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Bausachverständiger / Baugutachter engage - cost overview

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The true financial impact of building defects is often misjudged without an appraiser. A surveyor helps you to protect your capital and property by making a technical assessment of the situation. We will show you the costs that you have to expect for the assessment and the preparation of written versions.

Many people shy away from the expense of hiring a surveyor out of fear. They fear that the expenditure is out of proportion to the benefit. This fear must be contradicted, however, because the risks are high when buying a house without experts. If structural defects are detected too late, high follow-up costs can arise. On the other hand, there are calculable and relatively cheap expenses for the construction expert. If you do not need a written version but only information about the existing defects, then the costs are reduced. It is important that the prices depend on the exact services, so that we have sorted the calculations according to use cases.

Tasks from the construction expert

Costs and examples

A construction expert assesses real estate, reveals defects and advises customers before buying or during construction. He compiles appraisals, ensures quality assurance on the construction site and is responsible for the preparation of structural expert reports. Energy consulting is a relatively new and modern task. Certified experts prepare reports that can be used in court. On-site appointments are carried out and documents evaluated. The cost of the work depends on the scope of the assessment, the and the length of the report. Below is a description of the costs depending on the services ordered:


The costs for the building damage analysis are usually calculated according to effort and travel costs. Building experts set an average hourly wage of 70 to 80 euros. The travel costs can be determined as a whole, according to kilometers driven or depending on the amount of the labor costs. If a written balance is to be made, then this is estimated at around 40 euros per page.

example calculation

Family X would like to have a damage assessment carried out after a water pipe break. The property is located in Frankfurt, about 3 kilometers from the headquarters of the construction expert. An hourly wage of 70 euros is agreed. The travel costs are estimated at a flat rate of 5 percent of the total (labor costs). The construction expert needs 2 hours for the on-site appointment. He then completes an appraisal with a scope of 10 pages. Family X incurs the following costs:

Labor costs: 70 Euro / hour x 2 hours = 140 Euro
Travel expenses: 5 percent x 140 euros = 7 euros
Expertise: 40 Euro / page x 10 pages = 400 Euro
Total cost: 547 euros

Tip: The estimated page size for the report can best be estimated after the on-site appointment. Before commissioning, make sure that the services have been specified precisely so that you will not have to pay more than expected.

Area calculation

The costs for the floor area calculation are usually calculated by the number of rooms. There are big, regional differences here. You can use the following table as a guide to the average cost:

1 bedroom apartment: 100 euros
2-room apartment: 220 euros
3-room apartment: 360 euros
4-room apartment: 520 euros
5-room apartment: 700 euros

Advice before buying a house

Would you like to buy a property, then the commissioning of a construction expert is advantageous to experience any nasty surprises. If there are construction defects, this reduces the purchase price. The costs for the house purchase consultation are usually applied flat rate. You have to expect the following expenses:

  • Detached house: An average real estate house causes costs for the purchase advice in the amount of approximately 400 euro.
  • Two-family house: For a two-family house, however, construction experts usually charge around 500 euros.
  • smaller commercial properties or larger residential buildings: properties with a size of up to 500 m² are estimated at around 600.
  • larger commercial properties: individual prices are determined for larger commercial properties. There are great differences in terms of design and usable area.

Tip: The mentioned prices include the costs for the arrival and the departure. When making the order, make sure that the travel costs are already included in the price.

Expertise on mold

The costs of a mold examination depend on the extent of the infestation. The more places in the house are affected, the more laborious the work. The construction expert makes photos and creates a written report on request after the on-site appointment. For a simple appraisal you have to count on around 5 to 6 pages of 40 euros each. If there are several affected areas, then the scope of the written execution and the costs increases. The assessment of the damage and the preparation of the photos are charged at 250 to 350 euros.

energy consulting

General energy advice

Building experts can specialize in different areas, such as energy consulting. As part of an on-site appointment, thermal bridges are identified. You will recognize which cost traps exist in the house and how you can correct them. On the one hand, there is the possibility of calculating hours by the hour when calculating costs. Most building experts, however, offer the cost calculation for Identified thermal bridges. The homeowner can directly see the connection between the investment costs and future benefits. The first thermal bridge costs on average 150 euros. If several thermal bridges are found, only € 100 will be charged for the second, the third and all other thermal bridges.

Energy consulting for KfW and Bafa

  • Expert declaration + Application to KfW: 150 Euro
  • Energy consulting for buildings with heatable usable area of ​​maximum 150 m²: 700 Euro to 900 Euro
  • Energy consulting for buildings with heated floor space of 150 to 200 m²: 800 euros to 1, 000 euros

energy certificate

The energy pass is required for some uses of the building. It is generally interesting for homeowners, as the energy consumption determines the operating costs. The better the property is rated, the higher the potential selling price. For the preparation of the energy certificate, including the determination of the values ​​presented therein, the construction expert calculates about 700 euros in the case of a simple single-family dwelling. For a two-family house you have to expect expenses of around 750 euros.


Many construction experts act in parallel as a real estate appraiser. The cost of preparing a report depends mostly on the building value. For a detached house, you can expect to spend around 1, 500 to 2, 000 euros. You will receive for the price about 25 pages comprehensive written report, which can also be used in court. If a short assessment is sufficient, for example, to make a purchase decision, then often 600 to 700 euros are charged.

Important questions

How can I keep costs low?>

Tip: Check whether in the event of legal disputes a cost assumption by the legal expenses insurance is possible.

Who has to pay the costs for the construction expert?

As a general rule, the person who hires the surveyor must bear the costs. However, it is possible to obtain reimbursement by other parties. First of all, the client is obliged to pay the agreed final fee to the expert. If it is determined by a court that the opposing party must pay the full amount or a partial amount, the costs will be reimbursed. In some cases it is also possible to obtain a provisional reimbursement of costs from the own legal expenses insurance if the expert opinion is required for a legal dispute. For example, if there are structural defects caused by a construction company, the commissioning of the construction expert often takes place within the framework of a legal dispute. However, if the report is needed before making a purchase decision, then the potential buyer usually appears as the client.

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