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These house plants need only little light - list

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Rattle with dim, dreary corners in your apartment ">

These house plants need only little light - list

Enjoy the vitalizing feel-good atmosphere of green plants even in rooms with low light conditions. Mother Nature presents us with some floral specialists, who are well prepared for the lack of sunlight. The majority of these are opulent leaf ornamental plants, which give a magnificent greening to low-light niches and shady window sills. Even in the dimly lit hall, the floral specialists welcome your guests or turn the cool, dimly lit bedroom into an evergreen retreat. And that's not all, your green housemates filter pollutants harmful to health from the air. Explore a list of handpicked houseplants that need little light.

Flowers for shady locations

Turning fruit (Streptocarpus)

With indefatigable flowers, the exotic flower and leaf ornamental plant thrills in all situations that are not reached by the sun's rays. Newer varieties, such as the variety 'Dee', boast with their rich blue, velvety flowers up to 10 months a year. As a result, the spiral-turned seeds appear, to which the plant owes its name. Just do not put the spinach on her flower dress, trump the jewelry leaves on, to bridge the waiting period until the next flowering time decorative.

  • Growth height: 20-40 cm
  • Minimum temperature: 5-10 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 4, 99 Euro for a 20 cm tall plant

Shamflower (Aeschynanthus)

This Gesneriengewächs provides convincing proof that you do not have to do without lavish flowers in low-light rooms. On the elegantly dangling tendrils with shiny, green ornamental leaves, beautiful red flowers appear between June and October.

  • Growth length of the tendrils: 100-150 cm
  • Temperatures: 18-22 degrees Celsius
  • Price: from 4, 99 Euro

Shrub veronica - formerly Hebe (Veronica)

From August to October we enjoy the New Zealand small shrub with pretty, pink, pink or purple flowers over evergreen leaves. Some of the most beautiful varieties, such as Hebe Variegata, stand out with cream-green variegated foliage. For the partially shaded to shady windowsill on the east and north sides, the shrub veronica is perfect as a colorful eye-catcher. Who takes the time for a pruning after the first flowering, will be rewarded with a post-bloom at the beginning of winter.

  • Growth height: 50-150 cm
  • Minimum temperature: 5 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 3.99 euros for a 15-20 cm plant

Foliage plants

Alokasie - Elephant Ear (Alocasia)

With its powerful, triangular pointed and up to 45 cm long leaves this tropical house plant stages a great jungle feeling in shady corners. If you allow the magnificent plant to settle in the partially shady spot, it will thrive for many years in shady places where other green plants would thrive.

  • Growth height: 100-150 cm
  • Minimum temperature: 10-12 degrees Celsius
  • Price: from 39.90 euros for a 60 cm tall plant

Dieffenbachie (Dieffenbachia)

The popular houseplant also thrives in shady locations that have so far resisted creative greening. The oval-shaped jewelry leaves are - depending on the variety - artistically marbled or veined ivory. In the youth, creamy-white plants transform their foliage in old age, forming a strong green midrib and rich green margins.

  • Growth height: 50-100 cm
  • Minimum temperature: 15 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 5, 50 Euro for a 40-50 cm plant

Tip: The darker the location and the cooler the temperatures, the lower the casting requirements are. Always water your houseplants only when the thumb sample has detected a dried substrate.

Lucky Feather (Zamioculas)

The ideal houseplant for the beginner who wants to shade a shady location, comes under the name Glücksfeder. The succulent plant thrives in all locations as long as there is no collapsing sun or deepest darkness. The palm-like, tightly erect pinnate leaves are covered with a layer of wax. This not only creates a nice shine, but also ensures a robust dry compatibility.

  • Growth height: 30-90 cm
  • Temperature minimum: 10 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 16, 95 Euro for a 70 cm tall plant

Gunner's flower (Pilea)

The gunner flower stands out as a graceful hanging plant for a location with plenty of shade. The tendrils richly decorated with silvery-gray, oval leaves are excellently displayed in the traffic light. The plant owes its unusual name to its rather explosive propagation method. The inconspicuous, mature flowers shoot their pollen up to 1 m far into the environment.

  • Growth height: 15-40 cm
  • Minimum temperature: 13 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 14.95 euros for a 40 cm tall plant

Arrowroot - Maranta (Calathea)

The multifaceted Calathea genus brings us a variety of magnificent leaf ornamental plants for diminutive niches. The up to 60 cm long leaves are beautifully drawn in different shades, such as light or dark green and cream. The uncomplicated care is limited to moderate pouring with rainwater and the administration of liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks.

  • Growth height: 15-30 cm
  • Temperature minimum: 16 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 14, 95 Euro for a 40-45 cm tall plant

Philodendron - Tree Friend (Philodendrons)

The tropical climbing artist turns your home into an evergreen feel-good oasis with its mighty ornamental leaves. This masterpiece accomplishes the popular tree friend even in locations where the vast majority of houseplants stunted. At the same time, the evergreen plant filters pollutants from the air, such as formaldehyde or carbon monoxide. Among the more than 250 species and countless hybrids that found their way to us from tropical rainforests, there is the Philodendron for every room size.

  • Growth height: up to 300 cm
  • Minimum temperature: 12-14 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 4.90 for a 20 cm young plant to 39.90 for a richly branched noble variety

Tip: Please note that the vast majority of tropical indoor plants are toxic to low-light locations. Wear protective gloves during all planting and care work. Do not dispose of clippings on the compost, but put it in the household waste.

Schusterpalme - Butcher's Palm (Aspidistra)

Here you meet the undisputed darling for the greening of rooms with unfavorable lighting conditions. Moreover, the Schusterpalme gives pleasing easy care and forgives good-naturedly so many beginners mistakes. As long as the robust foliage plant does not get under direct sunlight, you will enjoy the evergreen butcher's palm for many years to come.

  • Growth height: 100-200 cm
  • Minimum temperature: 10-12 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 39.90 euros for a 70 cm tall plant

Radiation Aralie (Schefflera)

The classic among leaf decoration plants for low-light rooms may not be missing in this list. The aralia from Australia produces no flowers in our latitudes. This shortcoming lets the radiantly arranged, elegantly shining leaves forget in an instant. As the houseplant dryness without complaints and temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius does not like, it is considered the ideal greenery for bedrooms.

  • Growth height: 20 to 200 cm
  • Temperature minimum: 12-15 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 29, 90 Euro for a 110 cm plant

Woodland Simse (Scirpus sylvaticus)

Its name already indicates the lighting conditions, under which the decorative ornamental grass feels in good hands. In dense clumps, the delicate blades of grass aspire to heaven. If you assign the sour-grass plant a half-shady to shady location, springy spikes of flowers will rise above the grass in every season.

  • Growth height: 20-40 cm
  • Minimum temperature: 8-12 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 1.99 euros for a 20 cm plant

Room Ferns

Stag tongue fern (Phyllitis scolopendrium)

Its lush greenery is not only wonderful in the shade garden. In addition, the deer-tongue fern has conquered the hearts of gardeners for the greening of dim areas. The shapely tongue flowers initially thrive tightly to bend elegantly with age.

  • Growth height: 30-60 cm
  • Minimum temperature: 14-16 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 6, 30 Euro for a 20 cm plant

Striped fern (Asplenium)

With fresh-green, undivided leaves in a funnel shape, striped fern sets decorative accents in low-light living spaces. Its harmonious growth habit preserves the tropical green plant over many years, as it does not form any side shoots, but always lets new leaves sprout out of the rosette.

  • Growth length of leaves: 50-100 cm
  • Temperature minimum: 10-16 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 7, 95 Euro for a 25 cm tall plant

Tip: Fill the coaster of your ferns with pebbles and water. This effectively prevents harmful waterlogging and creates a humid microclimate, as the tropical plants love it.

Spotted fern (Phlebodium)

Easy-care classic for every room that is not spoiled by the sunlight. The dense, evergreen fronds emerge from creeping rhizomes, which are partly above the ground and partly in the substrate. Since this distinctive fern species loves a high humidity, it is recommended for the design of bathrooms, indoor swimming pools or similar premises.

  • Growth height: 50-70 cm
  • Temperature minimum: 10 degrees Celsius
  • Price: 3, 95 Euro for a 25 cm tall plant

Tips for quick readers

Flowering plants:

  • Turning fruit (Streptocarpus)
  • Shamflower (Aeschynanthus)
  • Shrub veronica - formerly Hebe (Veronica)

Evergreen leaf ornamental plants:

  • Alokasie - Elephant Ear (Alocasia)
  • Dieffenbachie (Dieffernbachia)
  • Lucky Feather (Zamioculas)
  • Gunner's flower (Pilea)
  • Arrowroot - Maranta (Calathea)
  • Philodendron - Tree Friend (Philodendrons)
  • Schusterpalme - Butcher's Palm (Aspidistra)
  • Radiation Aralie (Schefflera)
  • Woodland Simse (Scirpus sylvaticus)

Room Ferns:

  • Stag tongue fern (Phyllitis scolopendrium)
  • Striped fern (Asplenium)
  • Spotted fern (Phlebodium)
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