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Heat-resistant paint - these can withstand high temperatures

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    Paint and high heat are actually two things that exclude each other. Normal paint burns very easily. In addition to an unsightly discoloration, it also begins to peel off. Then the rust can attack and destruction of the exhaust, grill or stovepipe can spread. A countermeasure to this is the heat-resistant paint. Read everything you need to know about coating with heat-resistant paint.

    Paint Smoker

    The barbecue season is over and the garden BBQ can be mothballed. After intensive use, however, the devices are particularly sensitive. Hardly a barbecue survives a summer undamaged, no matter how expensive he was in the purchase. But if he is only allowed to stand in the rain for one night, he looks old and shabby the next day. The rust hits immediately and mercilessly. With cheap barbecues, the decision to dispose of it is quickly made. The thin sheets, from which the low-cost frying stations are made, simply rust too quickly. Since the best paint can not help. But even the heavy, massive and correspondingly expensive smoker grills do not look really appealing after the first summer. Since these great formulators are usually made of thick-walled sheet steel, it is worth a reconditioning here. Heat-resistant paint is the solution here. The appropriate means are available commercially.

    Select paint

    In a grill, food is prepared. Therefore, when restoring the rusted smoker, it is essential to pay attention to the suitability of the heat-resistant paints for food. After all, you do not want to be poisoned by the color at the next barbecue. One recommendation for this is, for example, the JAEGER GLUTFEST 571 .

    This heat protection lacquer classified up to 600 ° C is manufactured without lead or chromate. It is silicone-based and approved for re-painting grills and smokers.

    Six hundred degrees are basically enough. But not with blasters the embers should be fanned too long. Especially in the closed combustion chambers of the smoker it can quickly come to a heat accumulation. If you then use excellent fuel such as hard coal, you can quickly reach the 1000 ° C and more. The smoker's steel will not melt yet. The beautiful, fresh coat of paint has long since gone.

    Thorough preparation

    As with any paint job, the work begins with thorough cleaning. In a coarse product such as a grill can be easily worked from coarse to fine. That means: first a powerful shower with the high-pressure cleaner. This washes out the last buildup of coal and ash. After a thorough drying, the angle grinder comes to the series. With an attached pot brush you can quickly achieve satisfactory results. The new painting is not about flawlessness, but an appetizing and inviting state of the garden BBQ. That's why you do not have to worry about scratches and nicks. As long as the base material stays thick enough, the smoker will be nice and ready for use at the end of the day.

    Using the cup brush achieves two goals: removing the paint and roughening the surface. After sanding, the whole grill is again degreased thoroughly with brake cleaner. This rinsed away the adhering dust and provides a surface ready for painting.

    Spray or brush ">

    But a 2.5 liter bucket Jaeger Glutfest also costs just under 17 euros . Such a large container is by far enough for an average sized smoker. So if you are not afraid of the brush, you can save money here.

    Please note, however, that a simple paint can does not necessarily mean that the paint can be applied with a brush. Heat-resistant paint from the can is often optimized for spraying. Read the instructions from the manufacturer to avoid false purchases.

    Layer by layer to success

    The smoker is polished, cleaned and degreased. Ideally, you should look for cleaning, sanding and painting as protected and dry as possible. Blank polished metal immediately reacts to the first raindrop with a brown rust trace. Then you can start right from the beginning with the grinding. Regardless of whether spray or coating color, the same rule of thumb applies: a crosswise order of the color promises complete coverage. Each layer is allowed to dry thoroughly, then the next one follows. After 3-4 shifts, the smoker should shine again in fresh luster.

    Important: grill pans and smoker are ONLY painted from the outside! Lack has lost nothing in the combustion chamber.

    Proper burn in for permanent protection

    The most important thing after the new painting of grill or smoker is the burn-in. Heat-resistant paint takes its time until it unfolds its full effect. For this purpose, the solvents contained in it must be completely removed. For proper burn in, the smoker is first heated to 150 - 180 ° C for one hour.

    This is followed by one hour at 200 - 220 ° C. The introduced fuel will burn out after this time at full heat: The firebox and the cooking chamber are closed and the ventilation is opened. When all the fuel is burnt, the paint is baked for a permanent outer seal.

    Heat-resistant paint on the car

    Heat-resistant paint is also used when refining cars. The advantage here is that you do not have to worry about your health. This makes the prices of paint colors cheaper. Heat is created in two places in a car: the calipers and the exhaust. Heat-resistant paint for calipers comes mostly in the complete repair kit. The market leader Foliatec offers these sets for very reasonable prices. They start at about 15 euros .

    Heat-resistant paint is in an exhaust, of course, once explained. Why should you paint a component that you do not see anyway ">

    Heat-resistant paint offers the largest range of colors for sealing and beautifying the exhaust. Whole three colors, namely gray, silver and black are standard for this purpose. For the prices you really have to worry about these solutions - for just under 20 euros you get already five to six spray cans with about 400 ml . This is more than sufficient for a final pot.

    To successfully paint a center and rear silencer, these components are best developed completely. They are only attached to the underbody with exhaust rubbers. To release them from the rest of the exhaust pipe, only a few connecting screws must be solved. However, one has to get under it to the car. The lift is ideal for this. If this is not available, ramps are good and, above all, safe solutions. In no case one should only use the jack to separate the exhaust pipes. The use of stable, suitable for cars bucks is the very smallest minimum, otherwise there is acute danger to life.

    Like the barbecue, the exhaust is first inspected and then cleaned. When rusted through, the exhaust pipe should be replaced. The prices for these replacement parts are usually very cheap. When cleaning and sanding but handmade is announced. The cup brush, as used in the grill, otherwise can quickly break holes in the thin sheet of muffler. After cleaning and sanding, rinse vigorously with brake cleaner. The prices start at about 3 euros per spray can.

    Freshly cleaned and sanded, painting can be started. The low prices make the spray can more advantageous here. Heat-resistant paint is applied quickly and efficiently here. As already mentioned: You can not see afterwards that the exhaust has been repainted. Here is definitely function before aesthetics

    At the exhaust, heat-resistant lacquer must first completely harden before being re-used. Even low prices for these special colors promise a shelf life of up to 800 ° C. That's why it is best to apply the paint in the evening and let it harden in a warm place until the next morning.

    Prices for different paints

    Overview of offers for heat-resistant lacquer

    Kamino Flam PyrozitePaint can for painting - Content: 0.1 literheat resistant up to 450 ° Csuitable for stove and fireplacesabout 11 euros
    Albrecht ThermolackPaint can for painting - Content: 0.125 literheat resistant up to 500 ° Csuitable for stove and fireplacesabout 10 euros
    Duplicolor Thermo SpecialSpray can - : 0.1 literheat resistant up to 300-800 ° C (depending on the color)suitable for grills and smokerabout 13 euros
    Asinol exhaust paintPaint can, prepared for spraying - Content: 1.0 literheat resistant up to 800 ° Cuniversally suitable, also grill and smokerabout 15 euros
    Presto thermal paintPaint can, prepared for spraying - Content: 0.25 literheat resistant up to 600 ° Cuniversally suitable, also grill and smokerabout 15 euros

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