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Development costs for a plot - amount of the costs per m²

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The construction of a house is associated with high costs. In addition to the obvious items such as building materials and land purchase waiting on the builders numerous other costs that include the construction of a house to do so. This includes the development costs for a property. In this little guidebook you should learn everything about what is necessary for the development of a property.

One time costs

A property is usually opened only once. Subsequent refurbishment work on canals or on electric cables is subject to repair and maintenance, and is excluded from the original development costs. This makes the development of a property a very simple and relatively inexpensive means of increasing the value significantly. A fully developed property is much more sought after and easier to sell than an untapped property. As a homeowner, it is less the cost of developing the property, but rather the time and effort involved in the development. If you have the opportunity to buy an already fully developed property, this is usually preferred.

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development costs

The development costs refer essentially to the supply of the projected house with electricity, water, internet / telephone and drainage. In addition, the road access is also part of the development costs. Although a parcel should always have at least one connection to the road network, this is not always the case. As costs one can count on the following amounts:

power supply

Combined heat and power plants, yard / roof wind power plants or photovoltaic systems can only support a house with electricity. A lack of connection to the public power grid is still indispensable. For this must be expected with at least 2000-3000 euros. If a particularly long line has to be laid for the connection of the house, the amount can increase considerably

gas connection

On a connection to the gas network can be waived only if definitely no gas heating and no gas stove should be used in the house. Of all the development costs, the gas connection is most likely to be optional. However, that should be well considered. A house is converted quickly with heating gas available, if the installed system should not prove to be so optimal. For the development of a plot with gas connection you have to expect about 2000 euros.

water supply

If it can not be dispensed with, then on the supply of fresh water. Tap water is the best controlled water in the world in Germany. Rainwater or water from its own source can not keep up here by far. The supply of fresh water from state waterworks is therefore a must. However, this is not very cheap in the initial care: The development costs are between 2000 and 5000 euros, depending on how far the next junction are removed.

In urban areas, the connection to the drainage is standard. Only buildings located far from the sewer system may carry a waste water tank under conditions. The operation of their own wastewater treatment plant, such as a pond, is subject to approval and not easy to implement. However, for your own wastewater disposal with at least 3000 euros installation costs can be expected. For the connection to the sewage canal network the municipalities charge very different tariffs. In general, the amount of the connection fee is calculated according to the size of the property. Here are amounts of 2-10 euros usual. However, in the case of drainage, the type of projected development is another basis for calculating the fees. The "base area number" (GRZ) and the "floor area number" (GFZ) are calculated. This is only understandable, after all, a holiday bungalow can not be charged with the same amount as an apartment building.

Network and telephone

The supply of news is now part of living. What used to be only the telephone line is now extended to cable television and high-speed Internet. Especially the supply of fast Internet can be problematic in rural areas. As total costs for the development of a property with telephone, television and Internet can be expected with about 1000.

example calculation

What does a typical calculation example for a development look like ">

Now comes a good news. The development costs are reported by the municipality. This does not mean that you have to pay the full amount. Especially when new development areas are advertised, a community is usually very accommodating. Often, a community goes so far that they no longer have to pay any development costs. Here, however, supply and demand apply: Municipalities that make such favorable offers and then also estimate sensationally low land prices are usually very rural. If you like it, you can save a lot of money on your house. However, those who rely on the proximity of a city for professional reasons, for the construction is usually much more expensive.

Tip: Although the communities are often very accommodating, they do not necessarily advertise. It is worth staying here persistently and inquire again. Let the building office give you an approximate cost estimate and come back if you have decided to build. You may find one or the other of the community officials trying to make your own location particularly tasty.

What to pay attention to

Surveying protects against expensive consequences

If you buy a property, you should definitely invest the 1500 euros for a professional, certified survey. Nothing is worse than if you suddenly get into trouble with your building due to a wrong measurement. In addition, a correct measurement is important for the taxation of your property. If, in hindsight, it turns out that your property tax was too low, you usually have to pay for several years. That has already cost many a proud homeowner his dream home.

Do not forget soil reports

Furthermore, it is important to obtain a soil survey. There can be pollutants or duds everywhere in the ground. You do not want to hear that until you lift the excavation pit. Quite treacherous here are sources on their own grounds. If you unknowingly build your house on a spring, you will only be able to reach a dry basement with great difficulty. But if you know exactly where the source is going, you can consider it in the planning. In the worst case, you need to install a small sump with automatic dry pump. But this is much cheaper and more convenient than constantly having a wet basement.

For the entire architecture and statics of the house, it is also important that you know exactly what type of soil your site has. Solid, mixed, rocky or cohesive soils are crucial for calculating the statics of a house. In addition, this information is very important for future projects: For example, if you are planning a geothermal heat pump, you need to know if this is possible with the soil on their site. If you have to drill meter-deep holes in grown rock, this project will soon be priceless.

The good news is here: A soil survey is not too expensive. With a maximum of 1000 euros for a normal building plot you are there. This is well-invested money, because it gives you reassuring certainty about the land on which your house should later stand.

Before building comes the tidying up

A developed communal plot in a development area is usually in good condition. Often enough, the hopeful builder finds a dense jungle on his newly acquired land. Here only helps the commissioning of a service provider or even unpack the chainsaw. If a service provider is to be commissioned, a call for tender is worthwhile. The prices are far apart. Start-ups and one-person janitorial services are usually a bit cheaper, but often have scheduling, speed, and reliability issues. Larger specialist companies have a higher hourly rate, but come with several workers and the corresponding equipment. When building, time is money, so you should rely on the right service providers.

Do not underestimate demolition costs

If there is still an old development on your property, do not underestimate the demolition costs. Under ten thousand euros, an old family home is usually not removable. Personal contribution is a nice idea, but a professional demolition is definitely a matter for a specialist company. The challenge here is the sorting of the residues. The cleaner these are sorted, the cheaper the disposal. Mixed waste is generally the most expensive.

Although you often see the ads like "bricks and tiles to give away against self-demolition". But honestly - no one who is still in their right mind to get old bricks does this job.

Here you can find out more about demolition costs and what could happen to you when demolished:

  • Demolition costs for a house
  • Demolition costs for outbuildings

Beware of old prefabricated houses

If there is an old prefab or holiday home in lightweight construction on their property, they should be careful when demolishing. Add an appraiser here to check if asbestos was used in the old house. If this is the case, a professional waste disposal company must take care of it. However, here you have a good chance to reclaim the previous owner of the property. If you have been sold a property with asbestos-contaminated old buildings without informing you, you can file for damages.

Tips for quick readers

  • have a soil survey done
  • let the property be measured professionally
  • check old buildings for asbestos
  • check the soil for sources
  • negotiate with the community about the development costs
  • plan ahead and do not save the gas connection, even if you use another heater
  • Lands only fully developed for sale. This significantly increases the value.
  • All costs (demolition, cleanup, soil surveys, etc ...) in the calculation include
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