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Fold banknote to a frog - folding guide

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Money with Glubschaugen - money gifts are often uncreative, you hand over the bills in a simple envelope. It is quite different if you make the effort and fold animals or objects out of the bills, such as frogs - you will find a folding guide here. In just a few steps you can give your gift a funny touch.

Take your time and make your money present a little differently. In just a few minutes you can fold any bill to a funny frog. Is the best friend a frog lover or does the acquaintance want to make a trip to Paris and fill her stomach with frog legs "> Frog Fold - Instructions

Step 1:

Place the bill lengthwise on the table. First, fold the right side once centered to the left.

2nd step:

Now turn the resulting square so that one of the corners faces you. Fold it up towards the opposite corner. Open this fold again and repeat this fold with the other two corners. This is how you have determined the center of the square in something.

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3rd step:

Then turn the bill and shape with your fingers all the knaves again. Hold the bill with an edge facing you. Now fold the glow together so that it becomes a triangle. Press two opposite sides together.

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4th step:

Place the bill in triangular form on the table with the point pointing to the right. Fold up the now facing corner and immediately follow this corner along the center line back to the top. Fold down this little triangle.

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5th step:

Repeat step 4 with the top corner. If you have done everything right, the two triangles now make a square - this will be the frog's head.

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6th step:

Now they have to fold their legs. Turn over the bill for it. Then fold both the lower and upper corners along the center line.

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7th step:

Finally, the frog needs feet. Simply fold the two tips of the legs outwards.

Finished is the money frog - a money gift for frog friends!

Tip: To make the money-frog look even more like a real frog, stick it up with wobbly eyes. With a little tape, keep your eyes on the paper. Later, these can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

Instructional Video

If you have now folded all the bills, they must also be handed over appropriately. For frogs, a small bucket, a pond made with colored paper or a small net, which you can fill with the frogs. There are no limits to your creativity.

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