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Simply ingenious: Fitted sheets fold in just 20 seconds

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How annoying. You just wanted to combine your fresh bed linen with the fitted sheets, but they do not want to cooperate. The sheets with the elastic band can not be folded without problems and thus steal a lot of space in the wardrobe. If you know this problem, you do not have to worry. With the right knack you put the unruly sheets together in less than 60 seconds.

Fitted Sheets

If you want to put together a fitted sheet, this is not really easy. Due to the use of an elastic band, the sheets do not have the classic rectangular shape and therefore can not be shaped in the traditional way.

Many people give up in frustration and simply throw the sheets in the closet, sacrificing a lot of storage space that could be used more effectively. There are methods with which you in a few steps to fold your fitted sheets neatly no longer have to stare at an ugly ball in the closet. These succeed even in less than a minute.

Microfiber fitted sheets


If you have decided to use a fitted sheet, you can especially enjoy the high level of comfort when sleeping. Because they work on an elastic band, the sheets do not twist or shift and you can sleep well, even if you're a restless sleeper or a couple in a bed.

Fitted sheets have a distinct drawback in the elastic band when compared to the other sheets when you like trim in your wardrobe. Fitting a fitted sheet is anything but easy and most of them end in a tangle or are only partially viewable in the wardrobe. For this reason, you need a method that you quickly and easily fold a fitted sheet.

Fitted Sheets Snarl


You do not need much to prepare. The only aid here is a flat surface on which you can put the fitted sheet together. This will make your job easier, because the more bumps you have, the harder it will be to fold the bed sheet neatly together.

Particularly suitable are large tables or clean floors, so you do not immediately make your freshly washed laundry immediately dirty again. It may also help to iron the sheets thoroughly beforehand, as this will remove any wrinkles that could make it difficult to fold. When ironing, pay particular attention to the material of the sheet, which must be ironed in different ways.

Fitted sheet made of microfibre

The typical ones include:

  • jersey
  • microfiber
  • linen
  • terry
  • flannel
  • satin
  • lawn

Be sure to check what temperature you need before ironing. The majority of cheap fitted sheets is made of jersey.

Collapse fitted sheets | manual

Now it's finally time to put your fitted sheets together and finally regain order in your own wardrobe. Do not be surprised. According to the instructions, you would need to be able to easily fold the fitted sheets together.

folded fitted sheet

There are two methods available for you that are just as fast. However, standing up is recommended for materials that have more "stretch" than the elastic in the sheet. These can not be folded together so easily on a surface. This means, for example, fitted sheets made of jersey . Following is the first of the two instructions that require a straight surface.

Step 1: To start, remove the fitted sheet and spread it as much as possible on the surface.

Fitted Sheets clutter

Be sure to spread the sheet with the back side up on the surface. Brush it as smooth as possible, but do not pull at the corners, otherwise it will spring back. Granted, this step can sometimes be a bit lengthy, especially when it comes to material that can not easily be smoothed out. But do not be surprised: Fitted sheets are never really smooth.

Spread fitted sheets

Step 2: Grab your hand in one of the corners and put it inside so you can hold it and move it easily.

grab the first corner

About this corner, which now looks like a corner, is the clou of the fitted sheet.

Invert the corner

Step 3: Now, as with normal folding, guide the corner to the next corner along the long, not the broad side.

lead first corner to the other corner

Now put the tip in this corner, so that it can be easily fixed.

put the first corner in the second corner

Proceed in the same way with the other side so that two of the corners are in two other corners and you now have half the fitted sheet lying in front of you.

stuck third corner in fourth corner

Now it is important that you fold the sides of the corners under the edges of the other side.

Add corner in corner

Only this creates the desired shape of a rectangle, which folds easily and can be stowed away.

nested fitted sheet corners

So, as in the following picture, now looks like your "folding result".

adjust assembled corners

Step 4: Pick up the sheet at the two corners that have the corners in it and make sure they do not fall out again. You do not want to start the work from scratch.

stowed fitted sheet corners

Step 5: Shake the fitted sheet to fold and lay it back on the surface. Now you can fold it up in your preferred way.

Fold the fitted sheets further

Due to the shape of the fitted sheets, it is recommended to fold once more in the middle and finish in one third, before you can fold the remaining two thirds over it.

Fold the fitted sheets together

In this way, several sheets can be stored in the closet without taking up much space.

Fold the fitted sheets together

Step 6: Finally, smooth out the sheet as much as possible.

finished folded fitted sheet

Because the corners are fixed, you can even easily pull the folded sheet slightly to better shape it.

Space-saving folded fitted sheet

Tip: You can also roll up your folded fitted sheet into a roll and then place it in your wardrobe.

Fitted sheet alternatively also rolled up

If you are practiced, you will need between 30 to 60 seconds for these steps. This makes this method so effective and you no longer have to worry about sheets stealing as a ball in the closet. The second method is actually the same way, just put the sheet together. Follow the above instructions, but you need a good hand.

However, this will only take you 20 to 30 seconds to fold down fitted sheets. For this reason, you should try it out, fold the sheets together, as this saves you even more time, which is especially recommended for a large load of sheets.

Tip: When folding down, make sure that the fitted sheets are completely dry, as this makes the process much easier. If you fold them while still wet, they can not dry extensively and lead to a musty wardrobe.

Optional | Stowed in the pillowcase

If you always have the problem of not having your matching sheets, pillowcases, and quilts right next to each other or even having to look for them, you should keep them wisely.

There is a special method that works like this:

  • Fold the fitted sheets together
  • Merge cover
  • stack each other
  • the sheet should be down
  • Now stow the stack in the appropriate pillowcase
  • smooth
  • close if necessary
  • finally stowed in the cupboard

With this solution, you not only save space in the wardrobe, but you can easily stack several bed sets without much effort and they no longer swap the individual covers. When stacking, make sure that you fold the sheets and blankets so that they fit directly into the pillowcase without tensing it.

coiled microfiber fitted sheet

As a result, the "package" is safe in the cabinet. You can even fill only half of the very large pillowcases and at the end fold the cover over the package. As a result, you will not lose any space in the wardrobe. The advantage: This method saves them extra time because the pillowcases are not folded, but used. Do not worry. These stay as soft and comfortable as folded.

Tip: This storage option is also possible with sheets that do not have an elastic band.

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