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Thread Ring - How to Crochet a "Magic Ring"

  • Step-by-step guide:
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    The fact that the "Magic Ring" is so named and in the end results its name, but you do not have to have magic powers to make the thread ring, shows this step-by-step guide.

    Step-by-step guide:

    1. Form a loop with the working thread (the thread end runs towards the bottom edge of the picture). The size of the sling is not crucial, as it is pulled together at the end.

    2. The threads cross at the left edge of the loop. There hold the noose (preferably with your thumb and forefinger). The working thread points upwards and runs at the back.

    3. Pick up the crochet hook, insert it through the loop and pull the thread from the back to the front through the loop. Do not let go of your thumb and forefinger - keep fixing the crosshairs.

    4. If possible, fix the loop on the crochet hook with the middle and forefinger. This requires a bit of tact and may need some practice. If that does not work, carefully lay the work on the table, reach around it and hold it with your thumb and forefinger where all the threads touch. The working thread has to run upwards again.

    5. Now the work thread is taken a second time with the crochet hook and pulled through the first loop still located on the needle.

    6. Now the actual initial mesh lies on the needle, it just has to be tightened (by carefully pulling on the working thread and on the circular thread).

    7. You can now crochet as many fixed loops as you like around the resulting circle. To do this, hold the circle and the initial thread, use the crochet hook under these two threads to pull through a loop and pull the thread through the two loops on the needle.

    8. Now that you have crocheted as many stitches as you want or in a manual, you pull on the initial thread and thus closes the circle.

    9. The first round is finished with a slit stitch in the first crocheted stitch.

    10. Crochet as many air stitches as transition stitches in the further course of the crochet, crocheting as necessary and as desired or according to the instructions of the second, third and each subsequent round.

    When is a thread ring "> Häkelmützen:
    Crocheted hats start with a closed circle. Of course, the thread ring is wonderfully suitable as a start. The required number of initial stitches are crocheted in the ring, then you can contract the resulting crochet circle. An ugly hole, as is often the case with the well-known chain stitch ring, can thus be easily avoided.

    Here is a detailed guide to crocheting a Boshi hat: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/boshi-muetze-haekeln/

    Even crocheted flowers make a far more attractive picture, if the middle ring can be variably created and contracted. No matter if 6, 8, 12 or even more stitches are the starting point for flowering - everything is possible with the mesh ring.

    Granny Squares:
    Granny Squares, the funny colorful crochet squares, have become iconic. As a start, the "Magic Ring" is ideal. Whether it is then further crocheted around or with four corners to the outside, remains the same.

    Crocheting of cute characters is becoming more and more important. The detailed implementation of templates from the animal kingdom, the fairy tale world, Fictions or manga ... has now conquered a huge fan base. Almost every single body part has its beginning in the thread ring.

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