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Construction costs - Overview of all additional costs of building a house

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When building a house, not only the construction costs but also the additional costs are decisive. They are also due to a large extent in the case of home purchase. We have compiled for you a list of the most important construction costs.

Construction costs often cause a surprising increase in spending. If they are not scheduled, then it comes to nasty surprises. Therefore, it is important that you deal with this issue before deciding. The more detailed you make the calculation, the better you estimate the necessary expenses. Knowledge of ancillary construction costs is an important factor in terms of funding. You have to decide on the necessary loan amount before starting the construction work or before signing the purchase contract. If the amount is set too low, as the additional costs are higher than expected, financing problems arise. In our guide you will find out what costs you have to plan in each case and how high the individual amounts are on average.

Overview of construction costs

brokerage fees

Most people hire a broker to search for a building site. The reason lies in the confusing supply structure. In the case of home purchase, it is easier to find the desired object without a broker. Which of the two parties must bear the brokerage fees, is not prescribed by law. It depends on sales in the determination in individual cases. Legally, it is only regulated that the person who has commissioned him must pay the broker. Often, sellers require buyers to pay for the broker. The amount of the commission differs regionally and lies on average between 4, 76 and 7, 14 per cent inclusive of value added tax.

house purchase

House building (land)

Example calculation:

Suppose the house is sold for 200, 000 euros. The broker charges a fee of 5 percent plus sales tax. The following costs arise:

200, 000 euros x 5 percent = 10, 000 euros

This value is without sales tax, so the 19 percent VAT still to be added:

10, 000 euros x 1, 19 = 11, 900 euros

Fees for the notary

The costs for the notary are indispensable when buying a house. The purchase must be notarized, otherwise it is not valid. A purchase contract is concluded and the entry in the land register is made. The amount of the notary fees depends on the purchase price, usually around one percent of the purchase price. In addition to the notary fees, fees are incurred when entering into the land register. The exact cost depends on the region. On average, 0.5 percent of the purchase price is due as registration costs.

house purchase

House building (land)

survey costs

Surveying costs do not arise with every purchase. They are required among other things in the case of semi-detached houses. The property is divided, which requires a precise survey. The amount of the survey costs is around 1, 500 to 2, 500 euros for a flat-rate calculation. If it is a new building, then the survey is mandatory. The documents must be submitted as part of the building application.

house building

Real estate transfer tax

The land transfer tax is payable on the purchase of land. It depends on the purchase price and is between 3.5 and 6.5 percent . The exact value varies from state to state. For built-up land, the fee refers to the total purchase price.

house purchase

house building

statetax rate
Lower Saxony5.00%
North Rhine-Westphalia6.50%

finance costs

The costs of financing only accrue when a loan is taken out. The mortgage registered in the land register incurs further costs, which are related to the financing. The amount of the costs depends on the conditions of the bank and can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Costs for connections (water, electricity, gas, telephone)

The builder must pay the fees for the house connections. Water, electricity, telephone and gas must be connected to the house. If it is an already completed purchase object, then you must make sure that all connections are present. In the worst case, extensive work must take place and the costs rise to around 10, 000 euros. Depending on the work already done and the location of the property, the sum is reduced.

house building

Government approvals

The building application, the construction notices and the building permits must not only be carried out but also paid. They require expertise and should be made by professionals. If there were difficulties with the approval, then the construction would be in delay, which can lead to further costs. Roughly estimated, expenses amounting to 0.5 to 1 percent of the construction cost.

Tip: Be sure to complete all required documents and meet deadlines. If it were to reject the building application and you would have to make another application, then would incur renewed costs. Submit the application on time to avoid delays in construction.

house building

Many documents necessary for the building application

Expenditure directly related to the start of construction

The preparation for the construction requires further costs. You must develop the property, the construction site must be set up and access to the construction vehicles must be created. Electricity and water are needed on the construction site. The energy supply must be ensured and leads to expenses.

house building

Costs for the disposal of the excavated soil

Many contractors charge additional fees for the disposal of the excavated soil, often not included in the agreed fees. The average cost is 10 to 15 euros per cubic meter of soil.

house building


Insurance minimizes your risk during construction. As a builder you are responsible for many events, which justifies the need for insurance. The insurance companies are a necessary financial security not only for the construction phase but also at any later time. The construction insurance applies if damage to the raw and new construction or building material. In the event of fire damage, homeowners insurance is an advantage. The owner's liability insurance is indispensable. Accidents can occur on every construction site and liability insurance protects you from financial ruin. In the case of personal injury in particular, there is a risk of lifelong payment obligations, which means that the insurance should always be taken out. Most insurance companies offer packages for homeowners or builders. Expect to pay between 400 and 600 euros.

house building


The test engineer estimated for his work around 1, 500 to 2, 500 euros. He works on the basis of the four-eyes principle provided for in Germany. His task is to control the architect's work once again in complex buildings. Even the smallest errors could later lead to the collapse of the building, so that the hedge is necessary. An example is snow masses, which accumulate on the roof in winter. Only if the static is correct in this case, the security is guaranteed.

house building

geological survey

If a soil survey is required, then you have to expect around 500 to 1, 000 euros in expenses. The soil survey is a hedge for aspiring builders. Only if the floor is suitable for the construction of the building, follow-up costs are avoided. If the conditions are unfavorable, then moisture accumulation or cracks can occur. Costly renovations or even permanent damage would be the result.

house building

Create site road

For the construction of a site road around 10 to 12 euros per m² are calculated. The site road is necessary so that all vehicles reach the construction site safely. Mostly it is still an unpaved terrain and the access must be made.

house building

tree felling

If trees have to be felled for the construction of the house or the creation of an access for the construction work, then further costs arise. You should budget 80 to 300 euros per tree. The large span is due to different difficulty levels when felling. It can be very large trees or other buildings are in the danger zone. If there is a potential risk that the tree could fall on a neighboring building, the scope of the work is more complicated.

house building

Demolition of the old building

Before the new house can be built, any existing old building must be demolished. It can be a house, a barn or a shed. The costs depend on the structure and the materials used. They are created not only by the pure demolition but also by the disposal of the debris. The result is a range of 2 to 100 euros per ton of material. If many building materials classified as toxic today are used, the necessary expenses increase. One example is asbestos-containing waste, which costs around 120 euros in disposal (as of 2016, municipality in Hesse). Grade pure construction waste costs around 40 euros per tonne. If you order a container company because of the large quantities, you have to pay for the delivery and collection of the container. Expect per container (3 m³) with additional costs of 150 to 250 euros. If furnishings are still in the old building, then the degradation becomes more complicated. Sorting the materials can lead to savings in disposal, but is very time consuming. If a blow up is necessary for larger and particularly robust building complexes, the prices also increase. Classic family houses or barns are brought down with an excavator or a wrecking ball.

house purchase

house building

Estimation of construction costs

When applying for the loan, you should in any case make a detailed estimate of the construction costs. If you decide that the amount is too small, financing problems will arise. In order to protect yourself in any case and to prevent unforeseen expenses, you should additionally make a blanket estimate. Calculate at least 15 percent of the construction costs for the construction costs. Even if the calculated and probable construction costs should be below this value, it is advisable to include the 15 percent in the financing. In the case of a construction amount of 300, 000 euros, the following invoice is created:

300, 000 euros x 15 percent = 45, 000 euros

How do I calculate the construction costs ">

  • Land transfer tax: The house is z. As in Hesse, therefore, is expected at 6 percent. Sales tax does not arise.
    200, 000 x 6 percent = 12, 000 euros
    1. Additional financing costs: Processing fees may no longer be charged since the BGH judgment of 2014.

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    • Construction costs around 15 percent of the construction costs
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    • notary fees
    • Real estate transfer tax
    • Financing utilities
    • Entry in the land register
    • Cost of land survey
    • Insurance package (client liability insurance, etc.)
    • planning application
    • Development of the property
    • Soil appraisals and test statisticians
    • Baustraße
    • tree felling
    • Demolition old building
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