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Make Christmas tree decorations yourself - 10 Christmas crafting ideas

  • Cones with snow
  • candy Canes
  • Zimtstangenb├╝ndel
  • Salt dough-trailer
  • paper stars
  • light string
  • Tinker felt-fir trees
  • Crocheted snowflake
  • Wooden stars from brackets
  • Straw stars as a Christmas tree decoration

At no time in the year makes crafts more fun than in winter. Especially when it comes to Christmas, it is a great pleasure to make your own decorative elements. In this guide, we show you many great ideas for the creation of individual Christmas tree decorations. In doing so, we present you with simple and very quick-to-implement variants as well as more comprehensive projects, which can also be mastered with the right materials without any problems.

A bare tree for Christmas "> cones with snow

Collect small and large pine cones in the nearest natural area. As a result, you have several options to refine the cones, such as the following:

Option A: Spray the elements with gold or silver spray paint or spray snow. Let dry. Stick a band in the upper part of each pin as a suspension.

Option B: First roll the cones in glue and then roll them into glitter powder. How to achieve a magical glitter effect.

After that stick a tape as a suspension again. Done is simple, but exciting Christmas tree decorations!

candy Canes

Even our third idea can be easily implemented by children. What you need for the non-edible, yet incredibly sweet candy canes made of pearls, are pipe cleaners, beads in two different colors (should match the other Christmas tree decorations) and possibly a pair of scissors. Pick up a pipe cleaner and, if necessary, cut it to the desired size. Then make a knot at the top. Then thread the beads alternately in one color and the other. Tie the pipe cleaner down again. Lastly, bend a piece of the top slightly to the right to create the typical candy cane shape. Repeat the individual steps to make several candy canes as Christmas tree ornaments.


Cinnamon sticks are for many an integral part of the Christmas season - whether as ingredients in tea or as decorative elements. You can also transform the pretty rods into Christmas tree ornaments. All you need to do is take a few of them and tie them up with a fine bow ribbon. Tie the ribbon and make a loop. Finished are chic accessories that both visually inspire and exude a pleasant scent. The mess can undoubtedly come.

Tip: Use gift ribbon in a color that matches the occasion and other Christmas tree decorations - for example, in red, gold or white.

Salt dough-trailer

With salt dough can be tinker various decorative elements - even Christmas tree decorations. The best thing about it: In addition to the figures, you can also easily make the dough yourself. How this works in detail, these guides tell you: Make salt dough yourself and dry salt dough.

In addition, the following articles will help you get a feel for salt dough tinkering:

  • Paint salt dough
  • Paint salt dough
  • Salt dough Ideas

Tip: For crafting Christmas tree decorations from salt dough, you can use cookie cutters with Christmas motifs - such as stars or Christmas trees.

paper stars

Another idea for home-made Christmas tree ornaments are paper stars for folding. Also there is a separate guide at clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com: tinker paper stars. Choose your favorite guide and start straight away. Most stars are not that difficult to make, so you can easily involve your kids as well.

light string

What would the Christmas tree be without a fairy-light? "> Make a fairy-tale chain, among other things, you will find instructions for crafting a fairy-tale Christmas tree.

After these short ideas or recommendations, we now devote ourselves to the detailed instructions on Christmas tree decorations. We present snowmen made of felt, snowflakes made of clothespins and real classics, namely straw stars.

Tinker felt-fir trees

You need this:

  • felt
  • wood Beads
  • line
  • needle
  • scissors


Step 1: Cut off the felt from a 1 cm wide and 30 cm long strip.

Step 2: From the string you need a piece about 40 cm long. Thread the thread onto the needle. At the end, make a thick double knot around the first bead.

Step 3: Now insert the needle about 5 mm from the edge of the strip. Then a second pearl comes on the thread. Now the strip is wrapped around this bead in the bow and again stung through the felt. Now always put the strip in the bow alternating between pearl and felt, so that the individual bows are always wider. At the end, the strip is attached with a last bead.

Step 4: Knot the end of the string and cut off the protruding end.

5th step: The felt tree now needs a loop as a suspension. This is simply attached to the top bead. Finished!

Crocheted snowflake

They love crocheting and would like to use homemade decoration at Christmas or even give it away "> crochet the snowflake

Wooden stars from brackets

You need this:

  • Wooden clothespins (8 per star)
  • Fabric gift ribbon (in gold or brown)
  • Hot or wood glue
  • scissors
  • Spray paint in white or gold


Step 1: Pick up eight wooden clothespins.

Step 2: Disassemble all the brackets by carefully removing the metal springs.

Note: After this step, you have 16 wood elements and eight metal springs. The latter can be thrown away if not used elsewhere.

Step 3: Glue the two halves together with hot glue on seven of the eight wooden clothespins.

Step 4: Cut a piece of gold or brown fabric gift ribbon and fold it into a loop in the middle.

Step 5: Place the "open" ends of the loop between the two halves of the remaining clip.

Step 6: Now glue this eighth clamp together. Make sure that the loop does not slip.

Step 7: Build your snowflake now.

a) Take two of the glued together elements and glue their flat ends together at right angles.
b) Following the same principle add two more glued together elements. The result is an X.
c) Repeat the procedure with the remaining four glued together elements.
d) Glue one X over the other X to create a snowflake shape.

If you want, dye the snowflake with white or gold spray paint. Shimmery-effect colors look especially pretty. Or you can decorate the stars with sequins or glass stones.

Done is an extremely elegant Christmas tree decoration!

Straw stars as a Christmas tree decoration

You need this:

  • straw
  • straw splitters
  • Lege form
  • yarn
  • household rubber
  • scissors
  • Iron
  • Bowl of cold water
  • paper towels


Step 1: Pick up straw and the straw splitter.

Step 2: Pull the straw through the splitter. This creates fine, even stripes.

Step 3: Soak the split straw in the bowl of cold water for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 4: Carefully dry the straw with kitchen paper.

Step 5: Iron the straw at low temperature.

Step 6: Now comes the creative part: Lay the individual straw strips criss-cross, but evenly between the teeth of the laying form.

In this detailed guide you will find a variety of possible variants for straw stars: tinker straw stars

Note: Depending on how you do it, you will get different patterns. Just experiment!

Step 7: Grab a household gum, tighten it as a ring around the teeth of the tray and push it down. In this way you press the straw strips together stably.

Step 8: Apply the laying form.

Step 9: Tie the ends of the straw strips together at the crossing points with gold-colored yarn.

Step 10: Now remove the rubber band and the laying form.

Step 11: Trim the stars with the scissors.

Caution: Just cut behind the yarn, otherwise you will destroy your Christmas tree decorations!

Step 12: Cut a small piece of the gold-colored yarn.

Step 13: Attach the piece of yarn to one corner of your straw star in the form of a loop. The latter acts as a suspension. Done is your classic Christmas tree decoration!

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