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Folding bill to a flower - folding guide

Floral money - gifts for the birthday, the passing of the Abitur exam or the wedding can be quickly and easily to make something special. Fold the bills into small and large flowers - here you will learn in a few steps how to do it.

Especially between the flowers of a floral arrangement or hanging from a plant, the self-folded banknote flowers are an absolute eye-catcher. Make a flower out of three banknotes and beautify your gift. The recipient will be happy about the trouble you have given yourself when folding. At the beginning, decide how much money you want to give away in order to be able to determine the exact number of required bills and their value. Fresh bills drawn fresh from the ATM can be folded especially well, since they are still without kinks.

Folding bills into a flower


  • 3 same bills
  • duct tape
  • craft wire

Tip: Depending on the size of the bill, flowers of different sizes can also be folded.

Place the note lengthwise on the table in front of you.

Step 1
At the beginning you fold the note once longitudinally and in the middle.

2nd step
Open the bill again. Fold the lower and upper sides of the glow to the centerline.

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3rd step
Now fold all four corners towards the middle.

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4th step
Now fold the ticket together.

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5th step
Complete all previous steps with two more bills so that you have three folded bills.

6th step
Cut a piece of craft wire.

7th step
Now add all the bills together. Lay them flush and fasten the three bills in the middle with a piece of craft wire.

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8th step
Finally, shape the individual flowers and pull them into the right position to create a beautiful, round flower.

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Done is your money flower. Now attach these with a gift ribbon, wire or a wool thread to your gift. You can also wire the flower and then put it in the pot of the plant. Your creativity knows no limits. Anyone who presents you with such colorful and valuable money flowers will appreciate your effort.

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