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Crafting with egg carton - great ideas from old egg boards

  • Flower mobile from egg cartons
  • Turn the egg carton into a jewelry box
  • Magic colorful lantern from egg box conjure up

Old or empty egg cartons belong in the garbage ">

Upcycling is an important element of many DIY craft ideas. One should always ask oneself: what can one do from old and useless things, like egg cartons? We show you three great ideas to make your own. And who knows, you might think of a thousand other great variations that you can make from egg cartons.

Flower mobile from egg cartons

You need this:

  • many egg cartons
  • scissors
  • Spray paint or colorful paints and brush
  • toothpick
  • stable branch
  • thread

How to proceed:

Step 1: Carefully cut off the lid of the box and carefully separate the individual compartments for the eggs from the collected egg-box bottoms. Head for the first time the two tips that stick out in the middle of the ground.

2nd step: Now the individual shells are cut a few times with the scissors from above. Always cut at the same distance so that four equal tabs are created.

3rd step: Then the petals get their shape. Cut the tabs for it pointed up.

Step 4: Now bend the five leaves slightly downwards so that they get a curved curve.

5th step: After that, it will be colorful. Depending on whether you want to color the flowers all with the same color or if you want to make them different colors, swing the brush. As a variant, which goes a little faster, the individual flowers can be sprayed with spray paint all at once. Then let the flowers dry long enough.

Step 6: Use a toothpick to prick one hole into each flower.

Step 7: Now the flowers are threaded onto the thread. Pull it through the first flower and fix it with a knot in the right place. A knot works great if you use a thicker string to hang. But if you would like to use a thin nylon cord, you can attach the flowers with a halved toothpick as a stopper. Repeat with all other flowers. A mobile can consist of several threads. Just let your creativity run wild.

8th step: Finally, the individual threads only need to be attached to the branch or to a wooden stick. If everything is knotted tight, it can be hung on the ceiling. Done is the flower mobile from old egg cartons.

Turn the egg carton into a jewelry box

Who would have thought that you can make a nice jewelry box from a simple egg carton ...

You need this:

  • egg carton
  • watercolor
  • Napkin with motif or pattern
  • Lacquer for napkin technique
  • brush
  • scissors
  • Tissue paper, felt or fabric (optional)

How to proceed:

Step 1: Paint the egg carton to your taste. Just make sure that the chosen color matches the napkin.

Step 2: Cut the napkin to fit the size of the box.

Step 3: Separate the layers of the cut out napkin part. You only need the top layer, the rest you can throw away.

Step 4: Place the motif in the center of the egg carton and paint with a (clean) brush over it.

Tip: Swipe from the inside out to prevent the napkin from wrinkling.

Step 5: Let the paint dry.

Step 6: Cover the entire egg carton with the paint again.

Step 7: If you like, you can still decorate your jewelery box from the inside with tissue paper, felt or fabric. Finished!

Magic colorful lantern from egg box conjure up

Last but not least, we really want to make egg cartons shine ...

You need this:

  • 2 10-egg-cartons
  • body color
  • brush
  • colorful tracing paper
  • stapler
  • knife
  • twine
  • pointed object
  • scissors
  • Glue

How to proceed:

Step 1: In the inner area of ​​the two egg cartons are four upstanding "hats". Cut these off the heads.

Step 2: Then cut out of both boxes the ten round bottoms on which the eggs used to be placed.

Tip: Cut out the round openings even better with a craft knife.

Step 3: Cut a large window into the lids of the boxes. Do not remove the pieces of cut cardboard but store them. Before you should of course first remove all labels.

Step 4: Paint the processed boxes from the outside as well as the cardboard pieces from the lids with your desired color.

Step 5: Let the paint dry.

Step 6: Glue all holes (including windows) in the two boxes with colored tracing paper. You should first cut the paper and then stick it on.

Note: This step may take a bit of patience, as it is not easy to stick the paper to the holes in the floor.

Step 7: At the front, the egg cartons each have a tab, which was originally used to close the box. Take the tab of one box, place it in the lid of the other box and glue it in place.

Step 8: Repeat step 7 with the tab of the other box. Her lantern is slowly taking shape.

Step 9: Trim the pieces of cardboard removed from the lids so that they fit - crosswise - as the base to your lantern. Stick the pieces together or staple them with a tacker.

Tip: If these cardboard pieces are too unstable, you can also cut two pieces from a thick piece of cardboard. The protruding edges are simply shortened.

Now the lantern is already finished. So it can be easily placed - a candle in the glass in the middle provides the necessary lighting, as well as small electric tealights.

Step 10: If you want to carry a lantern, then pierce two opposite holes in the top of the lantern and pull a twine as a hanger. Knot the thread. Finished!

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