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Knit dog sweater - free instructions

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Dog sweaters not only look cute, they also fulfill an important purpose for many four-legged friends. Not every dog ​​is up to our climate. Races that originally come from warmer regions have problems not to freeze in the cold season. Dogs that have long fur can also use extra warmth after the dog hairdresser. This simple dog sweater with application succeeds every beginner and is knitted in one afternoon.

Dog sweaters are usually needed for smaller dogs. Dog breeds such as the robust German Shepherd and the long-haired Collie or Münsterländer do not need this additional protection. You can rework the dog sweater according to this manual in two sizes. The belly is knitted elastically ribbed, so that the sweater always sits well, so that the dog can feel completely comfortable. This pullover is subtly worked, because not everyone likes colorful or eye-catching dog sweaters.

Material and preparation

This guide is good for beginners, as only right and left stitches are knitted.

For the application you need air meshes and half rods.

Measure your dog's waist with a tape measure. The following guide is suitable for dogs with a waist circumference between 44 and 46 cm waist circumference. The sweater fits a Shi Tzu, Bichon Frisé or Dachshund.

You need 100 grams of wool of your choice in needle size 6. The sweater is knitted on a double pointed needles. You will also need wool remnants for the heart application, a needles needle in size 6 and a darning needle for overcasting. You can also knit this doggy from leftovers. If you want to knit the sweater smaller, for example for a chihuahua or a puppy, use the numbers in parentheses. They make a dog sweater that fits dogs with a waist circumference of 38 to 40 cm.

Choose a wool that has a high percentage of natural material to keep the sweater breathable.

You need this for the sweater:

  • 100 grams of knitting yarn, needle size 6
  • 1 double pointed needles size 6
  • 1 auxiliary needle thickness 6

You need this for the application:

  • Remains in two colors
  • 1 crochet hook in matching thickness

Tip: You can also rework the sweater in fashionable colors or in colorful wool rests. Just make sure that the wool does not fluff, that bothers the dog.

Instructions - knit dog sweaters

1. Begin by distributing 60 (52) stitches on your needlestrain, and get 15 (13) stitches per needle.

A beginner's tip: Some people find it difficult to pick up stitches on a needle point. In this case, pick up 60 stitches on the needle and knit 15 (13) stitches in the first row with four needles each.

Knit a cuff pattern of alternating right and left stitches. The cuff ensures that the sweater is firmly attached to the lower back. Knit 10 (8) rounds. I recommend marking the beginning of the lap with a marker, later you will need it for orientation. You can buy markings in the trade or simply tie a colorful wool thread.

2. After you have finished knitting the cuff, switch to smooth right. This basic pattern has the advantage of being nicely sealed when your dog is traveling with you in wind and weather. Straight right means that when knitting with double pointed needles you knit only right stitches. Even beginners have no difficulties here.

3. After 18 (16) cm or 30 (26) rounds, turn right, proceed from the center and knit as follows:

  • 1st Needle: 7 (5) Stitches Cuff Pattern - Knit 3 Stitches (for the Leghole) - 5 Stitches Smooth on the right
  • 2nd needle: smooth right
  • 3rd needle: smooth right
  • 4. Needle: 5 stitches plain right - knit 3 stitches together - 7 (5) stitches

You now have the first 7 (5) stitches and the last 7 (5) stitches of your work as a lower abdomen in the cuff pattern, put them on a needle (a circular needle is great for this, it will be used later anyway).

4. Now do not knit in rounds, because the belly is left out for the time being. You knit the remaining stitches smooth right, so back row right stitches, back row left stitches.

5. After 10 (8) rows or 6 (5) cm rest your core work and also knit the belly piece 6 (5) cm high with the needle of 14 (10) stitches in the cuff pattern. Now all parts are the same again.

6. Now knit the needles in sequence as follows. Use only the cuff pattern, so that the sweater fits well on top.

  • 1st Needle: 7 (5) Stitches Cuff Pattern - Add 3 Stitches - 5 Stitch Crease Patterns
  • 2. Needle: 15 stitches cuffs
  • 3. Needle: 15 stitches
  • 4. Needle: 5 stitches Cuff Pattern - Add 3 stitches in addition - 7 (5) stitches Cuff Pattern

Her sweater is round again.

7. Knit 10 (8) turns of cuff and loosely knit all stitches. Sew on the threads, which hang loosely on the leg cutouts. The basic model of your doggie for beginners is now ready.

Instructions crocheted heart as an application

If you want, make a crocheted heart out of different-colored wool remnants that you can sew on your back. First, use the following crochet script:

Afterwards, take your second wool rest and crochet the heart with a series of fixed loops and a series of "mouse teeth". Sew the heart centered on the back of the dog's sweater. If you use the yarn with which you have crocheted the heart, the seam remains invisible. Finally, sew the thread residue on the back of your work.

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