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So simple: 15 home remedies for wrinkles - what the skin is good

  • Tips against wrinkles
    • Eat rich in nutrients
    • facial muscles
    • sun protection
    • facial massages
    • back sleeping
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Pamper skin
    • Facial expression and attitude
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Avoid sugar
    • Gently clean
    • DIY face masks
    • 7 hours sleep
    • Regular exfoliation
    • Stimulate blood circulation

Avoiding stress and avoiding smoking: Many recommendations against wrinkles are obvious. But what else can help to minimize the unpleasant furrows and to keep the face youthful smooth ">

Help against wrinkles - easy

The following 15 tips against wrinkles offer you numerous suggestions that anyone can integrate into their everyday lives, regardless of the volume of the purse. It's not about ready to buy creams and tinctures, but much more about the knowledge behind it. Therefore, naturally many points are included, which generally belong to the healthy life. However, these are anything but "trite", but represent the basis of a beautiful skin - and have a long-term effect on wrinkles significantly better than the most promising product innovations. Without an ingredient, however, it hardly goes: regularity. None of the strategies mentioned here works through a single application. As so often in life, consistent "staying tuned" is needed. However, since none of the tips hurt and does not cost much money or time, this should not be a problem.

Tips against wrinkles

Eat rich in nutrients

Of course, sometimes the burger or the chip bag may occur. However, those who pay attention to useful ingredients in most of their diet are already on the safe side with regard to "anti-aging". This includes:

  • vitamin-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables (as fresh or frozen as possible)
  • so-called superfoods with a high of antioxidants (such as goji berries)
  • sufficient protein (important for, among other things, the collagen synthesis, in short for a tight connective tissue throughout the body and thus also in the face)
  • Vitamin C (proven to fight wrinkles)
  • healthy fatty acids, especially Omega 3 (found in fish or linseed oil, for example)

Overall, the focus should be on natural foods - that's all those that grow in nature roughly as they are later purchased. For example, this does not apply to a bag soup. It is one of the most processed foods, which are generally poorer in vital substances and also disturb the healthy acid-base balance of the body.

facial muscles

Certainly, you also train your stomach, legs or arms: all these muscles can be wonderfully shaped through specific exercises - even at an advanced age. Why should it look different with the face ">

sun protection

90 percent of all wrinkles are caused by solar radiation. Reason enough to think again about sunscreen. It is important to pack the protective creams not only on vacation or while sunbathing. Anyone who wants to prevent wrinkles should daily wear an effective sunscreen of at least 30 on all skin areas that are uncovered during the day - preferably so the face, neck and décolleté. This is also true on cloudy days, as UV radiation is present even if we do not consciously perceive it. In midsummer, it is advisable not to overdo the sunbathing - even with sufficient SPF. Consequently, even the shortest visit to the solarium is counterproductive for a wrinkle-free skin. Better: self-tanner and vitamin D as a dietary supplement.

Tip: Good all-round sun protection also includes high-quality sunglasses. Because most creams with SPF are not applied to upper and lower eyelid. Exactly this very delicate skin needs extra protection against harmful UV radiation.

facial massages

Massages help to stimulate the blood circulation. As a result, good nutrients can be better transported to the individual cells and waste products, however, find their way to the outside easier. On the face, you can easily incorporate a small massage into your morning and / or evening care ritual by gently massaging the moisturizer for 1 to 2 minutes. Alternatively, it is possible to perform quarter-hour facial massages several times a week: moisten your skin with a little coconut oil and glide over your face in a circular motion. Always stroke upwards, ie from the jaw to the cheekbone, from the outer corners of the mouth over the nose up to the forehead. The eye area will save you from doing so.

Tip: Coconut oil is overall considered to be excellent anti-aging care. It is completely natural and contains numerous nutrients such as vitamin E, good fatty acids and antioxidants - without irritating the skin in addition.

back sleeping

Anti-aging experts recommend to avoid the stomach and side position when sleeping. Reason: Constant pressure is exerted on the tissue. Anyone who has ever risen in the morning with a crumpled face or the typical V-folds in the neckline knows this effect. So if you can sleep just as well on your back, you should prefer this position. For large bounces, there are alternatively special wedge pillows that support the breasts while sleeping on the side. Of course this does not help against pressure wrinkles on the favorite sleeping side of the face.

Tip: If you sleep worse on your back, you better ignore this advice. Because one of the most important aids against wrinkles remains healthy sleep!

Apple Cider Vinegar

... for intestinal health

The gut decides how many of the good ingredients in the diet can really be used by the body. Apple cider vinegar can promote digestion. Regular consumption means that more and more "good bacteria" populate the intestine - with innumerable health benefits, including beautiful, smooth skin. That is how it goes:

  • Put a tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a large glass of water
  • drinking with straw, preferably before eating (the straw protects the teeth from the acid)
  • drink a few more sips of pure water (to remove the acid from your teeth and esophagus)
  • repeat daily

Pamper skin

Not only the inner, but also the outer food of the skin should predominantly consist of valuable ingredients. Therefore, it is advisable to pay less attention to the advertising promises that can be found on the front of the cosmetic packaging. Instead, take a look at the actual ingredients. Great for smooth skin: aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and argan oil. The good shares should also be in the list quite far to start. Because the further up they are listed, the more of them are actually contained in the product.

Tip: Retinol is also a very effective anti-wrinkle agent. However, the vitamin A derivative may cause irritation at the beginning. However, this is no reason to give up: just creep in gradually.

Facial expression and attitude

Facial expression and posture have a massive influence on the face and especially the wrinkles that develop there. That's why:

  • more often once the facial expressions relax, for example by a hearty yawn
  • pay attention to a straight posture
  • hold the smartphone higher, because the typical view down brings permanent nasty wrinkles in the long run and favors the formation of a double chin

Drink plenty of water

Cover your fluid needs every day by drinking between two and three liters of water. Many important bodily functions depend on a sufficient supply of water, including mass transfer. In addition, the skin looks much more plump when it is well hydrated from the inside.

Avoid sugar

Sugar not only makes you "fat" and "sour", but it also favors wrinkles according to the latest findings. The culprit is called glycation. In short: constant consumption of sugar leads over time to small inflammations in the body, whereby the collagen fibers stick together. But these fibers are, simply put, the scaffold of the skin. Do not give her the necessary support, she looks dellig and wrinkled.

Gently clean

Basically, it is very important to rid the face of make-up and dirt particles every night. However, it depends on the right way, otherwise you favor the wrinkling in your daily facial cleansing routine, rather than fighting it. Therefore, first ensure a lukewarm water temperature when washing your face. Too cold water would not open the pores, which would make sense neither for a complete cleaning nor for the subsequent facial care. Hot water, on the other hand, dries out the skin. However, dryness is the soil on which wrinkles can be particularly easily imprinted on the skin. For this reason, your cleaning product should be formulated as gently as possible, that is: not too strong surfactants, no alcohol and possibly no perfume.

DIY face masks

Once a week apply a nourishing mask on the cleansed skin, it can wonderfully provide moisture and valuable nutrients. Instead of buying finished products, which often contain numerous preservatives and the like, you can easily make your own anti-wrinkle mask yourself: Many products already present in the household are suitable, such as avocados, bananas, quark, honey or green tea in organic quality. Choose two or three of them, crush or puree them into a smooth mass and put them on your face. For even more grooming, you can order pure vitamin E, high-quality vegetable oils and many other individual ingredients online, and add them to your favorite mask.

Here are a few great recipes for DIY face masks: DIY face masks

7 hours sleep

It may sound corny, but sleep is crucial to the complexion. For a simple reason: During this time, the regeneration and renewal of all body cells - including the skin and collagen fibers - takes place. Therefore, try to sleep between seven and nine hours in good conditions: fresh air and cool temperatures as well as darkness in the bedroom.

Regular exfoliation

An exfoliant removes dead skin scales, allowing all skin care agents to penetrate much better. In addition, regularly peeled skin simply looks fresher and brighter, making one or the other wrinkles are not so noticeable. In addition to commercially available mechanical and enzymatic products, you can also quickly and easily make your DIY exfoliation: just mix two tablespoons of sugar with a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a teaspoon of honey, rub in a circular motion gently over the face and repeat at least once a week.

You want even more recipes for DIY scrubs "> DIY facial scrub

Stimulate blood circulation

A good circulation contributes significantly to the fresh appearance of the skin. For stimulation, full-body massages can contribute just as much as changing showers and, of course, regular exercise. The sport should not be so hard that it creates biting frown lines. However, moderate physical activity at least three times a week is an indispensable part of any anti-aging program.

Tip: A hearty laugh and a positive attitude towards life also contribute to a youthful charisma!

Do not be persuaded that you are too young to think about wrinkles. Prevention is a lot more effective and less laborious than having to conceal once formed furrows. Finally, the organism begins with the "degradation" from the age of about 24 years. But do not take one or the other wrinkles too seriously: Many faces only gain in charisma due to these distinctive imprints!

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