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Make gift wrap - 11 ideas for making your own

  • Decorate wrapping paper
  • Make paper bag
  • Make gift boxes
  • shoebox
  • pillowcase
  • Map packaging
  • Gift wrap with newspaper
  • denim
  • Paper with hearts
  • Sweet with post-it
  • Bear strong gift wrap

Whether it's a nice wrapping paper or a classy gift box, packaging for presents today is rather expensive. But who needs the expensive finished products, if he can tinker suitable elements also very easily and above all inexpensive and creatively ">

Decorate wrapping paper

Wrapping paper with a difference: Just take conventional paper in the right size and make it to your liking. Here are a few general and concrete options at a glance:

  • paint with felt-tip pens, watercolors, fineliners, etc.
  • paint a ribbon with black edding
  • stick with pictures from newspapers or photos
  • stick with stickers, rhinestones, etc.
  • stick with tinsel or a tinsel garland
  • stick with homemade confetti

Mini instructions: gift wrap with confetti

You need this:

  • Paper as a basic packaging element
  • colorful paper (also newspaper clippings etc. conceivable)
  • punch
  • Glue

Step 1: Create a large amount of confetti with a punch and colored paper.
Step 2: Glue the confetti criss-cross on the paper, which acts as a basic packaging element. Finished!

Tip: Do not glue the paper with confetti until you have already packed the gift.

Make paper bag

Our 7-step guide (including short video) shows you how to make a paper bag yourself: making paper bags. To obtain a sturdy packaging element, it is best to use kraft paper. At the end of the day, you can of course paint this at will or decorate it with stickers, glitter stones or other elements.

Make gift boxes

There are different ways to make gift boxes yourself. Basic instructions can be found here: tinker gift box. Although this guide refers to Christmas. But as a creative hobbyist it is certainly easy for you to adapt the design to the respective occasion. Homemade gift boxes are just as suitable for birthdays and Christmas, as for Valentine's Day, a wedding or Easter. Of course, you can use such a box for gifts that do not affect the usual celebrations.

If you have a preference for origami, it is best to have a look at the instructions that can be found at the following link: Fold origami boxes


Many people pick up some of their shoeboxes - in part to put their winter or summer shoes in season, when they are not needed. However, sometimes they are not thrown away because they can provide valuable services in any "emergency" - for example, when it comes to creating order in one's own home and storing some items safely and / or keeping them closed. In fact, the shoeboxes also make a good base for custom gift wrapping. They can be colorfully painted or covered with different elements. Just look again at Idea # 1 of this guide. The principle is the same. Only here do you work with a carton while it was just plain paper above.


  • As an alternative to the shoebox you can also use an old product packaging (for example from an electrical device) and transform it. Also in question are conventional boxes, which can be designed as desired.
  • We recommend that you decorate both the outside and inside of the box (if possible). Not that the external sight is a pleasure, but when you open it then immediately becomes apparent that it is really just a simple box. So be creative and spice up the packaging so that its original identity is barely recognizable.


Who actually decides that gift wrappings always have to be made of paper and have to fit snugly on the gift ">


  • Do not own a pillowcase that fits the size of the gift "> Map Packing

    If you would like to give away a travel guide, a holiday voucher or other essentials for an (upcoming) adventure, there is a simple, but extremely effective way to package the present. All you need is a printer, a piece of paper and transparent tape (Tesafilm). Print a map that fits the destination and wrap the gift in it. Done is the great creation!

    Gift wrap with newspaper

    This idea, which refers to the packaging of a book, works almost analogously to the one described above. However, instead of the printer and paper, you only need an old, as large as possible newspaper. Cut a page out of the same one with an interesting article and wrap the book in it. On request, you can tie color-matching gift ribbon around it (best is the color white).

    Tip: Of course, it is ideal if the newspaper article, which has been redesigned for gift wrapping, harmonises with the s of the book. Example: You give away an art book? Then the article could be of the epoch described therein. For a football book, we recommend a match report. And so on. Depending on the book, it can be very difficult or even impossible to find an adequate newspaper clipping. But keep that detail in mind at least.


    If you are looking for an individual gift wrap for clothing, you might find it in this area. Do not talk around for a long time: Do you still have an old jeans at home or a denim shirt that you do not wear anymore? Perfect, then cut out a piece and wrap the garment to be gifted into it. You can close it by sewing the jeans element together. Or you can cut two or three longer stripes out of the denim clothing that you use as a gift ribbon.

    Paper with hearts

    You need this:

    • plain paper in white or brown
    • Construction paper in red
    • thick paper
    • red fineliner
    • pencil
    • Cuttermesser
    • scissors
    • adhesive

    Step 1: Paint a heart on thick paper (in pencil). The heart size is up to you and the color of the paper does not matter here.

    Step 2: Cut out the heart with scissors. It serves as a template or template in the following.

    Step 3: Transfer the heart outlines in several places on the white or brown paper you want to use to wrap the gift.

    4th step: Now it gets a bit tricky. Using the Cuttermeser, incise the right half of the heart at the marked line.

    Step 5: Fold each of the heart sections loosened in this way to the left (ie toward the second - untouched - half of the heart).

    Step 6: Cut out enough pieces of red paper.

    Tip: Sufficiently large means that the respective piece can then completely cover the open heart area.

    Step 7: Glue the red pieces of paper onto the back of the "wrapping paper" in such a way that the red "looks" through the open side of the heart.

    Done is the romantic gift wrap!

    Sweet with post-it

    You need this:

    • normal paper or crepe
    • Post-it in bright colors
    • Geschenkband
    • screwdriver
    • scissors
    • Scotch tape
    • craft glue

    Step 1: Cut normal paper or crepe appropriately.

    Step 2: Pack the gift with the paper and Tesafilm.

    Step 3: Seal the ends of the gift with gift ribbon. It should look like a delicious candy in the end.

    Step 4: Pick up a post-it and put it on a screwdriver (or other round object).

    Step 5: Wet one end of the post-it element with some craft glue and fix it to the packaging gift. Then pull out the screwdriver laterally.

    Tip: If you chose normal paper in step 1, you might not need a craft glue. Often the post-it notes stick very well on the smooth surface.

    Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 with numerous post-it rolls.

    Bear strong gift wrap

    You need this:

    • brown or white kraft paper
    • black edding
    • pencil
    • scissors
    • Scotch tape
    • craft glue

    Step 1: Wrap your gift in brown or white kraft paper. Everything is well fixed with Tesafilm.

    Important: Make sure that the points or triangles on the edge are exactly the same size and meet in the middle. Then fix it with craft glue.

    Step 2: Now your creative knack is required: Paint a face for the bear.

    Step 3: Transfer the outlines of the legs to a piece of kraft paper in pencil. Then cut them out.

    Mark your toes or claws with black edding. For an even more authentic impression, you can also provide the legs with a pair of painted hair.

    Step 5: Glue legs and ears to the gift. The legs are glued from the bottom and the ears on top.

    Ready the bear strong gift wrap!


    • This literally strong-bearish packaging is of course primarily for children's gifts. But even adults with a sense of humor or bear lovers can be amused with the idea.
    • For brown paper it becomes a brown bear, for white paper a polar bear.
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