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Knitting bed socks - Free instructions for simple bed shoes

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Bed socks provide warm feet at night and are very easy to knit. In our guide, we will explain step by step how to rework this beautiful beginner project and adapt it to your shoe size.

Suffer from cold feet at night "> Material and preparation

For your bed shoes, a thick, eightfold sock yarn is a good choice. This is usually processed with needle size four and a half or five and can be washed well. On the band you will find more information. Most sock yarn has a proportion of warming virgin wool. For a pair of bed socks you need 150 g of yarn, for a small ladies size 100 g may be just enough. Allow about 10 to 15 euros for the material.

To make the bed socks fit, first make a stitch test. Knit 22 stitches and knit a few inches on the crotch to the right, ie only right stitches. Now measure how many centimeters are 20 stitches wide. The first and the last scam are left out because they often fail. Now put a measuring tape from one ankle down around the sole of the heel and back up to the other ankle. This width must have her knitting in the beginning. Now, with the help of the measurements of your stitching, you calculate how many stitches you need to hit.

Example: 20 stitches measure ten centimeters, from ankle to ankle it's 25 centimeters = you hit 50 stitches.

You need this:

  • 150 g eightfold sock yarn
  • Pair of knitting needles in matching thickness
  • darning needle
  • possibly crochet hooks



Lay the thread over the right needle from the front to the back. From the next row, treat the envelope like a normal stitch. With each envelope, a small hole is created in the fabric and you have gained a stitch.

Knit two stitches together

Pinch in two stitches at the same time and knit together. There is only one stitch left.


For a decorative edge, slip the first stitch in each row from the left to the right needle without pulling it off. You lay the thread before the work. The last stitch before turning is a normal right.

Knit bed socks

Leg opening and heel

Hit the calculated number of stitches and work on the crotch with the edge of the kite. In each fourth row, you also knit the fifth stitch with the sixth and then work an envelope. As soon as six stitches are left on the left needle at the end of the same row, another envelope follows. The next two stitches knit together again. Through the resulting holes you pull later an air chain.

Keep the fabric regularly under your sole to take measurements. Work as described above until it reaches one centimeter behind the heel to the point over which the front edge of the leg is located.

Tip: Note how many rows you need to make the second bedock identical.


In the next row, chain the first and last five stitches.

Tip: Then you have to cut the thread and knot again.

Continue to work on the crunchy right but without the edge of the kettlebell and holes. Take regular measurements again. As soon as the knit reaches from one centimeter behind the heel to just before the end of the toe, it's time to start with the top.

The summit

Follow this scheme for the top:

1st row: 2 stitches normal, knit two stitches, repeat both to the end of the row

2 - 4th row: work without declines

5th row: 1 stitch normal, knit 2 stitches, continue until the end of the row

6th + 7th series: No declines work

8th + 9th row: Knit two stitches continuously until the end of the row


Cut the thread with enough air to sew and thread it with a darning needle through the remaining stitches. Then remove the knitting needle and pull the tip together.

Fold the bed skirt along the sole of the foot and place the edges exactly on top of each other.

Tip: Make sure any knots are on the outside so that they are on the inside of the finished bed sock.

Close the two seams from the top to the leg opening and from the heel to the leg opening. Then sew all the threads.

Tip: When sewing, only grasp the edge stitches so that the seam does not become beaded.

Crochet a chain of 55 to 60 centimeters long. The drooping threads at the ends pull with the darning needle several times through the air meshes. Then you cut the rest just short. Thread the finished chain through the holes around the leg opening. Start and end at the front seam.

The first bed sock is ready!

Second bed sock

The second bed skirt is made just like the first one.

Quick start Guide

1. Measure from one ankle down around the heel to the other ankle and cast on the appropriate number of stitches.

2. Work Kraus on the right side with the edge of the kitten until the work on the sole of the foot reaches the height of the leg. In each fourth row remove four stitches from edge on both sides of an envelope and knit two stitches together.

3. Bind off five stitches on both sides. Continue knitting on the right until the fabric reaches just before the toe ends.

4. Knitting for the lace over nine rows of stitches until only a few remain. Contract this with the working thread.

5. Place the edges of the bed sock together. Close the seams at the top of the foot and at the back of the heel.

6. Crochet an air chain and thread it through the holes around the ankle.

7. The second bed sock work identically.


1. If you do not master any air stitches, you can make a drawstring knit or plait a plait out of several threads instead.

2. Sew small pompoms, knitted hearts, or the like at the ends of the chain.

3. Knitting your bed socks to the right (alternately one row to the left and right) or in a different pattern. Note that the dimensions may change. Therefore, make your stitch sample in the same pattern as the bed shoes.

4. If you want your bed socks to reach up to your ankle, put on the tape measure higher and hit more stitches accordingly. After the leg opening, you must chain off the added number in addition to the specified ten stitches.

5. Add color to your bed socks by incorporating stripes or making the chain and lace in a different color than the rest.

6. Make a cuff (one stitch on the right and one on the left) and sew it to the leg opening.

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