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Fold banknote into a mouse - in just 10 steps

These mice are very valuable - fold small, funny mice out of banknotes and make the surprise for the recipient even bigger. In our Faltanleitung and in 10 steps, we show you how Faltanfänger get it done. Are your friends or relatives on many "mice", these bills are definitely the right thing.

Making mice out of money - "making money gifts" is often impersonal and not very creative. But that does not have to be, taking some time for his gift. The money mice that we present to you now always fit. After all, one sometimes likes to say mice to money. In just 10 small folding steps conjure from any note a Geldmaus. With wobbly eyes, which are available in every well-stocked craft shop, you give this still a cute look. At the beginning, think about how much money you want to give away and what kind of bills are needed for the gift. Depending on the size of the bill, the size of the mouse varies as well. And then it can already be folded:

Step 1: At the beginning, fold the banknote in the middle, so that a square comes out.

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Step 2: Then fold this square on both diagonals and open these folds again - this will give you the center of the square.

Step 3: Fold two opposite corners along the midline to create a dragon. Open this fold.

Step 4: Now repeat step 3 again - and the same corners, just in the other orientation. Then the fold lines on the square bill would have to look like this:

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Step 5: The ears of the mouse are now folded. To do this, take the already folded corners of the square and beat them along the fold lines. After that the look looks like this:

Step 6: Now flip the bill around so that the tips of the ears are facing up, and fold the tip down once.

Step 7: The now created corners fold inwards over this top.

Step 8: The bill is now turned again - the two ears now fold towards the middle, so that they overlap.

Step 9: The mouse now only needs one tail. Turn the note back to the other side. Fold the long tip once upwards and immediately offset a bit downwards. The tail has a little kink.

Step 10: Finally, fold the mouse together, raise your ears and shape the tail. Finished!

With wobbly eyes your money mouse looks much more real.

Now all mice are folded, missing only a suitable idea how you can present them. For example, you can give the mice away with good cheese or make your own cheese from construction paper. Good is also a Klopapiertorte on which the mice can be draped. We have a guide for a Klopapiertorte here for you: tinker Klopapiertorte

Have fun crafting and giving away!

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