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Curved lines embroider with the stem stitch instructions

The stem stitch is used as well as the lockstitch for drawing lines. However, it is more decorative than the lockstitch and is ideal for embroidering the stem of a plant, for example, for floral motifs. This is how you can use the lockstitch to embroider curves and curves. How this works is explained here.

  1. Pierce needle from back to front through the embroidery base
  2. Leave about 3 cm of yarn for later sewing
  3. Grab the needle from the front
  4. Thread the needle on the fabric one unit to the right and pierce
  5. Guide the needle on the back of the fabric half a unit to the left and pierce forward again

As you progress, orient yourself to your subject. You will quickly realize that you can easily draw curves with the stem stitch. To bend the line to the right, do not prick the needle horizontally to the last stitch in the embroidery ground at the next stitch, but at a right angle to the left. Then pass the needle to the right of the thread.

If your subject takes a curve to the left, reverse the procedure accordingly. You may need to make the distances between the stitches slightly smaller so that you do not see them on the embroidery image. This requires some practice and patience in the beginning.

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