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Cool DIY instructions: Make gummy bears yourself

  • Basic recipe for rubber animals
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  • Vegan gummy bears
  • Jellied jelly gummi bears
  • Sour gummy bears
  • Mulled wine fruit jelly
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You want to make your own gummy bears ">

In every supermarket tantalizingly colorful bags of rubber animals of all sorts are waiting - and that for little money. So why lend a hand? Because the conventional selection is more limited than the polychrome packaging makes believe. Aromas and ingredients are mostly similar. However, your own gummi bears taste exactly how you want them. In addition, the ingredients used can be individually adapted: you suffer from allergies, want to save calories or just snack especially healthy? No problem, for each of our five recipe ideas you only need a little liquid, a gelling agent and, of course, color and flavor carriers. Together with a pretty silicone mold, most of these utensils are reusable, so the actual cost hardly exceeds the price of supermarket fruit gum. And the workload? Eaten as fast as the tasty gummy bears.

Each of the five tutorials describes in detail how to get about 20 to 40 pieces of delicious rubber treats - which, incidentally, also make a creative present. Simply fill in a pretty mason jar and give away sweet moments!

Basic recipe for rubber animals

This first basic variant for sweet gummy bears is quick and can be adapted to every taste. Since the fruit gum is made using syrup in this case, you have the opportunity to try many variations - because the syrup provides intense color and fruity taste in one. Who uses different varieties, can thus easily create the flavor of commercially available original gummi bears - only better, softer and fresher. Did you ever worry that your favorite strain of rubber animals is not individually packaged? Then just use a single syrup in cherry, apple or whatever flavor you prefer: and you have your favorite bear species completely pure!

You will need that:

  • 100 ml of water
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 150 ml syrup (strawberry, woodruff, orange, etc.)
  • 60 g instant gelatin
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • Silicone mold
  • Hand mixer (if possible)

How to proceed:

Step 1: Mix your 100 milliliters of water with the sugar. Then put this mixture in a pot and boil it briefly.

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Step 2: Remove the pan from the heat and add the syrup.

Tip: If you want to use several different sorts of syrup, and then get goblets of different flavors, first complete the entire step-by-step tutorial with a single syrup type. That is, for example, you make all the strawberry gums first, then repeat the entire process from step 1 to 6 with the next flavor until each syrup is off.

Step 3: Now it's lemon juice and gelatine. Mix both ingredients with the sugar water that has stopped boiling. Important: stir quickly and vigorously to avoid unsightly gelatine lumps!

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Step 5: Almost done: Now pour the warm stuff quickly into the silicone molds and let it cool for at least two hours in the refrigerator or in another cool place. Do not work too slowly while filling, otherwise the rubber mass will be too firm and you will get a single misshapen lump of rubber.

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Tip: The mixture can be "injected" into the individual molds in a particularly precise and uncomplicated manner using a large syringe. Such utensils can be found - originally designed for a different purpose - for little money in every pharmacy. But even in the baking department in any well-stocked supermarket, such syringes can be found.

Step 6: Done, now let the delicious rubber animals peel easily from their silicone bed and nibble!

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instructions video

Vegan gummy bears

If already own rubber animals, then these should also be so healthy that can be accessed without remorse ">

  • 1 cup of frozen fruits (depending on taste: strawberries, wild berries, blueberries)
  • 2 oranges instead or 100 ml orange juice with no added sugar
  • 2 × 2 tablespoons of agave syrup
  • 2 × 3 tablespoons of agartine
  • Praline heart shape made of silicone
  • Blender, crusher or blender

How to proceed:

Step 1: Give the frozen fruits sufficient time to completely defrost. Then you puree the fruits together with their juice to a creamy mass without pieces. The same applies if you want to use a blender or crusher instead of the blender.

Step 2: For the fruit gum with orange flavor, squeeze your fresh oranges and then pass the juice through a small close-meshed sieve. So make sure that no fruit pieces remain over. Who wants to use pre-packaged juice, of course, waives this step - unless, this still contains pulp.

Step 3: Put your orange juice together with 2 tablespoons of agave syrup and 3 tablespoons of agartine in a pot and boil the mixture briefly. Likewise, do the same with the fruit puree, supplement it with the same amount of agave sweetener and agartine and bring the mixture to a boil for a brief moment.

Step 4: And you can fill the fruity warm liquids individually in the heart molds.

Tip: In order to transport the orange mixture into the molds, a large syringe from the pharmacy requirement is suitable - as already suggested in Recipe 1. The fruit puree, however, could be too thick for that. Simply use a small spoon, a shotgather made quickly from a simple freezer bag or pour your fruit mixture directly from the pot into the silicone molds.

Step 5: Let it set for at least two hours in the fridge and then enjoy the intense fruity aroma - in a natural way, with almost no calories and without any guilty conscience!

Jellied jelly gummi bears

If a particularly reduced number of ingredients to produce delicious fruit gum, such as spontaneously as a small gift before the children's birthday party, then you best follow this guide. Instead of gelatine and a flavor carrier, just use jelly! So your rubber animals get in a single ingredient shape, color and aroma! With a little trick, they can be packed immediately and taken away or given away.

You will need that:

  • 100 ml of water
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar (or equivalent amount of sugar substitute, such as agave sweetener)
  • 1 bag of jelly powder (jelly powder)
  • Cornstarch (optional for later packaging)
  • Silicone molds in the desired motif

How to proceed:

Step 1: First mix the sugar (or alternative sweetener) with the jelly powder in a pot.

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2nd step: Only then the water is added: stir well.

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Step 3: Now gently heat the mixture to medium.

Attention: Unlike instructions 1 and 2, do not let this mixture boil!

4th step: Now the mass is already allowed in the molds. Due to its smooth texture, it can be easily poured directly from the pot in the designated cavities. You may only fill them up to half way - so that your gummy bears, rubber hearts or whatever shape you choose, do not get too thick.

Step 5: Give your snack at least two hours to cool, preferably in the fridge.

Step 6: For colorful variety repeat the process with different colored jelly.

Step 7: Done! In order to be able to take the sweet treat right away and give it away, you pollinate the rubber animals that have been released from their shape all around with some cornstarch. This natural release agent does not affect the taste, makes the animals look pretty powdered and, above all, prevents them from sticking together.

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Sour gummy bears

They like to like "> Glühwein-Fruchtgummi

Especially in the Christmas season homemade sweets are the icing on the festive mood. The aromatic mulled wine gum from this guide tastes wonderful after the Christmas market.

Tip: If you do not want to celebrate Christmas, but still a little alcoholic, replace the mulled wine with ordinary red wine or white wine. To achieve a pretty play of colors, combine light wines with light fruit juice and blend darker varieties with red wine only. The sight of whitish and deep red fruit gum not only pleases the taste buds but also the eyes. After this digression back to the original mulled wine fruit gum!

You will need that:

  • 100 ml of fruit juice
  • 150 ml of mulled wine
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar or vegan sweetener like agave syrup
  • 60 g of powder gelatin or 3 tablespoons of agartine
  • whisk
  • Silicone mold (Christmas as heart, fir or star or: mini Guglhupf)

How to proceed:

Step 1: At the beginning you mix fruit juice, mulled wine, lemon juice and your chosen sweetener and a pot: then heat, but do not boil!

Step 2: Using the whisk, lift the gelatine or your herbal agartine under the mixture. Continue to make sure that nothing starts to cook!

Tip: Should foam form, scoop it off.

Step 3: As described in all previous instructions, pour the warm liquid into the provided molds. As an aid, you can also use the utensils from Recipe 1 and 2 here.

Step 4: After two hours of cooling, remove from the mold, possibly decorate and serve Christmas, give away or nibble yourself.


a) Be sure to use flexible silicone molds rather than rigid hard plastic ice cube molds. This would be difficult to free your finished gums.
b) However, do not be fooled if you do not have pretty silicone molds: Alternatively, you could put your gummy bear "dough" from your preferred guide into a larger freezer or higher tray. The soil should be well covered. If you chop the large area into bite-sized chunks after cooling down, you will get delicious jelly blocks - in a straightforward design.
c) The silicone molds filled with liquid gummy bears are difficult to transport to the refrigerator without minor accidents? No problem, just place a kitchen board under the mold to stabilize it.
d) If the gummy bears are a little adamant about leaving their silicone mold, then help with a trick that merely consists of briefly letting warm water flow over the back of the box.
e) Of course you can use our recipes as a basis for your own creations: Fruit juice can be replaced by intense black or green tea, children love Cola or Fanta - make sure to allow the carbon dioxide to escape first. In addition, food coloring provides even more color intensity - but does not have to be, as all the variants shown here are already nicely colored.

Tips for quick readers:

  • Make rubber animals yourself with a few ingredients
  • Taste and color: syrup, fruit juice, frozen fruits
  • Gelling Agent: gelatin or herbal agartine
  • Alternatively jello as a "3 in 1" addition
  • Very low labor and cost
  • Mix, heat and shape
  • Allow to cool well
  • Powder for packaging with cornflour
  • Buy flexible silicone molds in numerous designs
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