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Crochet basket - Instructions for a crochet basket

  • Crochet square basket
  • Round crocheted basket

Order has to be! But especially small things have this annoying quality, always lying around somewhere. Hardly anyone has so many drawers that he could put everything properly in it. Anyone who has fallen for manual work knows the problem when the balls of wool roll around everywhere and you never find the knitting needle in the right size. A few homemade baskets can quickly remedy!

A crochet basket collects in the bathroom like the cosmetics or forms a safe haven for handkerchiefs, cotton pads and Co. The applications for baskets are in a conventional household really unlimited. The children collect their Lego figures in it, Dad puts order in his screw collection and Mama finally knows where to find earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The great thing about a crochet basket is that you can make it in just the right size and shape for your individual purpose. The procedure is super easy and with really thick yarn a crochet basket is ready in less than an hour.

Crochet square basket

Prior knowledge:

  • stitches
  • Fixed stitches
  • half sticks


  • Textile yarn approx. 400 g
  • Crochet hook size 12 or 15
  • Cord or thick band

Textile yarn is a wonderful material. It usually consists mostly of cotton and is very thick. Basically they are leftovers from the textile industry. That's why it looks like a torn T-shirt. For the processing you need a relatively thick crochet hook of at least 10 mm. Pure cotton fabric is a bit more difficult to handle, but provides a more stable result. So if you want to crochet a particularly high basket, you should pay attention to the smallest possible amount of elastane. When crocheting you have to work very loose, because the fabric does not yield. For beginners, textile yarn with a higher proportion of elastane is easier to handle. It behaves more like wool, because it is stretchy. For a rectangular crochet basket, which is 16 cm wide, 23 cm long and 11 cm high, you need about 400 g of textile yarn.

Note: Adjust the base of your basket to your individual needs. Start with a larger mesh or crochet more rows for a wider basket.

Start with a 13-mesh airmesh chain. The last stitch is a turn pocket, so you crochet 12 solid stitches in the back row. Put a turn pocket on the end and continue to the next row. In total crochet for the bottom of the basket 10 rows including the chain of mesh.

At the end of the last row crochet an airlock again. This does not serve to turn, but leads to the first round around the edge. Now crochet around the corner along the edge of the rows. You will see a relatively big hole at the end of each row. There you stab for your tight stitches. This results in a total of 10 fixed stitches on the short side.

Now you have reached the starting thread of your basket. Again you crochet around the corner, in each air mesh a tight loop. After these 12 stitches go back along the short side with a tight stitch per row. On the long side crochet as usual a tight stitch in each stitch. Close the round with a chain stitch in the air mesh from the beginning of the round.

Now crochet 44 stitches over a total of 5 turns. Always finish the rounds with a chain stitch and start the next round with an airlock.

After the 5th round you start with 2 air meshes in the final round. Crochet these with half sticks. The slightly larger space that arises between the individual stitches, is ideal for threading a cord. Finish the round with the half-sticks also with a chain stitch. Cut off the thread. The textile yarn hardly fits through a woolen needle. Instead of sewing the remaining thread as usual, you can use the crochet hook a few times through the stitches and knot it.

Actually, the crochet basket is ready now. As a last step, for decoration, pull the cord into the last row. We simply used a braided ribbon of yellow textile yarn as a cord. Thread the cord alternately in front of and behind half a stick. Tie the ends together or make a loop. Now your basket is ready for use.

Tip: If the basket is higher, the cord is also suitable for closing the opening slightly. This is more stable and prevents the from falling out.

Round crocheted basket

Prior knowledge:

  • thread ring
  • strong stitches
  • Increase mesh


  • 2 colors crochet yarn made of 100% cotton (85 m / 50 g)
  • Crochet hook size 5
  • wool needle

This crocheted basket will have a diameter of about 16 cm and a height of 10 cm at the end. Start with a thread ring with 6 fixed stitches. Double every stitch in the second round. Now take 6 rounds at a regular distance over 11 rounds at regular intervals. This means you have to double every 2nd, then every 3rd, then every 4th stitch, and so on. If you arrive at a total of 78 stitches in a round, your ground is ready. Finish the last round with a slit stitch in the first stitch of the round.

Begin the following round with an air mesh. From now on, we do not continue to crochet in a spiral, but in closed laps. Each round now has 78 fixed stitches. Finish each round with a sliver stitch in the first stitch of the round and start the next round with an airlock.

A peculiarity of the first round after the ground is that you only stab in the upper mesh panel of the preliminary round in this round. This results in a nice 90 ° edge to the ground. In the remaining rounds you stick for your fixed stitches as usual in the whole stitch.

Crochet 6 rounds in the base color (here: yellow). Then switch to the pattern color for a round (here: gray). This is followed by 3 rounds in the base color, then 2 rounds each in the pattern and base colors. Finally there are 3 rounds in the pattern color and a final round in the base color. The new color is always included in the final chain stitch of the preliminary round.

Tip: Do not cut off the thread of unused color every time. Just pick it up again and again when you need the color next time.

Finish the last round with a chain stitch. Cut the thread, pull it through the loop, and sew it to the inside of the basket. Your sweet crochet basket is ready!

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