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Money tree for the wedding - crafting instructions & poem

  • Material and preparation
  • Real plants - living money tree
    • Money tree - penny tree
  • Another poem ...
  • The crafting instructions
    • 1. Stand - Prepare the pot
    • 2. Cover the ground
    • 3. Decorate the tree
    • 4. Fold money
    • 5. Transparent film

A wedding present must be something special. But the bridal couple usually needs something completely different, namely cash. The celebration wants to be paid and the honeymoon is not free. Therefore, most couples now want money. Of course you can hand that over to you in an envelope. But even more beautiful is a fanciful money tree, which is presented with a small poem.

For a money tree, which you present at a big wedding party, there are different possibilities. If a real tree is handed over, it is believed that the financial well-being of the new family grows with the flourishing of the tree. The other variant is beautiful dried branches, which are decorated with paper flowers or fabric leaves to a lush tree. The instructions to make an exciting money tree for a wedding can be found here with a poem for the handover.

Material and preparation

The material is not particularly expensive, depending on the size of the money tree you are in a self-made tree of dry branches between 20 and 40 euros. The lion's share is usually the flower pot. However, the amount of time is very large if you really want to do all the craft work yourself. In addition to the bills, the tree should have flowers and sheets of paper, which take a little more time.

You need this:

  • bucket
  • mixing paddle
  • scissors
  • cutter
  • Hot glue gun
  • plaster
  • dry branches / corkscrew hazel / corkscrew willow
  • paper flowers
  • colorful paper / construction paper
  • gel pen
  • Adhesive tape crystal clear
  • Wire / wire mesh
  • Money tree (plant)
  • Banknotes (as new)
  • play money
  • craft wire
  • potting soil
  • adhesive
  • real tree

Real plants - living money tree

Most wedding guests use a Ficus Benjamina, also known as a fig tree, to hand over the money at the wedding reception. Stylish and interesting, but something noble plants, such as an olive tree. Even citrus fruits or even real small fruit trees in the tub make a more valuable and festive impression. Real fruit trees, such as a cherry tree, should of course only be given away if the bridal couple has a garden.

Money tree - penny tree

In terms of finances, the houseplant money tree brings double happiness in financial terms, if you attach the pseudobugs as flowers. The money tree Crassula ovata comes from East Africa and is quite easy to maintain. In the summer months, the happy couple can even put the mini tree on the terrace or in the bed. But the money tree has little to do with a real tree because of its small size. Large specimens are about 50 inches high. A well-grown money tree, from the family of the thick-leafed plants, you get in the flower shops usually for under ten euros. The money tree has many names, most of which have something to do with money:

  • money tree
  • Pfennig tree
  • Taler tree
  • Speck oak or bacon tree

Another poem ...

You should also present a small saying to the solemn couple at the handover. Whether it still has to be a long poem lies with you in terms of taste. It always depends on whether there is still time.

Tip: Who does not know these long-winded weddings, on which each distant relative keeps long more or less funny lectures. In such an event, you stand out well from the crowd, if you bring a short concise congratulations. So prepare well and have two speeches, a long, warm and a short, clear speech.

For the handing over of a money tree, a poem or a small spell is best suited:

Click here: To download the poem

The crafting instructions

For a tree of dry branches you should choose a sturdy pot. Depending on how tall the tree should be, a stone may need to increase the weight in the bottom of the pot. But do not overdo it because you have to be able to hand over the money tree and carry it inside. In addition, the pot should be adapted as possible to your color concept. You should avoid too wild color combinations at a wedding.

If you want to use a real tree, you can start at point 3 of the manual. However, you should be very careful with it, because you do not want to damage the tree.

1. Stand - Prepare the pot

It is better not to place larger branches in potting soil as they can easily fall over and spread the whole earth over the forks. Instead, put a wire mesh or some old chain link fence and possibly a large stone in the flower pot. Through the crumpled wire you lead the branches. In the middle of the highest branch should be, then surrounded by different high branches.

Tip: Take some time to harmonize the branches. You can no longer compensate for a crooked structure with so much decoration. Turn the pot in between and look at the work from all sides. A pentagon is a good shape that can be beautifully decorated.

2. Cover the ground

If you use the said higher branches, you should pour into the wire mesh liquid plaster or even cement. Do not completely fill the pot, as you will have to decorate this mass after drying. For smaller branches and branches, of course, the usual potting soil is completely sufficient. You should just press them a little bit.

Tip: You can simulate a nice ground with cent pieces for the topic. Lay a thick layer of pennies around the tree trunk and make sure they do not slip. A gel mass or hot glue is ideal for this. You can even put a little simple hair gel under the pennies. Of course, even better are the good old pennies. Maybe you still have an old collection bottle with pennies somewhere in the attic, which you want to sacrifice to the bridal couple.

Of course, you can just cover the floor with green crepe paper, but more beautiful are other creative ideas. For example, you can use pennants to make beautiful flowers, which are then pinned to the ground. The pieces of money stick with the hot glue gun in the shape of a flower. Below, the larger coins should be put together in an odd number. In the row above put the coins slightly obliquely. In the top row then only three coins should be placed almost steeply. In the middle you stick a tiny paper flower or a small fabric flower.

Tip: You can glue these flowers with the hot glue gun. The glue usually hardens after complete hardening so that it can easily be broken again later on. So the bride and groom can also spend this money later. Which does not make a couple with a very successful tree - at least not as long as the marriage holds.

3. Decorate the tree

Simple flowers of colored paper you can easily fold. They take square paper sheets and fold them into a fine accordion. In the middle of this accordion wrap a little craft wire or gift ribbon. Then pull apart the two outer tips and glue them with a small piece of hot glue. The flowers are more exciting when you fold several different sized leaves to the accordion, arrange them transversely to each other and center them. The outer edges are then pulled apart like a real flower overlapping.

Tip: Instead of flowers, you can of course also use loops made of beautiful gift ribbon. However, the band should not be too soft and limp, otherwise the loops hang only listless on the tree and make no nice impression. So you can later decorate the pot and the cling film with the same bow as the tree itself.

Instead of paper flowers or bows, you can buy nice colorful play money in the toy trade. If you fold this similar to the simple flower and attach to the tree, that makes a particularly lush impression. This is ideal if you have chosen the tree a bit too big for the amount of money.

If you have more time, you can also make beautiful roses from crepe paper and attach them to the money tree. This tutorial shows how it works: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/blumen-aus-krepppapier-basteln/

4. Fold money

Use 5 Euro notes if possible. On the one hand, these are greenish and fit so well on the tree and on the other hand, the overall picture later looks pretty lush. The money is in most cases similar to the simple flower folded under point 3, but not glued. But there are other possibilities. For example, you can cut solid red construction paper in a heart shape. In each of these hearts cut parallel two two-inch slots. Under these slots you write each "congratulations" or "best wishes". Use a wide gel pen in golden color. Then you put the money in the slots, folded again into accordion form. In this case, you can of course also pull the money as a small roll through the slot. These little hearts are hung on the tree with the same gift ribbon that you use for the other decoration.

Tip: Everything you hang on real paper money to the tree, you should treat with care. It is indeed possible to crumple the money in the middle something and fasten with a wire. But the happy couple will not be so happy anymore if they can not use the money later because it has been damaged. Quite apart from the fact that it is forbidden in Germany, wantonly to destroy money.

Here you will find various instructions on the subject of "folding money". Whether heart, frog, fish or shirt, fold according to our instructions individual gifts of money: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/thema/geldgeschenke-falten/

5. Transparent film

The transparent film or clear gift wrap does not just have an optical sense. It should also prevent some of the money from being lost on the way. Therefore you should handle it generously. Place the tree in the middle of a slightly too large arc and then gather the foil together above the precious plant. On the sides, the foil should be attached with small adhesive strips or dots from the hot glue gun. If the money tree is too wide and the film on the side can not be glued together, you should use another sheet of film. Allow the foil to balloon around the tree in a balloon shape.

Tip: So that the film does not blow too freely in the wind, you should additionally loop a ribbon below the film around the flower pot. At the top, the film is combined with the same band. Try to tie a beautiful wide bow made of a fine silk ribbon.

Tips for quick readers:

  • Select tree or branches
  • Set flowerpot and attachment
  • decorate and decorate real tree
  • Fold money and attach to a real tree
  • Put branches in the flower pot
  • Fill flower pot with soil or plaster
  • Decorate the surface in the pot
  • Put paper flowers and leaves on branches
  • Fold and attach money
  • Pot with loop provided
  • clear gift wrap generously under pot
  • Assemble gift foil on top with ribbon
  • Write a poem / congratulate the newlyweds / hand over the tree
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