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Crochet Pattern - 10 free patterns and simple instructions

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Crochet is still very much in vogue - and not without reason. It is so versatile! The most important thing besides good ideas and instructions are beautiful crochet patterns. In this overview, we present you with 10 free instructions that every crochet fan should have tried once. From C2C, to the jasmine pattern, to the crochet braid - here you can learn a lot.

Crochet pattern - instructions

Crochet C2C

The technique "C2C" comes from English and means "Corner to corner". Crochet in this pattern not horizontally, but diagonally from corner to corner. This creates a triangular crochet piece - perfect for triangular cloths. The crochet pattern is formed by small squares. Here we show you exactly how it is crocheted: crochet C2C

Crochet Doubleface

With the Doubleface crochet technique, you can create two different sides of a crochet piece in two colors simultaneously. We show the pattern on the basis of a potholder. The pattern is reminiscent of shells. It can be used in a larger format for baby blankets, because the crochet piece is very compact and soft. Here are detailed instructions: Crochet Doubleface

heart pattern

The heart pattern is suitable for cute baby blankets and baby clothes. For this you need at least two different yarn colors, so that the hearts settle. The exact instructions and how the crochet pattern is worked in detail can be found here: Crochet the heart pattern

Crochet jasmine pattern

This elegant crochet pattern is called jasmine pattern, but also star or asterisk pattern. The rays are reminiscent of flowers, but also of stars. Take note of this pattern: it consumes a lot of yarn. Here we show, step by step, how it is crocheted: crochet jasmine pattern

Crochet lace pattern

Look for a loose crochet pattern that can be worn flexibly and cuddly. For jackets or bedspreads a loose pattern is often taken. So how about this lace pattern "> Crochet lace pattern

mussel pattern

The shell pattern is soft and cute - so perfect for baby blanket and cap. The small shells consist of several rods. But if you want to know exactly how to work these crochet patterns, you should look here: crochet shell patterns In this guide we show different variants, as well as a triangular scarf made of shells.

nap pattern

The pimple pattern is logically made of pimples - these are also called popcorn mesh. In itself, this crochet pattern is really very simple, because the individual stitches for a pimple really only have to be patted together. However, there are two special hints that you should keep in mind when crocheting this pattern. Here you can find out which ones are exactly: crochet knobby patterns

pyramid pattern

Similar to the hole pattern, this crochet pattern is very flexible due to the many air meshes. Visually, the whole thing already makes it, because the small triangles or lattice tips run vertically, not horizontally, as one crochets actually. Here we show how it works: crochet pyramid pattern

Zigzag pattern

The zigzag pattern can be made colorful, because the color change is very easy to work here. The crochet pattern is given a relief by the stitches inserted only through the back mesh member. This can provide great effects. Here are the instructions: crochet zig zag pattern.

cable stitch

Crochet a braid "> Crochet cable knit

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