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Glibber - 4 recipes for Glibbi® mucus to make yourself

  • DIY recipes
    • Glibber Slime from toothpaste
    • Gilbber slime without glue
    • Glibber made of detergent and glue
    • Non-Newtonian Glibber

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Whether with detergent, glue, shaving cream or toothpaste - there are numerous methods and recipes for home-made glibber. Just try these four variants with your kids. Of course, as different detergents work differently well, Glibbi® mucus quickly becomes a challenge. Just make it an experiment. Therefore, we can not provide accurate measurements - but with a little patience you will find the right mix.

DIY recipes

Glibber Slime from toothpaste

For the Glibberschleim you need:

  • toothpaste
  • food starch
  • Glue
  • Food coloring
  • Mixing bowl
  • spoon

Instructions and recipe:

Step 1: First, place four tablespoons of toothpaste in a bowl.

2nd step: Dye the pasta with food colors until the desired color is achieved.

Step 3: Then add two tablespoons of glue to the bowl. Stir everything thoroughly with a spoon.

Step 4: Add a little bit of cornstarch. Stir the mixture further and further. Now you should stir for a while and test the consistency. Add more strength if needed.

If you still can not pick up the Glibber, continue stirring and add some glue. The trick is: stirring! It can also take 10 minutes before you can knead the Glibber slime in your hand.

The more starch they give, the drier the mucus gets. In this way, you can also convert the slime into a kind of clay.

In the video you can see all the steps for Glibbi® mucus again.

Gilbber slime without glue

Materials for the Glibber:

  • salt
  • dish soap
  • possibly food coloring
  • Stirring container and spoon
  • Glitter

Instructions and recipe:

1st step: Place the detergent in a mixing vessel.

Note: If you would like to determine the color of the Glibber yourself, you can buy washing-up liquid in the desired color or you can now dye the washing-up liquid with food coloring.

Step 2: Then add a pinch of salt - not too much. You have to work your way to Glibber with patience. Mix salt and detergent with a spoon. If the detergent does not turn sour, add more salt. Too much salt would immediately liquefy the Glibber again. Stir the Glibber for 10 minutes and always add a little salt until the Glibber has the desired consistency.

Step 3: So that the Glibber is also a real eye-catcher, you can now add glitter. Finished!

This glibber is very sticky and reminiscent of jelly, but it's still fun to play with. Your children will be amazed.

Glibber made of detergent and glue

For the Glibber Schleim you need:

  • laundry detergent
  • shaving cream
  • Craft glue (transparent or white)
  • a tablespoon and a teaspoon
  • Container for mixing
  • Food coloring

Instructions and recipe:

Step 1: Put two tablespoons of craft glue in a bowl.

Note: If the glue is white, the glibber will later become dull. When the glue is transparent, the glitter becomes clear and transparent.

2nd step: Then mix the glue with a teaspoon of shaving cream.

Step 3: Then add liquid detergent - just a few drops, about half a teaspoon. Stir well with the spoon. You should already notice that the mixture is more difficult to stir.

4th step: Now the Glibbi® mucus is dyed. You do that with a few drops of food coloring.

Step 5: Then you must stir vigorously - the liquid must be out of the Glibber, only so it becomes firmer and more viscous. While stirring, add a few drops of the detergent over and over again. We stirred for about a quarter of an hour and added about 6 times small amounts of detergent. The Glibber should also draw threads slowly.

The Glibber is ready when it has formed a lump. With this you pick up any remains that are still in the shell. Now the Glibbi® mucus can be picked up. If it is still a bit damp, then you knead it and pull it apart, then the liquid comes out. You can also dab some liquid with a piece of kitchen paper. Finished!

Non-Newtonian Glibber

You need for the recipe:

  • two bowls
  • spoon
  • Food coloring
  • 2 cups of cornstarch
  • 250 ml - 350 ml of water

Instructions and recipe:

Step 1: Heat the water in the kettle and put it in one of the two bowls.

Step 2: Wait a moment longer for the water in the bowl to stop boiling, then add some food coloring. Stir the paint well in the water.

Step 3: In the other bowl, fill two cups full with cornstarch. Then pour the colored water on the starch. Stir well with the spoon. If the Glibber is too liquid, add some starch. If it is too firm, then pour some more water in it.

This non-Newtonian fluid is not a real goo that you can take in your hands, but it still behaves giddy. It has the funny characteristic of becoming firm during movement and being fluid at standstill. By not using any glue or detergent, this bauble is harmless to your kids. When playing with the Glibber can therefore also accidentally something be taken in the mouth.

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