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Crochet unicorn - Amigurumi Instructions for post-crochet

  • Material and preparation
  • Crochet unicorn
    • The head
    • The face
    • The body
    • The poor
    • The legs
    • The ears
    • The Horn
    • Tail and mane
    • sew together

Girls love horses. And which horse is the best ">

In the toy shop, there are unicorns in bulk to buy. But it is much nicer to crochet the unicorn yourself. Decide for yourself whether it should have a compact travel size or serve as a large cuddly toy for role playing games. Some unicorn is pink, others light blue or white. Choose the color that you like best! It's easy to crochet a unicorn.

Material and preparation

Prior knowledge:

  • thread ring
  • stitches
  • strong stitches
  • Increase and decrease stitches


  • Crochet wool white, blue, yellow, light and dark red (100% acrylic with 50 g / 133 m)
  • black embroidery thread
  • safety eyes
  • stuffing
  • Crochet hook size 3-4
  • wool needle
  • blunt embroidery needle

Crochet unicorn

The head

For the head of our unicorn, use the blue yarn to make a 6-thread-threading ring. In the next round, double each stitch so you get 12 solid stitches in a round. Crochet 3 more rounds with 12 stitches.

Tip: Always mark the start of the round with a safety pin or a colored thread.

Change to white yarn and crochet another round with 12 stiches. Then double every 2nd stitch, resulting in 18 stitches in a round. Another round of 18 stitches follows. Then double every 3rd stitch. After another round of 24 stitches, take one last turn. For this you double only every 6th stitch, which leads to 28 fixed stitches. After a second round with 28 stitches, the declines begin.

In the first round, each 6th and 7th stitch are crocheted together. In the following round, crochet every 3rd and 4th, then every 2nd and 3rd stitch together. Now there are 12 fixed stitches in a round. Take your stuffing and safety eyes to hand before continuing to crochet.

First attach the safety eyes. The ideal spot is about 6 meshes apart on the back of the head. Then stuff the head of your unicorn with filler. Take the back of the crochet hook to help.

In the last round, take 2 stitches together. Cut the thread off generously. Pick up the woolen needle and close the remaining hole by piercing the outer limb of each of the 6 meshes from the outside to the inside. Pull the thread tight, knot and sew it.

The face

Now embroider the eyelashes and the nostrils with the blunt embroidery needle and the black embroidery thread. Pierce a bit below the eye in the head and come out again directly at the side of the eye. From here you embroider a total of 3 straights: the first goes slightly up, the second straight towards the back of the head and the third a little down. After the 3rd straight, sting out at the puncture site below the eye. Knot the thread ends there, cut them off and press the knot with the back of the needle into the head.

With Nostrils you provide the unicorn by first embroidering a horizontal line on the blue nose. Come back from the center of the line above the thread with the needle. The second line is shorter and goes vertically down.

The body

Our unicorn gets a completely white body. Start with a 6-mesh thread ring. Double all the stitches in the 2nd round, every 2 in the 3rd round. There are now 18 stitches in a round. Crochet 2 more rounds with 18 stitches. Then increase the total stitch count to 24 by doubling every 3rd stitch. On a total of 3 rounds with 24 stitches follow 3 rounds with 30 stitches. For that you double every 4th stitch. A final round of increase, in which every 5th stitch is doubled, leads to 36 stitches. Crochet 4 more normal rounds after the gaining round.

Now 6 stitches are taken each round. So crochet every 5th and 6th, then every 4th and 5th, and finally every 3rd and 4th stitch together. Now stuff the body. This is followed by the last two rounds, in which each 2nd and 3rd stitch, then each 2 stitches are summarized. Close the body as described in the head.

The poor

For the arms, use the blue yarn to make a 6-thread-threading ring. In the next round, double each stitch and then crochet one more round with 12 stitches. Now take each 3rd and 4th stitch together, leaving 9 stitches in the round. Switch to white yarn and crochet 11 more rounds. At least now you should stuff the arm. It may be easier to stuff the hoof in white after just the first two rounds and now only fill the rest. In the 12th round crochet every 2nd and 3rd stitch together. Close the remaining small opening as usual.

The legs

The legs are a bit thicker than the arms. You still start with a blue thread ring with 6 fixed stitches. Double up to 12 stitches in the second round. In the 3rd round, double every 4th stitch so you have 15 solid stitches in a round. After 2 more rounds crochet every 4th and 5th stitch together. There are now 12 stitches in a round.

Switch to the white yarn and put together every 5th and 6th stitch in the first round. Crochet 8 more rounds of 10 stitches each. Then stuff the leg out. To complete, squeeze the open end of the leg flat. Crochet a tight loop through the stitches one above the other. After 5 fixed stitches, you are at the other end of the opening, which is now closed. Cut the thread generously and pull it through the last stitch. Later you will sew the leg with the protruding thread.

The ears

For the ears make a thread ring with 6 stitches of white wool. Double in a 2nd round to 12 stitches. After another round of 12 stitches, the ear is already done. Cut the thread generously and pull it through the last stitch. You can also use this thread later for sewing.

The Horn

The horn turns the normal horse into a fairytale unicorn. By crocheting, the horn is a rolled up triangle. Take the yellow yarn for this purpose. Slap an 8-mesh Air Chain. The last air mesh is a spiral air mesh. Crochet 7 solid stitches in the back row. In the next row, crochet 6 stitches. Skip the last stitch in the previous row. Back there are also 6 fixed stitches. There are 2 rows each with 5, 4, 3 and 2 fixed stitches. The decrease always takes place by not crocheting the last stitch of the previous row.

Now roll the resulting triangle into a pointed horn. Start at the last stitches in the first row and roll until you reach the straight edge. Now take the remaining thread from the horn tip onto your wool needle. With this thread, you sew the horn so that it can not roll up. Work from the top to the thicker end. Again and again, pierce across the horn and go outside in a semicircle a little lower to the next injection site.

Tail and mane

For the long hair of our unicorn you need the red wool. From her you make the curly strands. Each strand consists of an air-mesh chain with a series of tight stitches on it. For the mane you need 6 strands with 50 air meshes. If you are crocheting quite tightly, at the end it will wrinkle all by itself. Leave some thread to sew the strand. For the tail make another 6 strands with 50 stitches each.

sew together

Lastly, you need to assemble the items into a unicorn. First, sew the head to the thinner end of the body. The back of the head should be roughly in line with the back. As a result, the nose looks rather down. Sew the head over a wide area so that it sits firmly on the body.

Next, it's the arms' turn. Take a long white wool thread and stab it in the back at shoulder height. Guide the needle out of the body by the shoulder. A piece of thread remains on the back. Now pierce through the upper end of the arm back and forth. Pierce exactly in the same place again in the body from which you came. Pierce through to the other shoulder and pick up the second arm in the same way. Go back to the first arm. They always go through the same discharge and puncture site on the body. This will allow the arms to move later. Fix the first arm with another stitch. Take the second arm one last time and fix it a second time. Then stab back to the puncture site. Knot the two thread ends very tightly. Just cut the threads and press the knot into the body.

The legs are sewn to the bottom of the body. The inner corner of the leg edge is at the middle of the body underside. Overall, the legs are slightly V-shaped to each other. So our unicorn sits stably. First sew the final edge of the leg firmly. Then fix the leg with a few stitches 3 rows further towards the feet.

The ears come in line with the eyes to the edge of the back of the head. The horn is about a row in front of the ears in the middle of the forehead.

The mane sew on the back of your unicorn. Attach the top strand by piercing the center of the back of the head and sticking out a tiny bit further to the left. Do the same with the 2nd strand a little bit below. Jump out in the same position as the 1st strand. Tie the ends very tightly and press the knot in the head. How to proceed in pairs with all strands.

For the tail take 3 strands at a time onto the wool needle. Insert at the lower back and a little bit lower out again. With the other 3 strands, put a stitch next to the first 3 strands and back out at the same point. Knot the ends and press the knot into the body.

The unicorn is ready!

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