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Making Angels - 7 Ideas for Christmas Angels - Instructions + Templates

  • Angel made of iron beads
  • Three-dimensional angel of pearls
  • Angels tinker as a gift of money
  • Angel made of paper plates
  • Making angels out of corks
  • Angel made of Christmas balls
  • Angels make pine cones

Angels are the symbol of Christian Christmas. For this reason, today we will show you how to bring these little beings of light into your home: tinker with our instructions to the angel. Christmas angels can be made from a variety of materials. Certainly the right thing for you too!

Before you start crafting, it is best to prepare all materials. Depending on the variant of your angel you need different things that we always show you in advance. You may want to look at our tutorials twice - once before shopping (or searching in your crafting box) and once, as soon as everything is ready - so that nothing is missing and you can get started with us immediately.

Difficulty level 1-2 / 5
(suitable for beginners)
Material costs 1-3 / 5
(variable depending on the model)
Time expenditure 1/5
(variable depending on model and quantity)

Angel made of iron beads

Required material:

  • Iron-on beads in the colors of your choice
  • a breadboard
  • an iron without steam
  • a pair of tweezers and baking paper

Ideally, you should pre-draw your desired angelic motif on checkered paper - even in the colors in which you would like to implement it. Now use the tweezers to put the beads on the breadboard according to your template (children can do this mostly without tools because their fingers are even smaller).

Preheat your iron to the maximum level without steam, place the baking paper over your motif on the clipboard and iron over it until the beads fuse together. Then wait a few minutes for your subject to cool. Loosen the finished angel from the breadboard, apply it and put back on baking paper and iron also the other side, so that this merges. You should choose a heat-resistant surface. After cooling down, you can use your angel as you wish - whether as a saucer for your teacup or with a piece of tape hung up for decoration - your angel gives your house a happy Advent feeling.

Three-dimensional angel of pearls

These beautifully crafted Christmas pearl angels make themselves especially beautiful on the Christmas tree or on the Christmas arrangement.

Required material:

  • Pierced beads of choice big, medium and small
  • thin craft wire

Wrap about a meter of wire from the roll and cut it off. We start at the bottom of the angel, so the dress. Now eleven medium-sized beads are threaded. Grasp both wire ends with one hand so that the beads are exactly in the middle.

Then thread one of the wire sides from the opposite side through the first five beads and pull them at the ends to form a circle with one end of the wire protruding laterally.

Thread four more medium-sized beads on one of the wire ends, place them over the row of five beads and thread the end of the wire, which is the five-pearl row, through these four beads. Now thread three more medium-sized beads on the other end of the wire and pull the other end of the wire from the other side through these beads, in the next row proceed with only two beads to the last row, which only consists of one pearl exists - and the dress is already done.

Now six beads are threaded on each side of the arms. Then pass the end of the wire back under the other beads, leaving out the last bead (hand bead). You can also choose a different color for the hand bead.

Then thread both wire ends through a large bead and attach the head of the angel.

For the wings - which are now their turn - thread at each end of the wire many small beads and lead the wire through the head bead again. To fix, then twist the two wire ends, shorten them and bend the cut ends under the head. And your angel is ready!

Angels tinker as a gift of money

Especially in the time of the "do-it-yourselfers" it is customary to give away vouchers or money as well. Therefore, of course, the Geldengel may not be missing at this point. How to make this angel we show you now.

Required material:

  • three identical banknotes (for example EUR 10, - notes)
  • two identical banknotes (for example EUR 20, - notes)
  • double-sided adhesive tape

Let's start with the body of your Christmas angel. To do this, fold one of the two same bills lengthwise for the middle fold, which comes to lie vertically in front of you. Fold the upper corners twice to the middle, creating a nice point. Fold both sides inwards so that two more points are created in each of the lower corners. Now turn the bill and the body is ready.

For the arms of the take the second bill and create again a vertical center fold in the longitudinal direction. Now fold both sides parallel to the center and then both newly formed outer edges to each other. Turn the bill so that it lies horizontally in front of you, with the new bow down. At the 45 degree angle, fold both ends down (outside), place the body on top of them and fix both parts together with the double-sided adhesive tape.

For the wings, place one of the other banknotes in "portrait orientation" in front of you and fold the bottom left corner to the top right so that the edges come together and a triangle is formed. Now fold the new corner created on the left again to the top right, so that the edges come to lie on each other. Then fold down the upper third of the right edge and turn the wing part. Now bend the upper left corner backwards. The same procedure is used for the second wing part.

Finally, put your last bill in "portrait orientation" in front of you and halve it. The top corners are each slanted downwards so that they overlap.

Now, the upper part is turned back and all parts are glued together. If you want, you can also attach hands and face made of construction paper and paint to give your angel the finishing touch.

Angel made of paper plates

This angel is made very fast and easy and can also be used by children.

Required material:

  • round paper plate
  • possibly compass and ruler
  • as desired silver spray
  • Paints and other decorative material

First, draw a circle in the center of the plate in which you would like to have the angel's head. You can do this for example with a compass, but also with an eggcup or other aids. Draw a horizontal line in pencil through the center of your circle (across the WHOLE plate) and connect both intersections with a straight line (ruler or drawing pad) with a dot on the edge of the plate just above the center of your "head". Now cut this "triangle" with the scissors, around the top of the head. Cut down on both sides a little further to the "neck" of your angel.

In addition, now cut at the center line from the edge of the plate to the end of the "edge decoration", measure this length and cut on the other side of the angel away from the head as far as the right edge.

Now the angel is being set up - for this purpose insert the cut tabs into each other. If you want a background color, you can spray the angel with silver spray, for example, and let it dry for a short time. Then you can decorate it further and finally bend the two sides back and put the two incisions into each other, so that your angel can stand too.

Making angels out of corks

If you have been diligently collecting cork stubble, you are probably looking forward to this use: angels are making cork stopples.

Required material:

  • one cork per angel
  • a small pierced wooden ball (about 2cm in diameter)
  • wide gift ribbon
  • hot glue
  • Tape for hanging
  • golden cord

For the cork angels, knot a piece of tape the length you want to hang with the wooden ball sticking to one side of the cork. A small piece of golden cord serves as a halo. For the wings, cut off about 10 cm from the gift ribbon and fold both ends to the middle.

Fix this loop with a piece of string in the middle and then stick it to the cork. And your angel is finished.

Angel made of Christmas balls

Required material:

  • per Christmas angel one larger and one smaller Christmas ball in the desired color
  • two springs in the length of the diameter of the larger ball
  • some aluminum wire
  • a thread for hanging
  • Hot glue gun

Glue the two balls together with the hot glue gun. You can remove the suspension of the big ball - the hole will later be covered with the springs. The suspension of the small ball points upwards. Then attach the two springs to the ball.

For the halo, wind two pieces of wire evenly around each other and form them into a circle. Subsequently, the wire ends are twisted together. At the top you attach your "halo" and a band for hanging. Guide the wire with some glue into the small hole of the Aufh├Ągnung.

And already her Christmas angel is ready.

Angels make pine cones

Required material:

  • one pinecone per angel
  • a wooden ball in the desired size for the head
  • some wool for the hair
  • wide gift ribbon for the wings
  • Spray in silver or gold or with snow effect
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tape for hanging

Before spraying off (preferably outdoors) spray your pine cones in the desired effect with the spray. Your Christmas angel will be especially nice, if not everything is covered with paint and the natural brown of the cone shimmers through here and there.

If you wish, paint a face on the wooden ball and stick it to the wide side of the pin. Cut off short wool threads and attach them with the hot glue gun straight or curled at the head of your angel. At the back bottom you can also attach a thread bow for hanging parallel to it. The hair then covers the ends very well. For the wings you fold wide gift ribbon into a bow (see here: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/geschenkschleifen-binden/) and glue them to the back. And your angel is ready.

Have fun with the angel!

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