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Making a birthday card - 3 creative ideas with instructions

  • Folded card with candles
    • manual
  • Girlish mirror card
    • manual
  • Pop Up Greeting Card - Pie
    • manual

The birthday card is one of the most beautiful traditions whenever a dear person celebrates his big day. It becomes especially personal with a homemade creation. It does not have to be hard: Here you will find easy-to-copy basic designs.

Make a birthday card yourself - DIY

The most beautiful gift remains the loving thought, which is in self-made attentions. Therefore, the birthday card does not have to be a sophisticated work of art for hours. With little resources can be great joy. To give you more flexibility in the design of your favorite greeting card, most of the ideas come from without any specified dimensions. Each manual can be easily transferred to different sizes.

Folded card with candles

This very easy to make birthday card is perfect for beginners - or if it has to go fast, and yet you do not want to give up the special DIY charm.

Difficulty: easy
Time required: about 20 minutes
Material costs: under 5 euros

List of materials:

  • a sheet of sample cardboard (A4 size)
  • Washi tape
  • scissors
  • Pens in yellow, orange and black
  • stud
  • line
  • Hot glue (possibly double-sided adhesive tape)


Step 1: At the beginning, cut the leaf of the pattern cardboard lengthwise exactly once in the middle. So you get two equal stripes.

Step 2: Then fold one of the two strips together in a zig-zag. Seen from the side, the paper looks like the letter "M". The other strip is folded just like that, just start from the other side.

Step 3: The two "M's" are now glued together. For this, apply double-sided adhesive strips on one end and glue the other strips on top. On the outside the card should be completely patterned - inside it is white. Now flip the card together, you can beat the first page like a book around the map.

Step 4: Let's start with the candles: In the lower left corner, attach the first strip of Washi Tape. This is the first candle. It should not be longer than about 2/3 of the map so that there is still enough room for wick and flame at the top. Do the same with other strips of Washi Tape.

5th step: If the entire map bottom is provided with colored candles from left to right, each gets its own flame. First paint a small red-orange drop on the wick. The tip of the drop points upwards. Then they surround it with a larger drop in bright yellow. Repeat with all candles. Then each candle gets a black wick.

Step 6: Then stick a strip of tape over the top of your candle formation and say "Happy Birthday" - or write, traditionally, a corresponding slogan by hand. Inside the card, there is a lot of room for detailed congratulations.

Step 7: On the cover of the card, attach a matching button with hot glue. On the back, stick a piece of string, which you can then pull forward and wrap around the button. But wait until the hot glue has completely dried. Done is the effective DIY birthday card!

Girlish mirror card

This celebratory greeting card is something different: The birthday boy sees himself as the greatest gift to the world - or just to the sender.

Difficulty: easy
Time required: about 30 minutes
Material costs: about 5 euros

List of materials:

  • Blank for folding card
  • matching decorative paper, at least twice as big as the cover of the card
  • mirror paper
  • Hot glue, glue stick or double-sided adhesive strips
  • Scissors and if possible: cutter
  • Textile gift ribbon for bows
  • Rhinestones, pearls or gold sequins
  • optional: circular or oval template for mirror shape


Step 1: First, cut your pattern paper so that it is one and a half centimeters shorter on all sides than the unfolded blank of your greeting card.

2nd step: fold the sample paper together. Then select a front page.

Step 3: On the background of this page (not on the patterned part), draw the section that will later surround your mirror. This should be in the middle and not larger than about 2/3 of the map, so that there is still room for embellishment and a message.

Tip: Choose your favorite mirror shape yourself: A round neckline is a perfect match for a circle, while an oval requires a template. Surely there is something suitable in your environment. Maybe a yogurt cup ">

5th step: Now comes the mirror paper on the front of the blank. Stick generously on it, but not so much that it might then flash out under the outer edges of your sample paper.

Step 6: Now, when you glue your prepared pattern paper on the card, it forms a sweet frame around the mirror.

Tip: With self-adhesive strips sticking is particularly clean. Anyone who uses glue should work carefully. Smudged remains of it on the mirror would ruin the effect.

Step 7: Surround the mirror with your decoration elements. Stones, buttons and pearls look especially solemn. From gold sequins can form a small crown over the mirror: Make it simply three inverted V's, outside two large and a small in the middle. Below the mirror a bow looks pretty. You can also write "Happy Birthday" or another greeting with rhinestones above it.

Every young lady is happy about this strikingly chic birthday card - perfect for handing over a shopping voucher.

Pop Up Greeting Card - Pie

This birthday card is a real classic: inside a delicious piece of cake appears. This could put a coupon for a real treat for two.

Difficulty: Medium
Time required: 45 minutes
Material costs: 5 Euro

List of materials:

  • Klappkarte
  • Several A4 sheets of cardboard (in color of your cake piece, eg Pink)
  • Decoration for the cake (eg white pattern paper or glitter) scissors
  • Glue


Step 1: First, cut the clay box for the cake piece of your birthday card to the following dimensions:

  • 2 strips of 12x6cm (A)
  • 1 strip of 11x8cm (B)
  • 1 strip of 10x4cm (C)

Step 2: Take B and fold it in the middle so that the long sides are on top of each other.

3rd step: unfold. The fold line defines the middle. Choose one of the short sides. From the center, cut to the opposite corners to get a large V as a piece of cake.

Step 4: Now take C and lay it horizontally. Mark horizontally with ruler and pencil 1 cm from left, 5 cm from left and 9 cm from left.

Step 5: Along these lines, fold the piece upwards.

Step 6: Then follow the two A-pieces. Both take them horizontally and measure from the bottom one centimeter and then four. At both markers, draw horizontal lines and bend the outer edges upwards.

Step 7: Apply adhesive to one of these folded outsides of an A-piece and attach it to the V from step 4 of the manual - with one of its long sides.

Step 8: Glue the second A-piece to the V in the same way. Cut off the protruding edges carefully.

Step 9: Stick C on the big edge of the V. Again, the small folded areas serve as adhesive edges.

Step 10: Now you can apply glue to the adhesive edges of the open underside of your cake piece and attach them in the center of your birthday card.

Tip: The folded edge of the folding card should halve the pie lengthwise, otherwise the pop-up effect will not work later.

Step 11: Now it is only necessary to decorate the top of the cake deliciously. White pattern paper (usually origami paper or also corresponding wrapping paper) looks like frosting.

Tip: If you like it three-dimensional, you can put a real minicorn on the cake. With hot glue she holds tight enough and can then be removed carefully from the birthday card of the birthday card. Important: Do not stick directly to one of the folded edges!

Step 12: In the interior of the cake, they can now push a small coupon as a special special effect - for example, to snack together. Good Appetite!

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