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Treat bumblebee - first aid

  • Recognize bumblebee - the symptoms
  • Immediate treatment of a bumblebee
  • Further treatment methods
  • Recognize allergic reaction
  • Avoid bumblebee engraving

Summer is the time of insects, but also of bare skin. This combination brings many to the white heat. Nobody likes insect bites, they are annoying and in the worst case can have serious consequences. Bumblebee bites are most feared besides the wasp sting. But did you know that a bumblebee's bite is not all that alarming? "As rare as it may be, bumblebees are a stinging insect, but compared to bees, wasps or hornets, they are much more peaceful Also, bumblebees use their weir sting so be sure to let them know in advance so you can respond immediately in case of emergency.

Of the 250 different bumblebee species we know, about 36 live in Germany. A distinction between the different species is not relevant, as bumblebees are not conspicuously different in their behavior. So as soon as you are stung by a bumblebee, you do not have to run after it to quickly determine the type for a suitable treatment.

Recognize bumblebee - the symptoms

Like other insect bites, the bumblebee bite does not leave a mark behind. Depending on the sensitivity and whether there is an allergy, pierced persons react differently to a bumblebee.

Symptoms of a bumblebee:

  • short, intense pain
  • burning feeling
  • Swelling around the entry point
  • Redness and itching

Experience has shown that these symptoms can be expected directly after the sting.

Immediate treatment of a bumblebee

If you or any other person has been stabbed in the mouth or even in the pharynx, you must immediately call the ambulance or immediately transport the affected person to a hospital. Due to the swelling threatens the person suffocating. An allergic reaction is life-threatening!

If this is not the case, you should calm down first. Normally, no doctor must be consulted unless an allergic reaction occurs (see below).

Those who are tough can simply let the bumblebee die away by itself. Others, who are more sensitive, should take the following measures to relieve a bumblebee.

Treat bumblebee:

  • put freshly sliced ​​onion slices on the sting
  • let cold tap water run over it for cooling
  • Apply cooled compresses, ice cubes or cold packs
  • dab with lemon juice
  • apply fresh horseradish

Note: No need to panic - the pain after a bumblebee should last only briefly. The bumblebee does not get stuck in the skin, so no poison can be released into the wound. This is different with a bee sting.

Further treatment methods

Retterspitz - The vitamin gel from Retterspitz is based on natural ingredients, mainly essential oils. Already since the end of the 19th century, the family-owned company has been providing countless, helpful remedies and care products on a natural basis. The vitamin gel is not only rich in natural ingredients, but cools the bumblebee when applying. Pain and itching quickly subside.

Acetic Alumina - Since 1977, acetic acid is one of the essential drugs, the World Health Organization decided. Above all, the drug was used for pain after bruises or sprains. The agent can also be used equally well in the treatment of insect bites. How to apply the clay:
Stir 1/4 liter of cold water with 2 tablespoons of acetic alumina and apply mass to the bumblebee. However, the use of clay should be avoided, the person scratched scratched the stitch.

Recognize allergic reaction

Bumblebee stings can then become serious if the person concerned is an allergic person. But you should know, only 2 to 3% of people suffer from an insect bite allergy. After a single stroke, the allergic reaction should not normally be used. But a second or even third sting then starts the anaphylactic reaction. In this case, you will recognize an allergic reaction to these symptoms:

After these degrees of severity allergic reactions can be classified:

  • First degree: redness, itching and hives on the entire body
  • Second degree: in addition to the symptoms of the first degree gastrointestinal discomfort, vomiting and diarrhea may occur
  • Third degree: in addition to the symptoms of grade 1 and 2, the person suffering from respiratory distress, accompanied by suffocation anxiety
  • Fourth degree: In addition to all other symptoms, you may experience fainting, tremors, sweating, palpitations, and dizziness

If an allergy is already known and serious, the affected person usually carries an emergency kit to treat the bumblebee. If the symptoms listed above occur for the first time after the bumblebee sting, the affected person must be taken to a doctor immediately.

For an emergency, especially on weekends, there is this solution. Throughout Germany, you can locate any medical emergency service near you by calling 116 117 : //www.116117info.de/html/

Avoid bumblebee engraving

To be on the safe side, we recommend avoiding bumblebee and conflict situations with stinging insects. Especially with bumblebees, which rarely sting and belong to the peaceful species among the insects, it does not have to come so far. Bumblebees sting only when they have no other way out. If this is the case, the bumblebee usually announces its sting - they turn for it on the back, present the weir spine and growl louder.

Do not make it so difficult for the bumblebee and just pay attention to the following points when dealing with these truly peaceful insects:

  • Do not beat the bumblebee
  • stay calm, even when sitting on your body
  • only fend off with gentle movements
  • the bumblebees do not blow
  • do not block the trajectory
  • protect your apartment or house with fly screens

You see, the bumblebee is peaceful in itself if treated just as peacefully. With these tips and hints are immune from the next bumblebee.

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