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Crochet patterns for scarves: 9 free patterns

Crochet a scarf is a crochet project for the whole year. Because scarves are not only worn in the cold season, scarves accompany the outfit over all four seasons. Depending on which crochet pattern and which yarn are preferred, the scarf is used accordingly.

With our crochet patterns it will be easy for you to crochet the right flatterer for any weather. The crochet hook can conjure up any crochet pattern from light and airy to cozy and thick. And you don't have to be a professional to do this. Our instructions are all described so that every beginner of crochet art can crochet a beautiful scarf .


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Crochet pattern for scarves

So you succeed in a scarf for every season

The key to crocheting is the interplay of wool and crochet pattern. The finer you choose the yarn, the more delicate your crochet pattern will be. That means your scarf gets a flowing character . The coarser or thicker your wool is, the denser the crochet pattern can be. Such scarves not only spice up your outfit in the cold season, they also become the perfect neck warmer.

Translucent, airy crochet patterns go well with spring and summer. Whereas autumn and winter require a warm scarf with a rather cozy pattern. It can be playful and have several details. The same applies when crocheting: Any mix is ​​allowed.

Knitting is essential

Also when crocheting a scarf, the stitch test is a must. On the one hand, you can use it to quickly see how the yarn relates to the pattern, whether it harmoniously interacts, and on the other hand you can calculate the number of stitches for your scarf.

relief chopsticks

With relief sticks you get a fashionable scarf. Relief sticks can be crocheted in a variety of ways. So you can put together your very own pattern. Relief sticks are crocheted from normal chopsticks. They are only stabbed around the stick, from the front or from the back. This creates a very plastic crochet pattern because the stitches appear raised.

Crocheted with a thicker yarn, the scarf becomes very bulky. It is a guarantee for a warm neck on cold winter days.

Crochet relief sticks (front and back) - learn the basics

relief chopsticks

cable stitch

There is also a cable pattern under the crochet patterns. It's like his knitted brother, a pattern for a thicker scarf. Special previous knowledge is not necessary, so that even beginners can try a cable pattern . Air mesh, single crochet, double crochet and relief double crochet, you do not have to master more.

When it comes to cable knitting, the wool also decides whether the scarf should be rustic or playful . In any case, it will be a warming scarf. A neck warmer for the cold season.

Crochet cable pattern - free pattern for crochet braids

cable stitch

Jasmin pattern

The jasmine pattern is a wonderfully playful pattern that requires a soft yarn in order to maintain its chic character. And very importantly, this pattern defies all cold. Whether scarf or loop, the jasmine pattern appeals to all large or small girls. With air stitches, loops and single crochets, all you need to do is crochet tiny tufts that form rows of small flowers.

With this pattern one should only consider that the yarn consumption is a lot more than with a conventional pattern.

Crochet jasmine pattern - Simple instructions for the star pattern

Jasmin pattern


The waffle pattern is a particularly beautiful pattern for a scarf. It is very easy to crochet and has a very cozy character . Chain stitches, double crochet and relief double crochet ensure a particularly dense mesh. You should therefore choose a very soft wool when choosing the wool.

Crochet waffle pattern - Instructions for the surface & in the round


Crochet Tunisian

A pattern of a special kind is Tunisian crochet in the basic pattern. If you are a little familiar with the basic technique of conventional crochet, you will quickly find yourself in this technique. The mesh of this pattern is rather firm . Crocheted with a soft, fine new wool, every scarf becomes the warmest accessory.

The difference to normal crocheting is that in Tunisian crocheting, the stitches remain on the needle and are processed there. Therefore, special crochet hooks are required for this crochet technique.

How to crochet Tunisian - basic instructions

Crochet Tunisian


The ajour pattern that we are presenting here has a soft, flowing character. It is a very nice and playful crochet pattern for a summer scarf.

Meshes, single crochets and chopsticks conjure up a floral pattern that gives every scarf a lot of charm. You can add another accent when choosing a thread. If, for example, this ajour pattern is crocheted with a very fine yarn, the pattern appears very airy and light. Exactly suitable for cool summer evenings.

Crochet ajour pattern | Free DIY guide


double rods

If you choose the double double crochet for your pattern, you will have your scarf ready very quickly. You could also say a pattern for those in a hurry. The only difference between the double stick and the normal stick is that the working thread is looped around the needle once more. So the stick just gets higher.

Even if this is a very simple pattern, you can give the scarf a special touch with the right choice of yarn. With the double crochet you can crochet a summer scarf as well as a thick wool scarf for the winter.

Crochet double crochet - the ultimate guide to double crochet

double rods

Half double crochet

Half double crochets are the easiest stitches to crochet a scarf. You could also say that for beginners in crochet art, the half sticks are perfect to start and end a project quickly and successfully.

With the half double crochet, the yarn decides whether you prefer a winter scarf or a spring-like light scarf . With this stitch you can serve every season, because it will always be the wool that gives your scarf its character.

Half chopsticks | Crochet loop scarf - free DIY guide for beginners

Half double crochet

cross chopsticks

The cross-stitch is also one of the patterns that are very suitable for a delicate and light scarf. The pattern consists only of chopsticks, which are simply crocheted crosswise . Very easy to work, but very effective. It is the same with the cross-stitch, as with many other crochet patterns: With the choice of wool, you determine whether it should be a lively scarf or whether it should rather be one of the thick neck warmers.

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cross chopsticks
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