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Crochet the bikini - Free instructions for a crochet bikini

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The crochet bikini is an absolute must this summer. Our bikini guide is not only a necessary beach equipment, it is also a visual highlight. It is again important to us that even beginners can easily rework this crochet bikini. With us you start in a colorful and creative bathing season.

He was in the 70s ever very topical, lost the self-crocheted bikini with the years his reputation. At least until the big fashion designers brought the crochet bikini back on the catwalk. Today, the self-crocheted bikini is again one of the most extraordinary and extravagant bathing suits. Was he in the hippie time usually just a colorful and open top, the cheeky showed his charms at festivals or while sunbathing, may this unique crochet piece today into the water. Thanks to the yarn manufacturers.

Our crochet bikini is easy to crochet, yet looks very stressed and feminine. We worked with a slightly modified chopsticks pattern. The design is chosen so that it can be changed to your liking.

Crochet bikini design yourself

You can use a very colorful, self-colored yarn. Then the bikini gets a completely new character. For example, you can omit the borders altogether. This makes the crochet bikini simple.

But there is also the possibility to change the margins with even more hole patterns. That would rather show the romantic side of the bikini. For example, if you decorate the lower edge of the top with multiple rows of lace patterns, the top quickly becomes a bustier. You can also wear this to a short short.

Such a top is crocheted quickly. After the first crochet try, you will be guaranteed to crochet several pieces. For every day a different color, the beach season will be colorful. If you do not want to work with bikini bottoms, you can also buy a matching pair of pants that will fit any top.

Material and preparation

Which yarn?

This question is for those who want to crochet a bikini. That's why the basic question is always:

  • Is the crochet bikini worn only for sunbathing?
  • Do you also go into the water with the self-crocheted bikini?

Before you start crocheting, you must answer these questions for yourself. It is crucial which yarn you will process for your bikini. If you just want to enjoy the sun, you can work the crochet bikini with every yarn. Because the bikini will not get wet, it does not have to dry tirelessly and always retains its original shape. There are no limits here. What pleases, may be crocheted.
This looks quite different with a crochet bikini that goes into the water. For this you need a yarn that does not lose its shape due to the wetness and, if possible, dries very quickly.

Therefore, virgin wool, cotton, and cotton blended yarns divorce from the outset as a material for a crochet bikini. These yarns dry very slowly and become very heavy with the wet. This can also change the shape.

Only microfiber yarns are suitable for the water passage

For a crochet bikini we recommend a synthetic yarn, a microfiber yarn. These are made of polyester, acrylic, nylon or cellulose. Dimensional stability, softness, water repellency, rapid drying, these are just a few of the characteristics that characterize microfiber yarns. This yarn is not preferred for nothing in the production of sports and rainwear. And it is exactly the yarn that is also suitable for a crochet bikini. Therefore, make sure when buying on which fiber the material consists.

The size

When you go to a store and buy a bikini, you usually know what size you need to grab. If you want to crochet a bikini, this is not so easy. There is no manual in which everything is described so perfectly that it is suitable for every size and every type of yarn. Here is an individual guide is required. We can help you make sure that your crocheted bikini will fit you perfectly.
Basically, everything you crochet: Every yarn and every needle size determines how big or small your crochet work will be.

In our crochet bikini, but not the mesh size is crucial, which we pretend with our instructions. It can only be a guideline. The decisive factor is your personal level. You crochet to your own size. The top and the pants.
We have specifically selected a working technique that allows you to measure on your body, whether you need to increase or if the cup size fits.
For the bikini pants we made a pattern according to the size of an old bikini pants. You can also choose a panties.

The cut

Take an old pair of bikini bottoms or matching panties and copy the outlines on a piece of paper or cardboard. Take the measurements on the bikini bottoms and transfer them to your pattern. Now you have a perfect pattern to crochet. You can customize each row exactly.

Instructions - crochet the bikini


We chose the microfiber yarn DIVA from the manufacturer ALIZE. Unfortunately, you can only order it online. It is a very soft and slightly shiny yarn with a wide range of colors. Its barrel length is 350 meters / 100 grams.

  • 100 grams of microfiber yarn
  • Crochet hook 3.0 mm
  • tape measure


So that the crochet bikini is beautiful opaque, we crocheted it with chopsticks. But not with normal chopsticks, but with chopsticks that make the crochet work even denser.

The stick is crocheted like a double stick. Put a thread around the crochet hook. Poke in the stitch of the preliminary round, pick up a thread and pull through. There are now 3 loops on the needle. So far, it's like a normal chopstick. Get a work thread and pull through the first loop. Get another thread and pull it through the second loop. Get another thread and pull through the third loop. A chopstick is ready.

Crochet bodice and trousers with this basic pattern. The borders are always explained step by step in the following instructions.

Crochet the top

The size of the top in our guide corresponds to the cup size 75 B. Before you begin, measure your breast size on a well-fitting bikini top or brassiere. Measure from the bottom of the cup to the middle of the breast. This length is the starting point for the top of your crochet bikini. Our measure here is 9 cm. This corresponds to a cup size of 75 B.

Stop + 1st round

Cast on 21 air meshes + 3 riser sts. Crochet the first chopsticks in the 4th final air stitch. Finished the chain with 21 sticks.

In the first air mesh now work 5 sticks. This results in the rounding at the middle of the chest. The work is not turned around. Crochet with chopsticks on the opposite side of the chain. Crochet a chopstick and 3 riser sts in the last stitch. Turn the work over.

2nd round

Crochet 23 sticks in the straight line. For rounding in the middle of the chest again work 5 sticks in the middle stitch. There are 23 sticks right up to the beginning.

3rd round and all others

Crochet chopsticks until rounded. In each middle stitch always 5 sticks are worked. You will now receive a shapely basket.

For our size, 75 B, we crocheted in rounds until the lower edge of the basket was twice the height of the center of the basket. For us this was 9 cm high and 18 cm wide. In the picture you can see half of the basket. You customize your basket individually to your size.

The side part of the basket

We have provided the side part of the basket with a hole pattern. This gives it a romantic character. If you prefer this part to be opaque, then continue working with chopsticks or sturdy stitches.

  • 4 climbing air meshes
  • In the 2nd stitch of the preliminary round: 1 fixed stitch, 3 air stitches
  • Skip 1 stitch
  • 1 fixed loop
  • 3 air meshes
  • Skip 1 stitch
  • 1 fixed loop

How to work 10 bows. At the 11th bow begins the slope of the side part.

  • 3 air meshes
  • 1 stick (instead of a fixed loop)
  • 3 air meshes
  • turn the work over
  • Crochet 1 stitch in the next sheet.

You already recognize the slope. Crochet back to the first bow. In the last bow again work a tight mesh. Crochet a chopstick into the first ascending air mesh from the preliminary round for the edge.

  • 3 climbing air meshes
  • Turn the work over
  • 1 solid stitch work in the coming bow.

Crochet in this hole pattern again until the penultimate bow with fixed stitches. In the last bow then work again a chopsticks.

  • 3 air meshes

Turn work over and crochet back in the pattern. The net always gets less 1 hole pattern. When your net is finished with the last hole pattern, the first border starts around the whole basket, also at the bottom edge.

The first border around the basket

  • 2 air meshes
  • 1 fixed loop
  • Crochet in the tip of the cup: 2 strong stitches, 2 air stitches, 2 stitches

The 2nd border

This is again a hole pattern, which is crocheted like this:

  • Crochet 2 sticks in a stitch
  • 2 air meshes
  • Leave 2 stitches
  • 2 sticks in a mesh.
  • At the top of this stitching work twice.

The 3rd border

The whole we have put on a crown. This is how you work:

  • 3 air meshes
  • Crochet 2 sticks in the first of these air stitches: skip 2 stitches, 1 set stitch

Continue working to the cup top in this episode. At the top we crochet the bikini ribbon with us. It is crocheted just like the crown.

In the back row: 2 air stitches, 2 stitches in the opening of the stick.

Back at the tip of the cup, the crown pattern is crocheted to the end of the cup. At the end of the hole pattern of both cups, a ribbon is crocheted in the same pattern.

When both cups are done, just sew them together in the middle as far as you want the cutout. We sewed together 3 cm.

Bikini panties - size 38

For the panties we have worked a pattern. According to this pattern, the increase and decrease is very simple, it replaces counting at work.

We have worked the stop with an air belt, as here: crochet stop

If you prefer to work with an air chain, you have to measure your panty width and put on some mesh. In our example, there are 90 air meshes + 3 riser meshes for the back part of the bikini bottoms. The pants are worked on in one piece. That means you work in the first row with 90 sticks.

The 2nd row is still crocheted without acceptance. Only from the 3rd row, the slope begins on the right and left side.

Crochet in the back row:

  • 1 climbing air mesh
  • Turn to work
  • Crochet a slit stitch in the following stitch: 3 riser sts
  • Continue working with chopsticks

Oblique at the end of the row:

Put the work thread on the needle. In the penultimate stitch, just stab in the first thread, leave on the needle and at the same time completely pierce the last stitch. Now cut off the first two loops, then crochet the next two loops and finally the last two loops. So you get a clean slope right and left.

Crochet the panties exactly to the size of your pattern. In other words, your pattern tells you when to lose or lose weight. In the middle step part is neither increased nor decreased.

For the increase in the front part you increase at the beginning and at the end of a series. At the beginning and at the end of a row, 2 stitches are worked into one stitch. Again, again: measure again and again on the pattern.

At the end, crochet the left and right sides of the bikini panties with tight stitches. Crochet the ribbons as for the top.

Sew all threads. The crochet bikini is ready and waiting for the first bath.

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