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Cough Syrup Recipe: Make onion juice yourself

  • The different variants
    • Option 1: onion juice - without heat
    • Option 2: onion juice - with heat
    • Variant 3: Diluted onion juice
  • Important instructions
  • Application tips and information
  • Onion in short portrait

What do you do not do everything to finally get rid of the painful cough. A somewhat getting used to, but at least as effective method against the symptom is the ingestion of onion juice. You can prepare this yourself without much effort. We will show you how the production of natural medicine, which helps to combat both slimy and dry coughs, succeeds!

Did she catch a cold again?>> The different variants

There are many variations in the production of onion-cough juice - some are treated with extra honey or sugar, others use the sweet ingredient rather sparingly and use additional water. We have selected the most common methods of preparing the odor, taste and effect-intensive juice to introduce them to you in order.

Cough syrup from onions

Option 1: onion juice - without heat

First of all, we would like to introduce you to the classic among the onion juice. To make the onion juice concentrate, you only need ingredients that you usually have at home. Here is the easy to implement recipe:

You need this:

  • 1 medium to large onion
  • 250 grams of sugar candy or 10 tablespoons honey
  • Sieve (optional)
  • clean glass with lid (optional)

How to proceed:

Step-1: Take a medium to large onion. Then peel and cut into small cubes.

Step-2: Add 250 grams of candy or ten tablespoons of honey to the onion cubes.

Note: One tablespoon of honey is equivalent to about 25 grams.

Step-3: Mix the onion pieces and the sugar or honey carefully together. After this step, all pieces of onions with sweetness should be "embalmed".

Onion with candy sugar

Step-4: Cover the bowl or pot (whichever you use).

Step-5: Now it's time to wait - and best of all to drink tea. Finally, herbal tea also contributes to recovery. But that's another topic. Back to the real thing: You should wait about one to two hours. Over time, the mass becomes liquid - the onion juice concentrate forms.

Step-6: Done "> Variant 2: onion juice - with heat

The second variant that we want to introduce to you works much like the first method. However, this recipe also includes the cooker to heat the onion-honey or onion-sugar candy mixture before it goes into the refrigerator.

You need this:

  • 1 onion
  • 250 grams of sugar candy or 10 tablespoons honey
  • screen
  • clean glass with lid

How to proceed:

Step-1: Peel and cut an onion into cubes.

Step-2: Add 250 grams of candy or ten tablespoons of honey to the onion cubes.

Step-3: Carefully blend the onion cubes and sugar or honey. As with variant 1, the cubes should then be well covered by the sweetness.

Step-4: Boil the mixture - but only over low heat and very short, not longer than five minutes.

Step-5: Take the mixture off the stove and let it stand for a while until it is not too hot anymore.

Note: In (too) hot condition, the mix could cause the glass container to burst.

Step-6: Strain the broth through a strainer into a clean glass.

Step-7: Close the filled glass with the lid.

Variant 3: Diluted onion juice

You can also dilute your cough syrup with a little water in order not to emphasize either the onions or the sweetness too much. However, to make sure that the benefits of onion juice are as desired, you should use more than just an onion.

You need this:

  • 2 to 3 large to medium sized onions
  • 8 to 12 tablespoons of honey or crumbly candies
  • some water
  • clean glass with lid

How to proceed:

Step-1: Take two to three medium onions. Peel and chop into small cubes.

Step-2: Put the chopped onions in a saucepan.

Step-3: Add eight to twelve tablespoons of honey or crumb curd.

Step-4: Mix the pieces of onion and the sweet used well together.

Step-5: Boil the mixture for about five minutes.

Step-6: Allow the whole thing to cool down a bit.

Step-7: Strain the resulting broth through a sieve into a clean glass.

Step-8: Pour a little water to the onion-honey or onion-candy mixture to dilute them. With regard to the amount of water, we have deliberately made no exact specification. First, it depends on the size of the vessel. And secondly, you should simply proceed according to feeling as well as best knowledge and conscience: Do you want the mixture rather watery or even reasonably concentrated ">

Tip: Concentrated onion juice is of course more effective than a highly diluted variety. The latter, however, tastes less "impressive, " to put it mildly.

Step-9: Close the jar with the lid.

Step-10: Shake the glass vigorously several times.

Step-11: Put your homemade onion-hopped juice in the fridge.

Step-12: After one to two hours, you can taste the first teaspoon.

Important instructions

IMPORTANT: In the vastness of the Internet, various recipes circulate that "recommend" adding water BEFORE boiling the Onion-Honey or Onion-Kandis mixture. However, you should NOT do this. The cough-dissolving onion juice concentrate you get only without water. Adding it early eliminates the hygroscopic property of the sugar.

For all physics and chemistry lay people: Hygroscopy is the property of certain substances to bind moisture from the environment. In our case, the sugar binds the effective onion juice. Incidentally, honey is also hygroscopic. So it does not matter if you use one or two sweeteners. All in all, honey is considered the healthier alternative.

After the onion juice concentrate has been extracted, you can dilute your mixture with water if desired - as described in the instructions. However, you should never use it for basic manufacturing, if you do not want to destroy the effectiveness of the cure for coughing.

Application tips and information

The onion juice of your choice is ready-made. Then there are questions about the exact application and the mode of action of the tincture. Let's start with the application tips that apply to all presented onion juice variants:

  • Take a teaspoon of the cough syrup one to three times a day.
  • Keep the onion juice covered or in a closed container in the refrigerator. There he is about two days
  • If you still have complaints after these two days, it is best to prepare a fresh mix.
  • Of course, the taste is pretty much getting used to. However, it should motivate the prospect of recovery. And some people even find the onion-juice delicious. Maybe you are one of them!

But why is it that the onion juice is so effectively effective in reducing coughing "> Onion in short portrait

The onion is one of the oldest crops of humanity. It was said to have been cultivated in China more than 5, 000 years ago. While she was already a popular spice and vegetable plant in ancient times, her breakthrough came in ancient Egypt : the Egyptians even suspected that the spicy onion flavor could breathe life into the dead. No wonder that onion remains were found in some pharaonic tombs ...

Sources from ancient Greece tell us that the onion was already used as a medicinal plant at that time, for example for natural blood thinning. The Roman gladiators used the onion juice to rub their limbs and thus strengthen their muscles. Finally, in the 16th century, the famous physician Paracelsus discovered that an onion is worth a complete pharmacy. The fact that he was not completely wrong with that could be confirmed by modern research.

Onions are rich in important nutrients. They contain vitamins B6, B7 and C as well as potassium and sulfur. As a traditional home remedy, they are used not only for the relief of cough, but also for the treatment of insect bites, scars or ear pain. In addition, several studies show that onions reduce the risk of cancer, protect against heart attacks and benefit diabetics - provided the vegetables are consumed on a regular basis.

In this sense, if you are one of those people who do not particularly appreciate onions, it may be time to revisit your mindset after this information. ????

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