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Freshly washed laundry stinks musty? - 5 tips

  • Use washing powder
  • Omit fabric softener
  • Kitchen linen once a month
  • Use few austerity programs
  • Clean the washing machine

Actually, freshly washed laundry from the washing machine should just smell good. Usually she does that, but more and more often one hears and reads that this is not always and everywhere. Many complain about stinky laundry and an unpleasant smell that comes straight out of the washing machine. I must confess that lately I also noticed an unpleasant smell in the utility room, always after washing dark clothes, which makes me doubt something in my nose. Why should it just smell like dark laundry "> Use washing powder

Instead of using liquid detergent washing powder, I think, no problem. They wash better and are often even cheaper. With white laundry, they have the advantage that they do not cause them to become gray. Liquid detergents do that. They have no optical brighteners. Washing powder does not stick to the funnel like liquid detergents.

Washing powder instead of liquid detergent

Washing powder also removes the deposits in the washing machine better, or does not let them arise at all. For liquids, in combination with moisture, it creates a great breeding ground for germs, bacteria and fungi. Since these are not killed at low temperatures, they can multiply extremely. The smell is a clear sign.

Dark laundry should be washed without optical brightener. There are fine detergents for this. Usually it is pointed out directly on the package.

Tip: In addition, washing soda can be used. This removes dirt from the laundry and at the same time cleans the machine. Just add a tablespoon to the washing powder. Beware of delicate (artificial) fibers and coloreds. The lye can attack this.

Omit fabric softener

Softener makes the laundry soft, clear, but it usually works without it. Ideal is instead the use of a tumble dryer. It makes even softer laundry, even without fabric softener. Although energy is consumed, but also the fabric softener is spared. If you do not have any drying, you should only wash certain laundry loads with softener, eg towels and underwear.

Alternatives for a pleasant and natural scent
  • Alternatively, vinegar (essence) can be used. It also makes the laundry soft and also protects the environment. The laundry does not smell like it, or the smell disappears when drying. At the same time the limescale deposits on the heating elements are avoided.
  • Packing lemon peel or, even better, half a squeezed lemon into a fabric bag and adding it to the laundry also makes softer laundry and provides a pleasant, fresh scent.
  • Anyone who reaches for the fabric softener only because of the fragrance can also put a piece of soap between their clothes. This old home remedy already knew our great-grandparents and it works even today wonderful. The selection of soaps is huge, so sure everyone will find the right fragrance for themselves. I have a mango fragrance soap in the linen closet, the smell is fantastically fruity.

Kitchen linen once a month

Run a 95 ° C machine at least once a month. If you do not get enough laundry, you can leave it empty. That sounds like a waste, but it definitely makes sense. Towels, wipes and the like can be washed at 95 ° C. You should wear underwear, but most of it is not made for it. If it is more important to kill germs than that underwear is only beautiful, you should make sure that it can be washed at least up to 60 ° C. Even bed linen should be washed so hot every few waxings.

Regular cooking laundry

Use few austerity programs

The energy-saving programs consume less energy and water, but they also have the disadvantage of not being able to clean the washing machine and the laundry well. There are also savings programs for saving time, the quick programs. They consume even more energy because they have to generate water temperatures in such a short time. That costs significantly more energy. It is better to use normal programs. If you have a "water plus button" on your machine, you should also use it. So the laundry is soaked properly in the detergent lye, which is much better for them.

Clean the washing machine

The detergent dispenser, the lint filter and of course the washing machine should be cleaned regularly. A lot of dirt sits under the rubber on the edge of the washing drum. This is cleaned with neutral detergent or even better with lemon juice. Then let the machine run at 90 ° C.

Clean the detergent compartment regularly

The detergent compartment with the detergent residue can look really bad over time. Black deposits, detergent residues that crust and discolor must be removed regularly. Vinegar water or vinegar cleanser will serve you well. The subjects can usually be taken apart well. This is cheap, because the parts can be cleaned better. You soak them in the cleaning water and after a few minutes, the pollution can be replaced well. At the end rinse the parts with clear water and reinstall.

The lint filter must also be cleaned regularly, because mold is often formed there. Further information on cleaning the lint filter can be found in our article "washing machine does not hurl".


Cleanliness is an important issue when it comes to creating unpleasant smells of the laundry and the washing machine. The regular cleaning of the machine and at least one hot wash a month ensure this. In addition, it is better to use washing powder and no liquid detergent. Also, the use of softener should be considered. It pays to try alternatives.

It is amazing what changes can be achieved with these measures. My machine was clean at first glance. The fat deposits inside are of course not visible. Since at least I wash the towels again hot, there are no more unpleasant odors. Due to the regular visit to the gym only two people come together with us a lot of towels, so I come with wipes on 1-2 machines of kitchen linen per month. That has eliminated my problem, without effort.

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