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How to: Learn to Crochet the Cancer Mesh - DIY Guide

With cancer meshes wonderful finishing edges can be crocheted. These are fixed stitches, which are executed in reverse and wrap around the existing edge practically opposite to the normal knitting or crocheting direction. This creates a clean and stable conclusion. This make cancer mesh also visually something.

Although not particularly difficult to do, knitters who do not use the crochet hook very often have difficulties with the back stitch.

Here is a step-by-step guide that shows exactly how cancer meshes are created:

If you have the finished knitting or crochet piece in mind, you put on the left edge with Krebsmaschen and works in the right direction. Rounds are crocheted counterclockwise.

If crochet still has a very last stitch on the needle, it may act as the start stitch of the round of cancer mesh. Hook in an air mesh here or just where the cancer meshes should start, pierce the needle and get an air mesh.

As already mentioned, the working direction is from left to right, ie backwards. Therefore, with the crochet hook, pierce to the right of the stitch formed. The thumb shows the puncture site of our sample. With the crochet hook pierce through this stitch from the front to the back, take the thread and pull it forward. Now there are 2 stitches on the needle. Take the thread again and pull through both stitches. The first Krebsmasche is done. There remains a working loop on the needle.

Continue on the right to the next injection site. Get through there, again take the thread from behind and pull through both stitches on the crochet hook. Repeat this procedure, you can already see how the cancer meshes from left to right around the edge.

The work steps are comparable to the fixed stitch, just in a different direction. Like the name godfather, the Cancer, in nature does not seem to go forward, the Krebsmasche moves against the current.

In order to prevent corners from turning up, it is also possible to pierce a puncture site two or three times.

Where do cancerous meshes come from ">

In principle, any crochet and knitting part that calls for a sizeable finishing edge can be edged with cancer mesh. Anyone who works in the clothing area, either knit-skimming or crochet-wise, knows that it is the neckline that has many pitfalls. Step-by-step decreases do not always make the cut-off edge as beautiful as you would expect. And in the direct field of vision of his opposite one wants to score with "Self-made fashion" finally determined. If the Krebsmasche comes into play, you easily land a victory.

In general, the Krebsmasche is very popular as a replacement for knitted panels - not just around the neck. Trachten vests thus get a degree that can be seen. If one chooses a contrast color for the Krebsmaschen edge, it is a practical finishing edge and a beautiful eye-catcher at the same time.

The buttonhole bar, on the sleeve, as pocket flap: the Krebsmasche is not lacking in application possibilities. Even airy, light summer sweaters or tops that do not like wide irises, look forward to a final cancer mesh edge.

Quick guide to cancer meshes:

  • Krebsmaschen are crocheted from left to right fixed mesh
  • Pierce the needle, pull the thread through
  • Once again take the thread and pull through both stitches on the crochet hook
  • The next puncture site is to the right of the finished cancer mesh
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