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DIY: Cropping Nano / Micro SIM Card - Tutorial + Template

  • Sizes of a SIM card
  • Trim SIM card - the possibilities
    • Micro and Nano SIM card - template
    • Trim the SIM card with scissors

Modern smartphones have a particularly slim design. Since there is not much space behind the display, especially small SIM cards are necessary for the operation of the mobile phones. From the normal SIM smaller micro or Nano SIM cards are distinguished. If you have bought a new smartphone, you can continue to use your normal SIM. You have to crop the map, which is quite easy to do.

The SIM card is indispensable for telephoning with the smartphone and for accessing the internet. It will be inserted in the cell phone or smartphone and will remain there until the device or mobile service provider is changed. The card will be provided free of charge by the mobile service provider upon conclusion of the contract. In the event of loss or defect, you often have to pay a fee as a customer.

If you need a smaller SIM card after changing your device, you do not need to contact your mobile service provider. You can crop the SIM card . For this you use a template that you can print out at Talu.de. Alternatively, use a special pair of scissors, which punch out the required smaller version from the large SIM card. The cutting is easier with the scissors. However, you must invest in the device while you can print the template for free.

Sizes of a SIM card

Basically, SIM cards are available in four different sizes. The first mobile phones available in the 1990s needed a SIM card the size of a credit card. Such mobile phones are today only in nostalgics in use. Nevertheless, some mobile service providers still send SIM cards in credit card size. From these cards you can take out the standard SIM conveniently because it is pre-punched.

Most mobile service providers send so-called multi-SIM cards . These models no longer contain the large SIM card in the format of a credit card. But the multi SIM is pre-punched so that you get virtually three SIM cards in one. You can use the Multi-SIM as a normal SIM card if you do not break any of the markers. Remove the outer mark, you get a micro-SIM card, which is used in many modern smartphones.

After removing the second marker, hold a nano-SIM card in your hand. This is required for all iPhones and iPads, but also smartphones from other manufacturers, which have a very narrow design, are equipped with a Nano-SIM card.

New smartphone with older mobile phone contract

When you sign up for a new mobile phone contract, you do not have to worry about ordering the right SIM card. However, if you have been using your SIM card for several years and want to buy a modern smartphone, you have two options. You can order a multi-SIM card from your mobile operator. However, if you do not order your new smartphone with a new mobile subscription, you will generally have to pay a fee for the new SIM card. This differs with the individual portable radio offerers. On average, you pay 30 EUR. You can save these costs by customizing your existing older SIM card .

You can download and print free templates for cutting in this Talu article as a PDF file. The cutting requires some skill and a steady hand, because you must not damage the chip of the SIM card. In this case, the card would stop working and you would have to order a new card from your mobile service provider. For this reason alone, nothing speaks against the cut of the SIM card. Try it, take your time and take the small risk that the card is defective afterwards. You increase your chance that you will save the money you would need to spend on a new SIM card, because the cutting is really very easy.

Trim SIM card - the possibilities

Basically, you have several options to tailor an older SIM card that does not have a cut-out for smaller cards yet. The only free option is at the same time the option that requires the most effort and a little skill. Alternatively, you can have the SIM card cropped in a mobile phone shop . As a rule, you also have to pay a fee for it. This is five to ten euros below the cost of a new mobile card. The advantage of this option is that you can request a free new SIM card if the shop assistant damages the card when you cut it.

As another alternative, you can order a special pair of scissors on the Internet. With this pair of scissors you can easily reduce the size of the SIM card to the required size. The risk of damaging the card is very low. But even with this option you have to bear the cost of a special pair of scissors, which you usually needed only once. Such scissors cost between five and 15 EUR. If you sell the scissors after use, you could minimize costs and cut the SIM card more easily than with the template.

Micro and Nano SIM card - template

If you have decided to cut the SIM card using a template, you will need a lot of accessories . However, these accessories are usually found in every household, so you do not need to invest. Note the difference between the micro and the nano SIM. Both are recorded on the stencil. It is in the micro-SIM to the larger of the two templates. If you need a Nano-SIM, it is barely larger than the chip on the back of the SIM card.

Download: Cut PDF template SIM card

Print the sheet and provide the following accessories.

You need this:

  • small scissors with sharp blades
  • Template for the nano or micro SIM
  • Scotch tape
  • alternatively: special cutting tool for nano or micro sim cards

Take enough time to cut the SIM card. Then you can assume that you will succeed in the cut. To succeed, it is helpful to work through the following steps in the order given.

1. Place the template for the SIM card on a smooth surface. Well suited is a table without a tablecloth or a straight tray.

2. Place the SIM card on the template and check that the size of the original SIM card matches the size of the printout. Pay attention to the correct seat. The chip must remain clearly free, even if you want to cut a Nano-SIM card.

3. Cut out the desired template by the dotted line. Then place the cut-out template face-up on the original SIM card. So it is the original SIM card with the golden chip up and above your template is also with the printed side up. Now fix the template with Tesafilm on the SIM card. Make sure that the green cut lines remain clearly visible.

4. Now take the SIM card together with the template in your hand. Cut carefully along the green line and make sure from time to time that you do not touch the chip with the scissors. Keep in mind that in older SIM cards, the chip was usually kept larger and thus it can not be completely avoided to cut off a small part of the golden chip.

5. Remove the template from the SIM card by releasing the tesing film. Insert the SIM card into your mobile phone and make sure it fits properly. After turning on the smartphone, you can check that the SIM card is fully functional.

Tip: Always pay attention to the chip when cutting the SIM card. This must not be damaged during cutting. If you accidentally cut the chip while you reduce the size of the card, you will not be able to use it. In this case you would have to order a new card from your mobile service provider.

Trim the SIM card with scissors

In the trade you get special scissors with which you can cut out of the normal SIM either a micro-SIM card or a nano-SIM. These are models shaped in the size of the SIM card. You put on the scissors and punch out the required part of the SIM card with a lever movement . When using the tool, make sure that you are setting it straight. This is sometimes not easy. The following steps are promising.

1. Sit down at a table and take the special pair of scissors in your right hand. When cutting with the left hand, be sure to align the scissors correctly. The models are usually designed for right-handed people. Since the SIM card is irregular in shape, proper handling is also very important for left-handers.

2. Take a straight posture and support both forearms at the table. So you get a perfect grip and do not slip accidentally.

3. Place the punching scissors over the SIM card and keep an eye on the chip. Center the punch in the middle of the SIM card.

4. If the alignment is correct, push the punch firmly together once. The required part of the SIM card is pressed out in the correct form. The edges are smooth, so you can easily insert the SIM card into your smartphone.

5. Insert the custom SIM card into your smartphone and check its functionality.

The time it takes to trim the SIM card with the punch is less than choosing the variant with the template . You do not need five minutes with the special pair of scissors. To trim the SIM card using the template, you should plan for at least fifteen minutes of time, taking all steps into consideration.

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