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Secure window against pry - instructions and tips

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Do you know how fast a burglar needs to pry open an unsecured window? On average, ten seconds, especially with easily accessible, walk-in windows. Moreover, if these are still obscured, it is easy for the criminal to gain access. To secure your window and thus you, your family and your belongings, a lever protection is essential.

They live close to the ground and have only simple windows that can be closed without a problem, but do not really promise a sense of security? Then you belong to the almost 80 percent of all households in Germany that do not have windows with burglary protection. Just the levering of the window is a classic burglars, as this can be done very easily with screwdrivers. If you want to secure your windows, there is the possibility of a lever protection, which can be mounted by itself and effectively against the leverage works. Criminals despair of this safeguard because they can not build up enough power to pry.

What is the lever protection?

In many cases, levering up a window can be achieved with simple tools such as a screwdriver. This is because classic windows have only simple rolling pins on the locks compared to burglar resistant variants. These can be easily handled with a thin object that can transmit enough power. For this, the burglar puts a long flat screwdriver, these are the most suitable for this, just in the following three places between the window and window frame:

  • Handle
  • lower window frames at the height of the fittings closest to the handle
  • positioned centrally on the upper window frame

It becomes particularly queasy people, if once was broken in and the fear of a new burglary is great. For this reason, it is advisable to install a window lock afterwards, which effectively acts against the thieving long fingers. In addition, the window lock can ensure that your window is not damaged by the burglary, which would also lead to costs for a replacement window. The lever protection ensures that the window can either no longer be levered open or similar to a door chain only a tiny piece. These are set so that the thief can not reach through his hand and solve it.

Tip: Although the anti-lever protection does not guarantee complete security against burglary, as the burglars could hit heavy guns, such as removing the entire window. The protection mechanism, however, ensures that the burglars have to work longer on the window, which gives you, your neighbors or passers-by more time to sift through a possible burglary.


Of course, for the installation of the safety system, you first need the appropriate lever protection. You will be offered two variants that can even be retrofitted:

1. Protective latch: A protective latch is the simplest way to protect your windows from thieves. These are, depending on the design to quite favorable elements that are simply mounted on the window frame and the window itself and act as a barrier. The designs vary greatly and some variants offer greater safety than others. When choosing a protective bolt, make sure that it does not allow large gaps, ie it is particularly tight. In addition, it should be made of high quality steel, so that it can not be easily bent. Popular models are from Burg-W├Ąchter and Scheffinger.

Cost: between 30 and 80 euros

2. Mushroom lock: The mushroom lock is the epitome of a safe window, since they are already processed in burglar-proof windows. Mushroom head locks can not be levered up in contrast to normal locks, because the individual elements hook into one another and, thanks to the shape, do not pop out when pressed. These are attached instead of the normal locks and are made of a special steel that can not bend. For this reason, they are much more expensive, but promise the higher protection. When choosing, be sure to choose the right size that suits your window. Well-known manufacturers are Siegenia and Winkhaus.

Cost: about 100 to 120 euros

Depending on the costs and the necessary security, the two mechanisms for saving windows have different effective effects. The protective latches are very well suited for a rudimentary protection, while the mushroom latches are the carefree package, so to speak. They deprive the thief at all the opportunity to open the window a crack. Pay attention to the so called RC-class ("resistance class"). The higher this is, the safer your windows are. You should also check if the product is standardized, which means high quality standards. In addition to securing the appropriate protection to the window you usually need the following:

  • drilling machine
  • screwdriver
  • hammer
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Cross and torx bit
  • Bolt cutter, alternatively Flex
  • Allen key
  • ruler

Necessary screws are usually supplied together with the lever protection, so that they can be easily installed. However, if there are no screws, you must first check how many screws you need of which type. Likewise you have to select the drill for the drill holes according to the screw size.

Tip: You do not need any protection for the windows from the second floor above, because burglars in particular penetrate into the living spaces via ground floor or basement windows. However, you should pay attention to whether your windows are accessible via small roofs, ladders or items such as containers.

Set up lever protection

protected tab

Guard bars are mounted in relation to a mushroom lock depending on the manufacturer's instructions. Since there are extremely products of this form, each manufacturer provides a fitting installation manual that explains in detail how the protective latch must be mounted to secure your window. The classic process, however, is as follows:

  • First, assemble the individual elements of the bolt
  • For some products, the bolt consists of only two parts that no longer need to be assembled
  • then orient yourself to the screw holes of the protective bolts for the holes in the windows and frames
  • drill the holes in the wood; you do not have to lift the window out for that
  • then mount the components of the protective bolt and connect them together

Mushroom head lock

The installation of a mushroom lock is quite simple, requires only a little time and a precise approach. Since the models can differ greatly depending on the manufacturer, this manual explains the typical installation. Follow these steps to install an effective lever guard:

Step 1: First, you need to remove the window from the bracket. To do this, first remove guide pins on the corner bearing and then tilt the window to remove it. You only have to lift it slightly upwards out of the warehouse.

Step 2: Then dismantle the previous fittings and strike plates. Since you have lifted the window out, you can place this relaxed and dismantle all striking plates. Simply use the appropriate screwdriver or cordless screwdriver bit if you want to do the job faster.

Step 3: After disassembling the previous parts, you can now mount the actual fuse. To do this, pick up the individual parts and assign them to the respective fitting slots. Corner pieces are usually shaped like a right angle, while the other parts typically represent a straight line. This is how you proceed with the scissors.

Step 4: The corner and shear parts are then connected to a rail, which should also be included. This is the gearbox extension and depending on the length, this must be cut in advance, for example with the Flex. Then mount it as well. The extension is secured with a cuff plate.

Step 5: Proceed in the same way with the coupling element. These connect the coupling shoe with the receiving groove of the window.

Step 6: The transmission rail is now mounted on the transmission side.

Step 7: The same procedure is used with the scissors gear.

Step 8: Alternatively, you can now install a safety window handle

9th step: Then the strike plates are mounted. For this purpose, a template is used, which facilitates the positions of the striking plates. After writing down the positions, you can use them to screw the strike plates in place.

Step 10: Last but not least, you can use the window normally again and protect yourself against being leveraged.

The installation is very simple in itself, but it can happen that the structure of the individual components is a bit difficult. The better the product, the more complicated is the structure. Be sure to follow this instruction manual as closely as possible to provide the highest level of protection against prying.

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