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Defrost freezer and freezer faster with salt, soda & Co.

  • preparation
    • salt
    • bicarbonate of soda
    • Hot water
    • hairdryer

Defrosting the freezer is an effective way to control the energy consumption of the appliance and thoroughly clean the interior. However, with iced machines, it can take more than half a day for the ice to completely defrost. This waiting time is too long for many people. However, there are some methods and home remedies that allow you to quickly and easily defrost the freezer or freezer.

If you want to defrost your freezer, depending on the thickness of the ice, several hours can pass, in which you have to pay constant attention to the dewing amounts of water. If you want to speed up the process, over the years, some methods have been established that make ice thaw faster. The advantage: the necessary funds are probably already in your household. This makes it even easier to use because you do not need to buy equipment to defrost the freezer. However, you must be careful when using these methods, so as not to damage the sensitive inner walls, which often leads to the purchase of a new device.


Before you can defrost with the freezer or the freezer, you must first empty it and disconnect it from the mains. However, you must be careful to pack your perishable food well and store it in a cool place.

Interim storage:

  • in not frozen freezers
  • in coolers or boxes equipped with rechargeable batteries
  • in electrically operated coolers
  • in winter, you can use the cool outside temperatures
  • Alternatively, consume all frozen foods beforehand

The individual foods are wrapped in newspaper. The subjects are followed by the subjects. Once the freezer or cabinet has been cleared, all you need to defrost is a large number of towels, a flat bowl or baking sheet placed under the appliance, and a plastic dough scraper that will remove any thawing ice. To defrost the freezer, it will be disconnected from power or switched off and left open for several hours. With the solutions below you can noticeably speed up the defrost process.

Tip: Maybe your neighbor or your relatives will be nice and keep the food for you during the defrost time. So you can play it safe that your goods will not thaw.


Salt is one of the oldest home remedies that you can use to defrost your freezer. The salt crystals act like the de-icing salt in winter on the ice and prevent the formation of more ice. Since the defrosting temperatures are well above freezing, the melt water combines with the salt to a solution that can be easily wiped with towels.

For this method you need the following items:

  • salt
  • scraper
  • cloth
  • dish-washing gloves

The type of salt is not important. This means that you can calmly choose sea salt, iodized salt, virtually any variant, even road salt, as long as it's still fresh from the bag. Road salt is at least 94 percent sodium chloride, which is not purified, which accelerates the defrosting process. Depending on the thickness of the ice you should have sufficient amounts of white gold available. For a thin layer, a cup is usually enough.

Use the seasoning as follows:

  • look at the ice sheet
  • with ice on the ground the use is easiest
  • Spread the spice on the ice sheet on the bottom of the appliance
  • Wear gloves when the ice is on the ceiling or the sides
  • Now take a handful of the salt in your hand and rub it on the ice
  • Do not use too coarse to avoid damaging the surfaces
  • Let it soak for a while now
  • then wipe away with the cloth
  • if the ice still sticks stubbornly in the freezer, use the plastic scraper

At the end, simply pour the saline solution away. Before cleaning, remove all salt from the freezer to avoid scratching the surfaces. In the worst case, hairline cracks occur, causing coolant to leak, rendering the freezer unusable.

bicarbonate of soda

Soda is not used in comparison to the salt method, so you can defrost the freezer, but to prevent rapid icing. The components of soda ensure that no moisture film on the surfaces in the interior of the device can form, which then freezes and over time leads to a thick layer of ice. If you defrost the freezer and then treat it with soda, you can avoid this problem. For this you only need one tablespoon of the propellant and a cloth.

Proceed as follows:

  • Dry the freezer thoroughly after defrosting
  • Now put the tablespoon of the powder on the cloth
  • slightly moisten this
  • Now rub off the entire surface in the interior
  • do not forget the door
  • however, the rubber should not be rubbed

Tip: If you defrost the freezer and then use soda, this will not save you from cleaning and defrosting the unit. Above all, they should defrost old equipment twice a year, while modern models with no-frost technology should be subjected to the procedure once a year, or if an ice has formed despite the technology.

bicarbonate of soda

Hot water

The hot water method is also often used to defrost the freezer. For this you boil water, put it in a heat-resistant bowl and place it in the freezer. Now close the door and the hot steam accelerates the freezer's de-icing. Over time, the water will cool down again and therefore you should often refill the cooking water with very thick layers of ice. Just make sure that you do not burn yourself if you place the bowl in the freezer.


For the very brave there is the possibility to defrost the freezer faster with the hair dryer. With this method, you must be careful not to get too close to the freezer during defrosting so that no water gets to the hair dryer. Likewise, you should not use a hot air dryer, as this generates too high temperatures, which causes damage to the refrigerator. A normal hair dryer is recommended, even those that have low power.


Proceed as follows:

  • Stand by the freezer defrost at a safe distance in front of the unit
  • direct the beam into the interior for a few minutes
  • then take a break
  • repeat this process as often as you wish
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