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Do inhalation solution yourself | Make NaCl solution

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The NaCl solution is an important component for people who have breathing problems and want to improve them. Since the purchase of the solution for a long time weigh heavily on the wallet, often comes up the question of whether the mixture itself can be produced. Since this is only about water and salt, the production is not a problem. The only thing you need is a suitable guide.

A variety of respiratory ailments can be alleviated by inhaling a NaCl solution. These include bronchitis, asthma, a cold or a classic cold, which can make your life difficult. The sodium chloride (NaCl) moistens the respiratory tract and also has expectorant effects. The solution resembles the effect of a classic sea breeze, especially when it comes to spas or seaside resorts that are known for their vitalizing sea air.

Inhalation Solution | NaCl solution

The best thing is: You can make the inhalation solution yourself and save yourself the way to the pharmacy or drugstore. You do not even need a lot of utensils because it's an easy-to-manufacture solution.

Ingredients and utensils

A NaCl solution has the job of helping you with respiratory problems. It is based on natural ingredients that can affect the effective use of their health, which makes them so effective. Typically, you would buy the solution at the drugstore or the pharmacy, but that can be pretty niggling on capital in the long run. The advantage: You can easily produce the solution yourself and just have to make a short trip to the nearest supermarket.

The ingredients and utensils for one liter of inhalation solution as follows:

  • 10 grams of salt
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 spoonful for stirring
  • cooking pot
  • bowl
  • kitchen scale

These are the basic ingredients you need to make the inhalation solution yourself. Very important here is the choice of salt, because this must not contain certain substances due to the use for inhalation . So you should definitely not on classic iodine salt or those with artificial additives, as these can lead to a number of complaints.

  • cough
  • difficulty in breathing
  • allergic reactions (keyword: iodine)

The following types of salt are particularly suitable for the preparation of the inhalation solution:

  • rock salt
  • sea-salt
  • special inhalation salt

For all species, you should make sure that this is left untreated, as this is the only way to avoid health problems. Sea salt in particular often involves the use of numerous additives which have a negative effect on use and should not be inhaled. If you are interested in using a special inhalation salt, you will have to expect significantly higher prices per kilogram.

These are also known as gargle salt and available for about 15 to 30 euros per kilogram. Due to the extensive treatment, these are particularly pure and can be used by babies and asthmatics without any problems. The purer the salt for inhalation, the better. To increase the effect of the NaCl solution, you can add the following essential oils or herbs.

  • sage
  • Tea Tree
  • chamomile

These are of course only optional and no need. But these essential oils and herbs work better on your mucous membranes and, above all, provide relaxation, which is another aspect of the NaCl solution. Using the oils increases the effect . If you enjoy aromas, you can also use the oil to increase your wellbeing when inhaling.

Tip: Be sure not to use any salts that have added flavors, such as garlic salt. Although this has a similar effect on your respiratory system, but you get off the full aroma of the salt, which can even lead to coughing, if you have chosen a particularly flavorful product for the production.

Do inhalation solution yourself | manual

Now comes the easy part, because making inhalation solution itself is no problem with the right ingredients and done quickly. That's what makes them so enjoyable to use, as you can quickly produce the amount you really need. It is best never to make too much, as the solution can not really last long.

In this case, you have to seal off excess solution and then place it in the refrigerator to prevent germ formation. Once you have all the necessary utensils and ingredients ready, follow this guide to make your own inhalation solution .

1. Start by weighing the salt. The amount of ten grams should not be exceeded, because otherwise the effect is too strong and the mucous membranes could be irritated. This is especially important in infants and newborns, as they can not relax otherwise.

In addition, they are generally very sensitive to a high salt and therefore the ten grams are recommended. The salt is best weighed with the kitchen scale, so you do not have to estimate how much about ten grams of salt.

2. Now put on the water for the solution. To do this, pour the liter into the pot and start to boil it for a period of two to three minutes. This step is important because a NaCl solution must never be mixed, otherwise germs and bacteria could be in the water. These would negatively affect your health while inhaling as they enter your body unhindered.

3. Now pour the salt into the still hot water and stir it until there is really no salt left. The salt must dissolve completely in order to be effective. Only when this has dissolved in the water, it can be inhaled as a vapor . Now the solution is ready.

You see, it's so easy to make an inhalation solution yourself and in most cases you do not even have to go shopping. Once the solution has been completed, you can use it in three variants.

  • hot inhalation bath
  • lukewarm gargle solution
  • cold nasal rinse

The possibilities of using the self-made solution are no different from those that you can acquire commercially. For that you can easily provide several people with the amount of one liter, especially if you need a gargle solution or a nasal spray.

For example, if you need a nasal rinse, it is taken three times a day, which makes it advisable to make a whole or half liter. The simple preparation, you can even produce small or large quantities on your own and then use them.

Tip: To get the full potential out of the self-made inhalation solution, you should gargle it after cooling down. By gurgling the solution gets into the throat and acts in this way even more effective on your neck.

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