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Make fresh herb butter yourself - recipe and instructions

  • Spicy parsley herb butter
    • preparation
    • Form herb butter
    • Fresh herbs
  • Shelf life of herb butter
  • Tips for quick readers

Who does not love it - a tasty piece of herb butter on a juicy steak or on a healthy sandwich. Herb butter is ideal for adding substantial meat, vegetables or even a sandwich to the right pep. Here you will find the instructions for tasty herb butter in different flavors.

Homemade herb butter, just heavenly

Sure, herb butter is also ready to buy in the supermarket. But once you have tried your own creations, you will always like to get involved in the simple recipes for delicious herb butter. The offer at the vegetable counter or in your own garden is large and offers a corresponding large variety of wonderful creations that can be easily produced in your own kitchen. Let yourself be inspired and prepare our recipes for herb butter today!

Choose according to your taste, whether you take individual herbs or a mix of different herbs. Better for the taste note is the selection of a particular variety, which is then enriched with spices. If you can put different types of herb butter on the table for a barbecue, your guests will be happy about the variety of their cuisine. In family life it looks like this: one likes rosemary, the other dill and the third does not want to have pepper in the butter. With the really easy preparation you have conjured in a short time different varieties.

Spicy parsley herb butter


Prepare the following ingredients:

  • half a bunch of parsley
  • black and white peppercorns
  • coarse sea salt
  • butter
  • Greaseproof paper
  • maybe half a lemon (depending on your taste)

Take a piece of butter of about 200 - 250 g from the fridge and put it in a bowl. After mixing, the butter should be soft, so it is best to put it in the sun or at a warm spring.

Take half a bunch of curly parsley. This variety has a strong aroma and is suitable as a side dish to meat dishes but also to steamed vegetables. After washing, put the parsley in a kitchen towel, wrap it and roll it on the table several times with light pressure. In this way, the parsley is really dry.

Then cut the parsley. Be sure to use the style because it contains many good flavors and vitamins. It is important that you cut the parsley really small. Make an effort, because this will give you a beautiful homogeneous mass when stirred later. Now put the sliced ​​parsley aside.

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Now comes the fresh pepper. In a mortar, grind either black and white peppercorns or take the spice mill. Make sure that the pepper is finely ground. It takes a little longer to grind by hand, but here too they get a wonderful result. In the mortar you now give a little coarse sea salt and mix both together. The salt should also be fine-grained.

Now mix these ingredients in the bowl before adding the soft butter. Mix everything together well with a mixing spoon or a kitchen blender. Make sure that the herbs are well distributed. At least now you will see how important it is to cut the herbs really small. Beat the butter slightly frothy, so it gets a nice consistency. If you want a slightly fruity aroma, now is the time to add some fresh lemon juice or the juice of a lime. If you do not want to, just leave the lemon juice.

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Tip: With a marble mortar you have an ideal kitchen appliance to mix herbs and spices.

Form herb butter

Once everything is well mixed, pour the amount onto a generously sized piece of sandwich paper. Spread the butter and wind it up in a roll shape. Then the ends are simply wrapped and thus closed. Now you can give the herb butter roll the right shape. They simply roll them on the table, similar to rolling dough. Do not press too hard to keep the butter from spilling out. Then you can put them in the fridge or in the freezer. Once it has become cold and firm again, cut off about one centimeter thick slices and serve them beautifully arranged on a plate.

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Alternatively, you can also fill some of the herb butter in a piping bag and sprinkle it into small flowers. Again, you will need a bit of sandwich paper that you place on a suitable board or in a shallow box. Then put them in the freezer and let them freeze. Even in this form, the herb butter goes well with any dish.

Fresh herbs

As described here, you can take the herbs of your choice and make your own herb butter. Dill, chives or even rosemary - everything is possible and if you like it, you can create your very own mixture. In addition, garlic is also a popular spice.

Also oregano or basil as Italian variant are very delicious. If you want to take dry herbs, heat them gently in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil. The heat develops the aromas and gives the herb butter a wonderful aroma. Dried tomatoes are a perfect match for these herbs. Choose a soft variety or leave it in warm water for a few hours. With a kitchen towel, the soaked tomatoes are well squeezed to remove as much water as possible. Then mix everything as usual.

Give the herb butter different flavors

The herb butter becomes more exotic when you add freshly cut ginger and lemon. These two flavors can also be combined with fresh sage - an exceptional blend that blends well with spicy roasted steaks or a plate of freshly cooked potatoes. In the shell of a lemon are once again delicious flavors. So buy a good organic lemon and rub with a piece of butter of about 250 g about one third of the shell. The ginger is also grated on a nutmeg grater. Cut sage leaves into small pieces, add some fine-grained sea salt and mix with the soft butter. So fast you will always find new variants for a tasty herb butter.

Here's a recipe for herb butter with chives - give it a try: chive butter

Enjoy in Italian way

Lovers of Italian cuisine will find the right mix for a polenta or pasta with a composition of rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper and a little olive oil. If you brought some fresh rosemary from your holiday in Italy, put these ingredients in the blender or mortar without the oil. Everything is blended well, the rosemary is almost powdery in both ways. Fresh garlic gives the necessary moisture. Only then add one to two tablespoons of olive oil and mix everything together. Then the rosemary and garlic mixture comes to soft butter and is stirred. Already a new flavor is ready for an Italian evening.

Cling film or sandwich paper "> Shelf life of herb butter

Keep in mind that home-made herb butter can only be kept in the fridge for about five to seven days due to the fresh ingredients. By then, it should be used up in any case. In particular, if dried tomatoes are used, the shelf life can be reduced to just five days. It looks quite different when you freeze your herb butter. Here it is durable for weeks and wholesome at any time. It is sufficient if you remove individual slices for thawing one to two hours before consumption. Especially if you like to grill or stew vegetables, the finished herb butter is a blessing. Whenever guests log in, you already have different varieties ready and all you have to do is put the meat on the grill. Herb butter is a real delicacy even for a crispy sandwich with salad. So always keep a little space in the freezer for home-made herb butter of your choice.

Tips for quick readers

  • Dry fresh herbs well before chopping
  • Take fresh herbs at best
  • Always have some sandwich paper in the house
  • Cut herbs very small
  • Warm butter to soften it for mixing
  • Dried herbs: place in a lukewarm water bath for half an hour
  • Crush rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper in a mortar
  • Herb butter is only stable in the fridge for a few days
  • in the freezer storage is possible for several weeks
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