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Fold banknote to a fish - in 7 steps

Floating, colorful fish from the Caribbean - when you look closer, they are more valuable than first thought. Gifts for a birthday or to pass a driver's license are welcome. Give your gift a special touch and turn simple notes into colorful fish. Here we show you in 7 steps that you can too.

Handing envelopes with money is anything but creative or surprising. Is it in your family or circle of friends once again a round birthday and you want to surprise those with a small cash injection ">

Put the banknote in portrait format on the table in front of you.

Step 1:
At the beginning, fold both the upper and lower left corners towards the right edge so that they are flush. It creates a triangle.

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2nd step:
Now halve this triangle by folding the top tip onto the bottom tip. Open this fold again.

3rd step:
Next, sculpt the fish - fold the top of the triangle from left to right to the right edge.

4th step:
Now take the upper point and fold it in a mountain fold back along the middle break in the middle of the triangle. Repeat this process with the lower tip, only this is folded up in a valley fold.

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5th step:
Now fold both the upper and the lower fin with a valley fold to the middle break. The fish's head is now visible as a square standing on top.

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6th step:
Shape the tail fins out now - fold the upper fin backwards, parallel to the head of the fish. This fin is now behind the lower one. Repeat this process with the lower fin, except that it will be folded up. Now push the upper fin tip, which is now at the back, forward over the other fin tip.

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Tape both sides of the fish so that it retains its shape.

7th step:
Last but not least, give sight to your fish. Stick a wiggle eye upside down and your fish can now see where it is going.

The fish as a gift idea for children

The maritime fish is particularly suitable as a supplement for gift ideas for swimming such as swimming goggles, swimming sleeves, swim fins, air mattresses or beach toys. With the money-fish folded out of a 20-euro note, children can spend their holidays on their own pocket money giving themselves and their parents little pleasures.

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