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Protection against burglary: secure cellar windows - how it works!

  • Fuses for basement windows
    • To secure 1st light or cellar shaft
    • To 2. Basement window grille without
    • To 3rd basement window lattice in
    • Lockable to 4th telescopic pole
    • To be retrofitted to lockable 5. window handles

The number of burglaries continues to increase daily and many of these burglaries occur through the basement windows. This is simply because the basement windows are often very poor or not secured. Most homeowners simply forget about the basement in their security concept. Unfortunately, the burglars also know that and take their chance. Here are the different ways to secure the cellar windows.

At most basement windows, there are a number of vulnerabilities. So older windows in the basement are secured inside only with a pole in the wall. This rod can be easily levered out with a wire from the outside. Some cheap basement windows even have only such a thin unstable plastic frame that they can be pushed in quickly. Another big problem with basement windows is actually outside the house: the cellar shaft cover. But even if a normal window has been installed in the basement, burglars can often get into the house very easily. Therefore, we show here the backup options for basement windows, so that the burglars have to look for a new job.

Material and preparation

You need this:

  • Drill and cordless screwdriver
  • screwdriver
  • spirit level
  • ruler
  • padlock
  • safety bar
  • Grating securing
  • lockable grid (inside)
  • Cellar window grille (outside)
  • Lockable telescopic pole
  • Perforated sheet / mouse sheet
  • shutters
  • lockable window handle
  • Side hinge assurance

Cost of securing the basement window

The basement window can be very effectively secured by various simple means. For example, if a normal window is installed, a lockable window handle can help to increase security. Also very easy to install are telescopic poles, which are sealed inside the window well visible. Above all, these can be removed very easily. This can be important if you want to take the rod with you in an excerpt. Good telescopic poles that really keep the burglar out are not cheap. However, you do not necessarily need a craftsman for the high-quality wire mesh fences outside.

The prices for most backups are not only based on the quality, but also on the size of the window. Therefore, our prices below are only guidelines for the smallest models.

  • Window grid galvanized 60 cm high - extendable from 70 to 105 cm - from about 30 euros
  • lockable window handles for conventional windows - from about 10, 00 Euro
  • Grating guard ABUS GS 40 - chain and padlock - from about 45, 00 Euro
  • Grating guard ABUS GS 60 - sturdy pull rod - from about 40, 00 Euro
  • Grating protection ABUS GS 20 - Tension rod with screw protection pot - from about 20, 00 Euro
  • Telescopic pole in chrome or white - from 100 cm length - from 120, 00 Euro
  • Hinge side protection - from about 35, 00 Euro
  • Protective grille / mouse plate for tilting wings - from 45, 00 Euro

Fuses for basement windows

All backups for basement windows at a glance

  1. Secure cellar shaft
  2. Cellar window grille outside in soffit
  3. Grid inside - different solutions
  4. Lockable telescopic pole
  5. Retrofit window handles lockable

To secure 1st light or cellar shaft

The security of the basement and thus of the house begins already in front of the basement window. If a cellar shaft is present, it should be well secured. Together with a secure window, the basement is absolutely burglar-proof. Even if you ventilate, thanks to the securing of the cellar shaft no burglar can gain access. A larger light shaft also has the disadvantage that it offers the burglar a place where he can work completely undisturbed and unseen.

Tip: A beautifully grown property with many bushes and shrubs offers many private areas that are not disturbed by prying eyes. But at the same time, these bushes in front of windows and house entrances always provide good jobs for burglars, as they also can not be seen. Therefore, you should avoid at least in front of the cellar and ground floor windows on a too dense planting.

However, the grid protection must also be installed so that this access is really closed. For this purpose, two models are needed on most models, so that the grating can not be levered up on one side. Even if the grid has a hinge on one side, it should still be attached twice. With a larger grille, even four grate locks are no exaggeration.

Clear basement windows of scrub
  • Grating guard ABUS GS 40 - chain and padlock
  • Grating guard ABUS GS 60 - sturdy pull rod
  • Grating guard ABUS GS 20 - Tension rod with screw protection pot

For example, despite the padlock, the ABUS grate retainers still comply with the escape route regulations because the lock can be unlocked without a key. This allows residents to leave the building quickly in case of danger. Of course, other manufacturers also offer such grates in their assortment, which are just as helpful and safe.

To 2. Basement window grille without

One of the best ways to secure a basement window is probably an iron grid, which is screwed outside the window. There are window grilles in the trade, which can be infinitely adjusted to any width. These grids are usually bolted in the window reveal. Jewelry grids, however, are screwed next to the window reveal on the wall. However, these jewelry grids are very safe if you use certain screws that can not be easily unscrewed.

Decorative lattice basement window

Tip: When using a window grille always make sure that the cross struts are not too far apart. Some burglars use children as helpers to access small windows and even dog flaps . The children then crawl inside the house and open the adult colleagues doors or windows.

The window grilles are usually made of steel, which was galvanized. Some models, however, you have to delete yourself. That does not make much sense, because if the iron suffers from corrosion after a few years, it may easily break out of the soffit.

To 3rd basement window lattice in

If the light in the basement hardly matters, the old cellar windows can be secured very well with a so-called Mäuseblech. This is locked in addition to a padlock. By attaching the padlock loop to the soffit in two different positions, you can even safely ventilate the basement in front of mice and burglars. However, the perforated plate should be at least three millimeters thick, otherwise it bends easily.

Screwed hole grille inside
  • Grid securely screwed and lockable inside
  • Mouse plate / steel aperture at least 3 mm and secured with lock

The second practical fuse inside is a steel grid that can be opened. These models usually have a stable hinge on one side and a lock on the other side that can be locked. The advantage of this lockable steel grille lies in the air again. You can open the grid briefly to tilt the window and then close it again with the window open. In this variant, however, the mice can still get into your basement room. But you have received not only the high security but also the light.

Tip: If normal windows have been installed in the basement area, you should also install blinds or shutters here. It is important to ensure that the shutters are equipped with a push -up protection. In some roller shutters, there is also an eyelet on the inside at the bottom, through which a padlock can be passed. So this roller shutter can really only be broken with a tank.

Lockable to 4th telescopic pole

With a telescopic rod, the window is secured against unauthorized opening from the outside. The telescopic rod is not pressed like a shower rod with flat supports in the soffit, but it has at both ends thinner massive wall anchors, which is inserted into drilled holes. The telescopic tube can be easily pulled out and locked. Since the rod is in the wall at both ends, it can not be pushed out by an intruder.

  • Lengths commercially 100/140/180 and 220 cm
  • Telescopic rods usually a bit shortened
  • Colors chrome and white

Tip: When attaching the two holes in the sides of the soffit, make sure that the rod sits very close to the window. So the whole construction gets even more stability, which in the end also serves safety again.

To be retrofitted to lockable 5. window handles

In modern houses, the basement rooms are often used as living spaces. Therefore, here are then installed normal windows that let in a lot of light. So that you do not have to bargain such a window in a living room, you should at least retrofit the light version. Lockable window handles secure a window even when you are not in the room, but still want to air something. While tilted windows can be opened too easily with a normal window olive, the burglar would have to make a lot more effort with a lockable handle. That costs him time, where there is a danger of being discovered. Also, burglars are not fond of doing a lot of work, so they prefer to move on to the next object, which may not be as secure.

Lockable window handle

Tip: Lockable window handles only help if you always use the lock. If the window is in tilted position, the lock should be closed as well as when closed. If you only start to lock the latch now and then, this handling will eventually become a habit and the entire lockable window latch is obsolete.

For normal windows, hinged side guards are also a good solution. These prevent your window in the basement from being easily pried open. Originally, these fenders were designed for patio doors, but with more and more normal basement windows being used where levering is also a problem, the hinge side fences along with other additional latches are also used here.

Tips for quick readers

  • Light shaft barred and secured
  • Secure cellar shaft with grid protection
  • Remove bushes and bushes in front of basement window
  • anchor a grille outside the basement window
  • pay attention to short distances of the struts
  • install lockable grid in front of basement window
  • lockable locked mouse sheet in to install
  • Close the telescopic rod visibly in front of the window
  • Mount the pole as close as possible to the window
  • install lockable window handles on "normal" windows
  • Attach hinged side guards for conventional windows
  • Shutters / shutters lockable before basement windows attach
  • Always use all locks on the window
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