants, try the pass size of the clay paper ring for the egg.

Step 3: Now record the rabbit ears in two different sizes on the construction paper. Then cut them out with scissors. A big and a small rabbit's ear later make a rabbit's ear.

Tip: First draw and cut a rabbit's ear and then use it as a template.

Step 4: Now glue the rabbit ears to the paper ring with glue or hot glue. Now give the bunny another face. Paint it with a black fiber stick.

Tip: Alternatively, you can also use shaky eyes and felt balls for the face. As with the chick.

Done is a small egg cup bunny, which is just waiting to be filled with a brightly painted egg. Do the same with the chick eggcup. Glue the crepe paper in the color orange inside into the clay paper ring and then cut it in strips with scissors. Cut the beak triangular out of a piece of clay paper.

Egg cup made of cardboard roll

Step 1: Use the cutter knife to cut the cardboard roll into strips.

Tip: With a small craft scissors, you can straighten the edges of the cardboard roll or even wavy round cut.

Step 2: Use some glue or hot glue to attach the green crepe paper to the inside of the roll. Then cut it in strips with the scissors.

Tip: If you let the green crepe paper look out of the roll longer and then cut it, the blades of grass will be a bit longer.

Step 3: Finally, glue some green crepe paper around the outside of the cardboard roll.

And this fresh and juicy green version of the eggcup is ready to go. The children will certainly find it great when making crafts at Easter in kindergarten. We wish you a lot of fun and the little ones while finishing. And if you have not had enough, in this post are still more crafting ideas for crafting at Easter in kindergarten waiting for you!

rabbit ears

Tissue Paper Pictures

Since no great skill is necessary for this Easter cake, you can carry out this project with any age group. Maybe cutting something has to be helped, but crumpling paper gets most of them out. Easter can come!

You need:

  • Our craft template
  • Cardboard in different colors
  • Tissue paper in (2-3) different colors or crepe paper
  • PVA glue
  • scissors
  • pen
  • Wiggle eyes (best self-adhesive)


Variant 1: The Easter egg

Step 1: The body

Use our free template, print out and choose the right size. Use the template immediately to create a template, because the printer paper is usually too thin to tinker.

Click here: To download the craft template

Step 2:

Cut many not too small rectangles out of the tissue paper.
Then crumble them into little balls, and you can decide if you want to have small solid beads or big tasty pieces that you can still model.

Step 3:

Cover the egg extensively with craft glue and decorate it with the colorful balls of tissue paper.

Now just let it dry and the Easter decoration egg is ready.

Variant 2: The chick

Step 1 & 2: See above

Step 3: The chick parts

For the beak, take a piece of different colored cardboard and cut out a rectangle or a rhombus. Fold the diagonally opposite tips together to form a triangle. Already the beak is ready.

Now you can still have your feet and / or wings cut out.

Step 4: The face

Glue the beak to the desired location with the opening facing downwards on the body. Now paint your eyes in the right place or stick the Wackelaugen. Glue or pin your feet and wings to your chick.

Step 5:

Paint the chick with craft glue and distribute as you wish the colorful tissue paper beads.

When the glue is dry, the Easter chick is finished. You see, this technique is very easy and should not be a problem for the little ones in kindergarten.

Rabbit from Klorolle

You need:

  • Paper roll from Klopaper
  • scissors
  • Working creatively
  • glue
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • markers


Step 1: First you need our crafting template. You can download and print these here:

Click here: To download the craft template

Cut out the individual elements with scissors.

Step 2: Then transfer the outlines to crafting paper in pencil. After that, these elements are also cut out.

Note: Cutting out the template and the cardboard should be done by an adult.

Step 3: Now the cardboard elements, as well as a cardboard roll from the toilet paper, are painted in the desired color. Allow the acrylic paint to dry thoroughly for a long time.

For the hands and feet of the rabbit are still painted each small paw - small strokes at the ends of the stripes are enough for it.

4th step: Now the ears are attached to the cardboard roll from the inside.

5th step: Then bend the two strips around the roll, exactly as you want arms and legs to look later. Thereafter, both strips are attached to the cardboard roll from behind.

Step 6: All that is missing now is the finishing touches - eyes, nose and mouth two big, white rooster teeth. You can either paint them or cut them out of construction paper and glue them on. The children will certainly enjoy painting the face. Done is the sweet Papphase!

Further links and instructions

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