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Labels for Jam - Free Word Templates

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They harvested too many cherries or currants and now they do not know where to go "

Regardless of whether you want to cook fruits to jam, chutney or even make pesto yourself - with these labels you add a very individual touch to your creation.

Choose a design from our labels and download the templates. Then you can type in on the PC directly what should be on the label. Then print out the Word templates and cut out the labels with scissors.

Stick labels for jam: The paper labels can easily be applied to the glass with a glue stick. For a longer stop you can also brush the glass and the label with a transparent tinker.

Removing jam labels: If you want to loosen old labels from the glass, then put them in hot water for a while. After soaking, the labels are easy to peel off.


A small thank you for the best friend or grandma - with these DIY banderoles make the jam a real gift. The banderole is long enough to fit around a traditional mason jar.

  • PDF: labels for jam - DIY banderole

Square labels

  • Word Template: Angular Labels
  • PDF: Square labels

Vintage labels

  • Word Template: Vintage Labels
  • PDF: Vintage labels

Round templates

  • Word Template: Round Labels
  • PDF: Round labels

DIY templates

  • Word template: DIY template for labels
  • PDF: DIY template for labels

Labels for Christmas

At Christmas, homemade Christmas jams are often given away as well. These labels are just the thing.

  • PDF: labels for Christmas
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