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Fold Mug - Instructions for an Origami Mug

  • Instructions - Fold the cups
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They are on the way and would spontaneously toast with a sip of sparkling wine, but have forgotten the cups ">

You need for an origami mug:

  • square sheet of origami paper 20 cm x 20 cm (preferably a little bit stronger)
  • bonefolder

Instructions - Fold the cups

Step 1: First, fold a diagonal of the square paper to make a triangle.

Step 2: Place the triangle in front of you so that the right-angled tip points upwards. Then fold down the left, upper outer edge so that it just ends with the lower edge. This fold is then opened again.

3rd step: Now take the left tip and fold it to the right. The fold should run at a right angle to the fold from step 2. As a result, the upper edge runs horizontally over the cup.

Step 4: Then repeat the process with the right tip. Both tips are now exactly on top of each other and should close together at the top edge exactly.

Step 5: Now fold down the top layer of the up-facing tip as far as the edge below allows it.

Step 6: Then turn the origami cup on the back and repeat the step on the other side.

The origami cup is now ready and ready for use. The thinner the paper, the less water it holds. With thin paper you can drink a few sips, but a really longer holding mug succeeds only with thicker construction paper or cardboard. The fact that the cup is folded only a little, you can also fold the cup of cardboard.

More origami instructions

They have found interest in origami ">

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