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Fadengrafik - instructions + free templates for printing

  • Instructions for thread graphics on paper
    • Variants for the thread graphic: Circle
  • Star as a thread graphic
    • 5-pointed star
    • 8-pointed star
  • Thread graphic with nails
    • heart
    • Hedgehog

A thread graphic looks noble and high-quality - whether on paper or wood. They are the perfect decoration idea for Christmas cards or greeting cards. With this technique, you turn each Folded Card into an individual piece of art. In this tutorial with templates, we show you how to make such thread graphics yourself.

Instructions for thread graphics on paper

You need:

  • template
  • Tonkarton
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • paperclips

Step 1: Print out our craft template at the beginning.

Click here: Download the craft template - circle

Step 2: Then you decide on a size of the motif, matching the size of the card you want to give away.

Step 3: Now the points of the motive have to be transferred to the paper. To do this, place the subject exactly where it should later be on the map. You can attach the paper to the cardboard with paper clips. So nothing slips.

Of course you can also create your own template with 20, 24 or 30 points. You can do it with the aid of a set square and a pencil.

Tip: If the template is larger than the card, you can also cut the craft template a bit.

Step 4: Now pick up the needle. Insert the dots on the template so that the hole appears on the cardboard. You do not have to pierce directly through both layers of paper. An impression is enough. You can pierce this later later. If you have pierced all holes, the template can be removed. The motif is now visible on the paper.

5th step: Of course, the most important thing about thread graphics is the way you sew through the dots with needle and thread. The thread can follow a pattern or be chaotically guided. The challenge of the thread graphic, however, is more to achieve geometrically accurate results according to a pattern. Here's how to connect the points with the needle and thread.

Cut a long piece of thread. Better a little more than too little. Pass the thread through the needle. Make a double knot at the end of the thread. Then start with the needle at point 1 on the back of the card. So the knot is now on the back. Pull the thread through the hole to the knot.

Now follow the numbers. The blue lines show you the thread on the front, the orange lines show the thread on the back. Once you have pierced a few holes, you will have understood the patterns behind it. So you do not need the numbers at the end anymore.

Pull the thread taut each time before piercing the next hole. So it comes to no knots or fitzen. The thread should now end in hole 52 on the back. Pull it taut again and make a double knot on the back. After that, the remaining thread can be cut off. On the front should now be the subject to see. In the middle is now a free circle. This is ideally suited to write a spell in it or even paste a picture.

Done is the thread graphic! Greeting cards can be made with this technique to unique pieces. Especially at Christmas, these noble folding cards are beautiful gifts. The star is a typical Christmas motif. Below we will show you how to design the star with a thread graphic.

The circle itself can be designed in many ways. This is just a variation of many.

Variants for the thread graphic: Circle

The size of the middle circle varies according to variant 1

The free circle in the middle can be varied in size. Depending on where the 2nd puncture hole is set. In the variant just explained, the second hole was punched in the 9th hole from hole 1 in a clockwise direction.

  • If you put the 2nd hole closer, the circle in the middle gets bigger
  • If you continue the second hole, the circle in the middle becomes smaller

Star as a thread graphic

5-pointed star

You need:

  • needle and thread
  • Working creatively
  • scissors
  • Tonkarton
  • paperclips

Step 1: Print our craft template and decide on a star size.

Click here: Download the craft template

Step 2: Attach the motif to the fold-out card with paper clips.

Step 3: Then pierce each hole with the needle.

4th step: Cut off a sufficiently long piece of thread. Thread the thread on the needle and make a double knot at the end.

5th step: Now you start on the back of the motive exactly in the middle. Now guide the needle to the upper tip.

On the back of the thread is now pulled through the middle again. Then thread the needle through the next hole on the right side. So continue now until the end of the star - the thread is always passed through the middle and one point to the right.

Step 6: Finally, finish on the back. Now make a double knot and cut off the thread. Finished

8-pointed star

The star with eight points offers a bit more possibilities than the five-pointed star, because it is symmetrical. When processing, proceed exactly as described so far. We now show you three ways how you can design the thread graphic for this star.

Example 1 is a variant for the thread graphic of an eight-pointed star. Start at a corner of the star area. This point is marked x in the picture and always the starting point. Then complete the border.

example 1

Note: In Example 1, you do not need the centers in the stars.

Now you always have to sew back and forth between points 1, 2, 3, etc. and x . Choose the center of the star as the point x, get this pattern as in Example 2. Then also sew the star border.

Example 2

Note: In Example # 2, you do not need the center of the stars.

In this Example No. 3, x is in the middle of a star beam. This pattern is the result. You see, the placement of the X-point changes the subject tremendously - so you have many possibilities to design the star.

Example 3

Note: In Example 3, you need the center of each star beam.

Here is the craft template for the 8-pointed star to print in different sizes: Crafting template - thread graphic "star with 8 points"

Thread graphic with nails

The thread graphic can be made not only on paper, but also on wood. With nails around which the threads are wound, the connection points are displayed. You can proceed according to system or work chaotically.

You need:

  • wooden board
  • Nähel
  • hammer
  • duct tape
  • Wool
  • scissors
  • if necessary craft template


Step 1: Print the craft template on paper and cut out the heart.

Click here: To download the craft template

Step 2: Place the motif on the piece of wood. With a piece of tape the motif stays in its place.

3rd step: Now you hammer around the motif nails in the wood. To do so, you first mark prominent points, such as the point of the heart and the curves. So you can evenly distribute the nails. Make sure the nails are nearly the same distance apart.

Step 4: Start with the wool at any point. Attach the end of the thread to a nail with a knot. Now, thread the thread criss-cross from nail to nail and always wrap the thread around the nail head.

Tip. The thread must always remain under tension so that the lines are straight.

5th step: If you think that the heart is finished, knot the thread on a nail and cut it off.


With our pair of hedgehogs, you act the same way as you do with the heart. The craft template for the hedgehogs can be found here:

Click here: Template for hedgehogs

You can give free rein to the color and feel of the wool - there are no limits to your creativity. This is the beauty of the thread graphic - there are no rules and once you have discovered a pattern for yourself, it looks very noble.

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