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Sew owl - instructions with pattern for printing

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Today we will show you how to sew a pretty owl to cuddle up for your kids or as a fall decoration. A small owl is perfect as a decoration for a shelf in the living room or you can decorate the cot decorative with a larger Eulenkissen.

The owl is sewn of cotton fabric and then stuffed with cotton wool. It's easy, fast and suitable for beginners.

Material and preparation

Difficulty level 1/5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 1/5
1m cotton costs about 9, 90 €
1 kg of filling wadding costs about 4 €

Time expenditure 1/5
50 min

You need for an owl:

  • Classic sewing machine and / or overlock sewing machine
  • Pattern expression
  • Cotton fabric (possibly terry cloth)
  • Filling cotton (Swiss stone pine chips, lavender)
  • felt
  • Buttons
  • Needle and yarn
  • colored loop
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

The material selection

You need a firm cotton fabric or a terry cloth, filling cotton and felt for eyes and beak.

We have chosen this owl for a black and white cotton fabric. This fabric fits great in every home. The eyes are made of white felt and the pupils are made of buttons.

Note: If you do not have matching buttons at home, you can sew the pupils out of the black felt.

The beak is sewn from a piece of beige felt.

The amount of material

Now you should consider how big the owl pillow should be.

Tip: You can also make our pattern smaller if you want to sew a little owl for the shelf.

When deciding on the size of your owl, keep in mind that you still have enough stuffing for stuffing.

Note: If you prefer, you can work with fabric scraps as filler material.

You need less than 0.5 m of the cotton fabric.

The pattern

We print out our pattern and put it on the cotton fabric.

Download: sewing pattern owl

Note: Print the pattern without page customization, in the actual print size, on A4 paper.

We cut the front and back of the owl. Then we cut the eyes out of the white felt and the beak out of the beige felt.

Sew owl

First, we put the eyes out of the white felt on the front of the owl and sew them with a zigzag stitch. Then we sew the beak in the same way. Now the pupils (here black buttons) are sewn by hand.

When we are done, we put the cotton fabric right to right. At one edge we put two blue loop loops and fasten them with the pins.

Next we sew around the owl shape with an overlock machine or a classic sewing machine.

We leave in the lower edge of a small turning opening and then apply the fabric on the right side of the fabric. Now we fill the owl with the filling cotton until it is really plump. As soon as we have finished, we close the turning opening with a simple degree stitch or by hand with a ladder stitch.

Tip: You can also fill the owl pillow with lavender or Swiss stone pine shavings. Then her apartment smells wonderful!

Now we are done and not only the children are happy about a new pillow to cuddle!

Quick guide

01. Print the pattern of the owl shape and transfer it to the fabric.
02. Cut the owl out of the fabric.
03. Sew on the eyes and beak of felt.
04. Sew on the pupils (in the form of buttons).
05. Lay the front and back sides right to right.
06. Fix the blue bow on one side edge with the pins.
07. Sew together the front and back.
08. Leave the turning opening at the lower edge free.
09. Turn the fabric to the right.
10. Fill the owl with the filling cotton.
11. Close the turning opening with a few pin pricks.

Have fun sewing!

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