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Clean the window frame - instructions for wood, plastic & Co.

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Not only the windows require thorough cleaning several times a year, and the window frames must not be left out. But which cleaner is suitable for which window frame material ">

Clean window frames not only make the freshly cleaned windows shine beautifully. Far more important than merely the visual effect is the preservation of the window frame, ie the care to keep this component as long as possible operational. Improper cleaning and maintenance can permanently affect durability, so it is important to know about materials and cleaners before cleaning.

How often a window frame should be cleaned depends mainly on its location . If the window is weatherproof and not close to the ground, it is likely to be slightly soiled. Terrace windows on the weather side get a lot of dust and garden dirt and therefore require regular care. Like the window panes, it is recommended to clean the window frames at least twice a year. In the city it may per year because of the increased air pollution, which is also reflected on the window frame, four cleaning cycles per year and of course as needed, more.

Various frames

Clean wooden window frame

As a natural material, wood is still very popular despite high-performance alternatives. Coarse dirt on wooden window frames, such as dried mud or stubborn cobwebs, should be carefully removed with a microfibre cloth or a clean hand brush before cleaning. In this first cleaning cycle and all other cleaning operations with cleaners care should be taken to avoid hard, sharp-edged cleaning aids. After all, wood is a soft material and is therefore very susceptible to unsightly and material-weakening scratches.

Wood windows

To clean the natural material, simple home remedies usually already enough. A lye of soft soap and water makes wooden window frames again clean and handsome. Alternatively, a soapy water from normal dishwashing detergent works. Only rarely and in the case of extreme soiling in the uppermost layer of material do wooden window frames require a power cleaner. However, because the coating of the wood has an antistatic effect and therefore acts as a dirt-repellent, such soiling in wood window frames is rather rare anyway. Such cleaners also have the potential to attack the wood and permanently damage the surface.

After cleaning and complete drying, a special wood care can be applied to maintain the finish for a long time. In lattice windows, it should be checked whether the rungs are removable, then they can be cleaned much easier. After cleaning and sealing, the sprouts are replaced.

Clean plastic window frame

As a synthetic material, plastic withstands a wide variety of weather conditions. Because plastic can charge statically, dirt particles unfortunately remain very well liable, because they are subject to the resulting attraction.

For plastic window frames are several good cleaners, including several good home remedies to choose from. A drop of ammonia or alcohol already helps to remove medium-heavy soiling from plastic window frames. If the pollution consists to a great extent of fat, even oven spray is an alternative. Persistent stains can also be treated with turpentine (substitute) . This is applied selectively and wiped off carefully after a suitable exposure time.

The following special cleaners are particularly suitable for plastic window frames:

  • power cleaner
  • Plastic Cleaner
  • wheel cleaner
  • Putzstein

Power Cleaner quickly and safely creates a new shine on the plastic surface. Special plastic cleaners are always displayed when the contamination has already penetrated to the uppermost layer of material. The cleaner removes this top layer of plastic for a longer exposure time and thus removes the dirt. The window frame surface looks like new after such a Putzgang, is smooth and shiny. Rim cleaner is the secret tip among the cleaner options for plastic window frames . It is a cheap alternative to expensive special cleaners and at the same time easy to use. It only needs a short exposure time after spraying and must be thoroughly washed off.

Tip: Plastic frames can be slightly heated before cleaning with the hair dryer to achieve a more effective cleaning effect.

Aluminum window frame

As a metal, aluminum is extremely corrosion resistant, which benefits the durability of the window frame. Nevertheless, it can pollute ugly, become dull and thus from time to time need a visual refresher.

Home remedies such as toothpaste, silver-cleaning cream and even paint-cleaners are suitable for removing minor soiling on the aluminum surface . If detergent is used to clean the aluminum frame, the concentration of the detergent should be as low as possible.

Special aluminum cleaners are the safest means of choice to maintain the material. Some power cleaners are still suitable for aluminum window frames, here the product description should be read exactly. If such a cleaner is used, care should be taken to ensure the shortest possible exposure time so that the cleaner does not leave any unsightly stains there. The aluminum surface should therefore be carefully wiped clean shortly after spraying on the cleaner.

Sharp-edged cleaning tools, such as the rough side of a sponge or even steel wool should not be used on the aluminum surface. These tools scratch the window frame and make it easier to stain it in the future. After cleaning, the aluminum surface can be rubbed with conventional Vaseline. This not only adds shine, but also prevents the window frame from getting dirty again too quickly.

The right plaster material

To clean a window frame of whatever material the following useful helpers are needed:

  • water bucket
  • Sponge or microfiber cloth
  • Spray bottle with foam spray function
  • water
  • Suitable cleaner

Clean the window frame - instructions

Step 1: Add the cleaner in the desired concentration to the water
Step 2: Put the cleaning solution in the spray bottle, select the foam spray function and only spray the foam on the areas to be cleaned
Step 3 : Check whether the foam has been distributed to all cracks and angles and, if necessary, rework with the sponge
Step 4: Select exposure time depending on the degree of soiling and material
Step 5: After applying, gently rub the foam with the sponge or microfibre cloth to avoid damaging the material.

Heavy pollution, a challenge

If the contamination is extremely high as a window frame, the cleaning effect must be increased according to the material.

  • For wooden frames this means that the suitable cleaner should have a longer effect.
  • If plastic frames are heavily soiled you should always work with a special plastic cleaner and a long exposure time.
  • For aluminum window frames rim cleaners can be used for a particularly high cleaning effect. Combined with long exposure time, these agents also remove heavy soiling on the metal. For example, if an aluminum frame is prone to rapid, heavy soiling due to its location, it can be sealed with a special treatment agent. This not only protects the material, but also ensures that window frame cleaning will be easier to maintain in the future.
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